Sunday, October 11, 2009

16-Sep-2009 (Wed): Back, Chest, Face & Leg

Me and my family all traveled in multiple cars to Knoxville to watch my youngest daughter (Kayla) and my niece (Hannah) compete in the Knoxville Fair in the Regional Youth Talent Contest. Kayla actually ended up winning 1st Place ($1000) with her choreographed clogging solo! Awesome! So proud of her. Hannah didn't place, but she did a fantastic job singing. Anyway, before we left, me, my brother-in-law (Jimmy), my oldest daughter (Kimberly) and my sister (TammyC) were about to get into Kimberly's new Volvo to travel down to Knoxville (about 100 miles away). We were sitting in the parking lot of my late dad (Leon's) business (Kiser Supply, Inc.). My 1st cousin (John) saw us there and came out to wish the girls well and say “hi.” I knew he'd recently hurt his back again somehow and was in some pain. So I got out of the car, greeted him, and asked how he was doing. He told me a little bit about his back, and I just put my hand on his back without saying a word. I immediately noticed a certain area between his shoulder blades that heated up! I said, “Do you feel that?” He said, “Oh yeah. Man I just love Jesus. He is so unbelievable.” Amen to that. Didn't have much time to stay with him since we were kind of in a hurry, but he did get some pain relief immediately. Awesome!

We arrived at the fair and before the competition started, Kimberly came up to me and said, “Daddy, for some reason, the past few days, I haven't been able to take a deep breath; like I have a chest cold coming on. Will you pray for me?” Yes! I had her lay her hand on her chest and I put my hand on her shoulder. I pointed to her chest with the other hand and commanded it to clear and her breathing to be freed in Jesus' Name. I took my hand off immediately (putting into practice what Father has been showing me of not waiting on a manifestation of heat or tingling) and said, “Take a deep breath now.” Instantly healed! Wow! I love Him so much.

After Kayla won, we all decided to pile into our several cars and go eat since staying at the fair wasn't much fun due to it drizzling rain. The young ones couldn't ride much. While loading into our cars, my sister (TammyC) wanted me to pray for her friend (Billie), because her face was hurting again. I laid hands on her while everyone waited, and it felt different to her, but didn't fully dissipate. But, oddly, again, her spine heated up in that common place between her shoulder blades.

We all stopped at a Cracker Barrel on the way home. We had just sat down and ordered drinks (hadn't ordered food yet), and a man limped by my table and then the table where my 3 daughters (Kimberly, Karahann & Kayla) were all sitting with Kayla's boyfriend (Chris). My daughters all turned to look at him since he was obviously in pain. He stopped and looked at them and in a rather jovial manner smiled real big and said, “I forgot my pain medicine and my cane too!” He chuckled and walked out of the restaurant section into the store section to pay his bill. His wife followed after. Immediately all of my girls looked at me and said, “Daddy, did you see that? Did you hear what he said?” I had. Kayla said, “Daddy, please go pray for him. He's pitiful and in such pain.” All of my girls began to urge me. How can I resist that?

The thought occurred to me; if we don't do this stuff, it doesn't get done no matter what God wants! Wow, that is such awesome responsibility and it will sober you up pretty quick. But there is no condemnation from God if we don't follow up on these things, instead He just keeps patiently urging us on and teaching us His heart.

So, being urged by my girls, I got up and walked into the store part and noticed he was paying his bill. I decided to approach his wife first since she wasn't busy. I said, “Excuse me, ma'm, is that your husband?” She had a suspicious look on her face and answered, “Yes. Why?” I told her about what had happened with my daughters. I asked, “Do you think your husband would mind if I prayed for him?” I could tell by her reaction to my question that he might indeed mind. She said, “I don't know.” About that time he limped up. I asked him, “Can I pray for you?” He said, “What for? I'm OK, just in a little pain that's all.” So I told him about my girls and that he had spoken to them and they were worried about him. That really softened his heart. He said, “How sweet. I guess it'd be OK if you prayed for me.” So I asked about his pain. He said he'd just had surgery on his left leg below the knee to fix an old injury he'd had years ago. He said it hurt real bad and he didn't have his pain pills with him nor his cane. I asked for his hands. He gave them to me and bowed his head reverently. I prayed something like, “Father, thank You for him. Show him how much You love him, right now. Leg, I command you to be made well, right now, in Jesus' Name. Pain, I command you to leave this man's body.” He thanked me, but I said, “Try it.” He was surprised at the request. I love it! He leaned over on it and then looked at his wife with eyes a little wider and said to her, “Why, that's a little different for sure!” I asked, “Is the pain all gone?” He said, “Not entirely, but it is really different!” Different is good! So I asked to pray again. He promptly gave me his hand and bowed his head again. I commanded healing again. “Try it. This time walk around on it.” He said, “OK, I will.” And he began to walk around the display. By the time he got completely around the display he was not limping and had a very nice smile on his face. He said, “It is not hurting at all.” To show me, he stood on that one leg! Awesome Jesus!

He thanked me profusely and shook my hand hard. His wife was touched and I could tell a couple of things: (1) they were not church-goers, and, (2) he was nearly moved to tears. He said, “You go back in there and tell your girls 'thank you' for caring for me so much.”

I did. They were so excited and moved.

God is so good to us!

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