Sunday, October 11, 2009

13-Aug-2009 (Thu): Shoulder Healed at Lunch

Ate lunch with a friend of mine (Scott) & his co-worker (Bill). Scott had invited me because he's been interested in some of our healing discussions and wanted Bill to come and get healed of his shoulder that hurts. Bill was a little nervous of me, I think. Had a good lunch and discussed Jesus quite a bit. I shared some grace (Romans 8:1) wanting them to understand that guilt and condemnation was never from God. I could tell this was a little confusing (sometimes I'm not good at explaining things). But rather than argue about it I just point-blank said, “I'd rather show you. Which shoulder is bad?” It was his left. He'd already had his right one operated on. It was “grinding” but it didn't hurt. His left one, however, grinds and pops and is painful for him to move. He said he couldn't do a single push-up without pain. I asked him to move it around so we could get a bias of where his pain was, and what he could and couldn't do before prayer. OK, with that done, I reached across the table and said words I felt like Father had given me while I was driving to the restaurant... I said, “Father, show Bill how much you love him... right now.” I could feel that wonderful familiar heat start to rise in his shoulder. “You feel that?” He didn't. Had Scott feel Bill's shoulders. “Wow, yeah, it is getting warm in there. You don't feel that?” He didn't feel the heat, but he did feel something. He said it felt like his shoulder wanted to lift up all by itself. He started feeling it with his hands, however, and did notice the heat. I said, “Test it and let's see what's going on.” He moved it around as before prayer, then looked at my friend, eyes a little wider, “Hey, it really is different!” He moved it some more, it popped. He said, “Wow, it popped, but it didn't hurt! It hasn't not hurt like that in a long time!” He said, “If I can do a single push-up I'll know something big is happening.” We talked a bit further. But on the way out the door, he got down in the floor in the restaurant foyer and did 3 push-ups! He rose up and said, “Wow, those first 2 I felt nothing at all, but the 3rd one I felt some pressure.” So we prayed again... his shoulder was still warm when we left. I told him, “Give Jesus some time to work on that before you try it out fully.” Hahaha... he was so excited he couldn't help himself about testing it. Scott said, “Wow, this is amazing. I really did expect something to happen when you prayed, but it is entirely different when you see it with your own eyes! This changes everything.” Indeed! It sure did for me! Amen. Jesus is amazing.

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