Sunday, October 11, 2009

26-Sep-2009 (Sat): Wrists & Feet Healed

Me and my middle daughter (Karahann) went to see Todd White in Nicholson, GA at the River of Life Church at a 24/7 Athens sponsored event. It was about a 4½-hour drive that took 5 hours because it poured the rain all the way! The meeting was wonderful; there were about 50 people there.

After Todd finished teaching, we prayed for the sick. Karahann and I (and 3 other people) gathered around a young girl (about 16 yrs old) who had braces on her wrists. We laid hands on her and everybody prayed. I could tell right away that everyone else praying was new at this, as no one really knew what to do. I, obviously was the oldest one praying, the rest were young people. So I spoke to the young girl and asked her to remove her braces on her wrists and check them out. She did and she moved them around and burst into tears thanking the Lord! They were healed! No pain at all! No stiffness or anything!

Next, she said she had knots in her legs and what she termed as “nerve damage” in them and they constantly hurt her. She also couldn't move her toes in an upward direction. Prayed for her legs, and she checked them, but nothing apparently happened. Can't have that! So I had her stand on them, prayed again, and then asked her to try them... progress! Repeated this several times, having her sit and stand after each prayer. They were getting better, and I could feel the heat in her legs. She was getting discouraged at the slow progress, I could tell. And so were the others. So I wanted to change it up for her. I said, “Listen, honey, if you want Todd to pray for you, please do so.” This brightened her eyes, and I walked her up to Todd.

We waited for Todd to finish with some others, and the young girl told Todd what had happened. Todd put his hands on her feet and commanded them to be whole. She couldn't tell any difference. Again, no difference. A 3rd time, no difference. But she started talking and said something like, “...and it hurts when I walk...” Todd stopped her, “Wait, what? OK, walk!” So she did... bam! Big difference! We did it again and he had her walk again. Each time she did it, things got better and better until she was completely well! Awesome!

Todd spoke with me and Karahann and prophesied over us both. He knew I worked with computers! He told me that God was going to give me an idea that would cause me to step out and would work to my profit. He knew Karahann loved kids, danced, and was an artist! I don't know all that he told her because the music was so loud. But, before he left us, he hugged us both and prayed that the anointing that was on him would be on us, and that God would open up opportunities for us to love on others in His power. It was wonderful!

Thanks Todd for being who you are in Jesus. He gave me his e-mail address too.

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