Sunday, October 11, 2009

14-Aug-2009 (Fri): Crohn's Disease Cured Over the Phone

I inadvertently found out a friend of mine (Elizabeth) whom I haven't talked to in 30 years has suffered from Crohn's disease for several years with no relief. Things had gotten considerably worse in the last few weeks. Also, her daughter suddenly began to suffer from pain in her abdomen. I asked if I could pray with her over the phone. I told her Jesus would heal her of her Crohn's disease right then and there. She finally called. She was an emotional wreck over her daughter's pain. She told me she was losing her faith in God, as she had prayed and prayed begging God to heal her daughter. She's a Christian and has raised her kids in the Lord's admonition but she was new to Jesus as Healer. I had to interrupt her crying to pray for her. I said, “Put you hand on your stomach.” She did. I commanded Crohn's to depart out of her body and for the pain to leave in Jesus' name. She said, “Oh wow, it just thundered here when you prayed!” Cool! LOL! Then she said, “Oh my gosh, my stomach just stopped churning right now!” I said, “Yes, that is Jesus healing you right now. What else is going on?” I felt something else was happening too. She said, “All the pain is gone!” Amen! Praise Jesus. Then an incredible peace engulfed her whole being. Jesus touched her mind and body. She said, “I should be screaming with all the stress, but instead I'm laughing.” Turns out a co-worker had watched her entire conversation and saw the change in her and God's presence touched her too. She started weeping when she saw what was happening to Elizabeth. Awesome!

Elizabeth said, “What about my daughter? Can I call you and have you pray for her?” I said, “Well, let's try this first. Hold out your hand.” She did. I asked Jesus to let her feel His power in her hand. I asked, “Do you feel it?” She didn't answer. I asked again. She said, “Oh wow, it started in my pinky and is now running up my arm. I have chill bumps all over this one arm but not the other!” Amazing! I told her to take that hand that she felt God's power in and lay it on her daughter where the pain was. I told her, “Now don't beg God to heal your daughter. Don't you do that. You just command that pain to leave her and command her organs to be well.” She agreed to do so. She called me a few days later, while I was parking cars in my yard for the Bristol NASCAR race. She has not had any symptoms of Crohn's since we prayed! Also her daughter had tests at the doctors office and they cannot find anything wrong with her! Her daughter began to feel better. In fact I got an e-mail from her daughter that said she could now even eat food, whereas for several days she hasn't been able to keep anything down! Praise Jesus! He is a faithful healer! His mercy is incredible!

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