Saturday, October 31, 2009

29-Oct-2009 (Thu) - Cancer & Painful Wrist

Today, my wife (TammyM) discovered that a dear friend of ours (Denise's) mother (Evelyn) got some bad news from the doctor, telling her she had cancer in her lower abdomen. Evelyn had battled this same cancer a few years ago and won. Evelyn is a very strong believer in Jesus and so is Denise and her family. Denise ask my wife if we would go over and pray with her. We, of course, agreed. Also, we learned Denise's daughter (Chelsi) was running a fever (about 102.5°F) and also had injured her shoulder. [Above is a picture of Denise, Chelsi & Evelyn]. I wanted to get some expectations up so my wife called Denise and got Chelsi on the phone. I had Denise & her husband (Chuck) to lay hands on Chelsi while I prayed over speakerphone. First the fever, and Chesli said she went from chilling to getting warm. Then we prayed for the chest congestion with no noticeable effect. Then we prayed for her shoulder, and she said it did feel better. But Chuck told me her shoulder blade bone is pressing outward more on one side than the other. We need to lay hands on Chelsi directly soon to get her some relief for this, I believe. Anyway, this seemed to boost everyone's faith a little.

Then my wife and I took a trip over to Evelyn's house. Chuck met us there. Evelyn confessed she believed God would heal her. I told them a few testimonies to encourage all of us, and then we laid hands on her. I commanded cancer to leave and all pain and then asked her if she felt anything. Evelyn began to feel extreme heat in her lower abdomen and all down her legs. She began to weep, and so did most of us. It was the power of God. I left my hands on her for quite a while as she was still feeling the warmth. While talking with her during the manifestation, she said in passing her knees had always popped. She demonstrated, and indeed, they did pop every time she extended them out. So I laid hands on her knees and commanded them to be healed, then quickly asked her to test it. She extended them out and a wonderful look of surprise swept over her as they did not pop any more. We believe something big happened to Evelyn.

By then, my daughter (Kimberly) and her husband (Grant) had also arrived at Evelyn's house. We all went outside on the patio and talked some more.

Chuck [pic at right] was very interested in how and when all this type of healing power became manifest in my life. I tried to explain how it was easy & simple, and there was no specialness about it, that all the specialness was Jesus. I used the very easily understood analogy of his love for his daughter, Chelsi. I told him a few more testimonies, especially one about a woman's wrist I had prayed for in Alabama (see 29-Aug-2009). He then said, “I'm going to have a selfish moment right now. My wrist hurts when I bend it, and I'm going to have an MRI on it soon...” I explained it was not selfish. He was concerned that it was such a small thing compared to his mother-in-law (Evelyn's) health that he felt selfish. It is understandable, but I explained Jesus already said “Yes!” to all healing needs. So I laid hands on his wrist and commanded it to be healed. He didn't feel anything the first time and tested it and said it was about the same. So I did it again. He said all of a sudden he felt a “rush of something flow into his wrist”, I think it was bloodflow, because he had told me the bloodflow was supposedly restricted. He tested it and said it felt about 40% better. So, we did it again. He said, “Wow, I have to bend it much further than I used to before I feel discomfort.” He wants us all to get together and pray over Denise's back and knees, as she has had trouble with them for years.

I look forward to it!

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