Sunday, October 11, 2009

02-Aug-2009 (Sunday): Foot Healed at a Picnic

My wife's family was having a cookout for my nephew (Keith's) birthday. He was recently married, and we just wanted to all get together and grill some hamburgers at the weir below the South Holston Dam. Fun family time. My wife's brother (Mike) was there with his family. Earlier that week he had hurt his foot playing basketball. He said something popped, and it hurt right in the arch of his foot. He couldn't put any weight on his heel; too painful. He was going to go have it looked at this week. I said, “Put it up here on the picnic table seat.” He did. I laid my hand on his tennis shoe, casually rebuked the pain and commanded the foot to be healed in Jesus name. I said, “It should be heating up in there now.” He said, “I was about to say. Even before you put your hand on my shoe, it was getting hot.” There goes that Jesus again, answering before we call on Him! I think I'm gonna give up praying. LOL! Anyway, he cautiously began to put weight on his heel. Much to his surprise (and my delight!), he was able to put all his weight on his heel with no pain! “That's crazy!” No, that's Jesus. He was really freaked out by it (and delighted as well). I didn't know how much really until much later. He had spoken to my father-in-law (his dad; Bob) about it. Dad just said, “Well, Greg just believes in the One that counts, that's all.” Not totally sure what he meant by that... :)

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