Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Painful Knee Healed

A few weeks ago an elderly lady (80+ years old) knew I had laid hands on some folks before and had seen them healed. I ran into her again. She made small talk but then finally when I asked how she was doing she said she was in good health but that her knee had been bothering her a little especially when she walked down stairs. We happened to be standing near stairs at the time, so I asked if I could pray for her and then she could try these stairs. She agreed.

I had her sit down on a bench and asked her to put her own hand on her knee and I would simply put my hand on her arm. I did not think it would be proper for me to put my hand on her knee myself especially in front of others. This is just wise and showing modesty and respect, which I highly recommend, if you are praying for the sick, to observe all the time. Jesus will heal in any way you will allow. Normally I would put my hand on the affected area, but when it comes to sensitive areas, particularly where women are concerned, be very respectful and fail toward being too modest rather than abrasive and forward. Jesus will heal either way.

I simply laid my hand on her arm and pointed my finger at her knee and commanded her knee to be healed and pain to leave. She said, "Wow, I feel it getting hot in there!" Yes! I said it is now time to see what progress has been made because, after all, it doesn't take Jesus long to do a miracle. So I asked her to try the stairs.

She went up the stairs and cautiously started down. She said, "It definitely feels different. But there is still a little pain." So I had her sit down again and we repeated what we had done before. Better. We did it a 3rd time. Even better. We did it a 4th time. Done! All pain was gone. She only said, "It doesn't feel 100% right, like the other knee, but now there is no pain at all." I explained that it could simply be that Jesus fixed it better than the other one, or that it will take it a little while to feel completely normal.

Jesus loves to heal knees, even 80+-year-old ones. You're never too old for Jesus to heal you.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Pain Removed From Neck Injury

I went out of town last week, for the whole week. Had to teach class to some techs on how to use our product. The classes for the techs were coordinated by a couple of engineers that work for the company I visited. They make sure the equipment is setup and working, the lunches are present and otherwise host us all even taking the techs out to dinner on the company's expense for one of the days of training. These two guys also were very hospitable to me; way better than I deserve. They even took me out a few of those days for dinner. On one occasion I noticed one of them holding his arm on the way to the restaurant and even after we had ordered our food. I asked him about it. He said he had just had an MRI which revealed some discs in his neck that were now so small that on occasion nerves running to his arm would get pinched by the vertebrae being too close together. He knows me well so it was not hard to simply ask him if I could pray for him right there at the restaurant. He immediately agreed. I laid my hands on his neck and spoke healing to him. His neck immediately got hot and he felt tingling down his arm. His pain diminished over the rest of dinner until it was completely gone by the time we went our separate ways.

I checked on him the next day before class. He said he slept well, like he hadn't in several weeks but that he woke up with more pain in his arm. I didn't have time before class to pray for him but I asked him to come back after class and we'd pray again. He came back. I laid hands on him again and spoke healing. There was heat this time, but nothing was much helping his pain. He couldn't lift his arms up above his shoulders without really bad pain.

It dawned on me something I had learned from others that minister healing in Jesus' Name. So I had him judge how high he could lift his arms before pain stopped him. He showed me. His arms were nearly even with his shoulders. I then told him I was going to command pain to go and healing to come, place my hands on his neck for about 2 seconds and then when he felt my hand lift to then immediately see how far he could lift his arms. I imagine the River of Living Water (Jesus' Life) rushing out of me into the other person and then I remove my hands before "the River" rushes back. (This totally cracks me up thinking about it that way! But Jesus doesn't seem to mind my crazy imagination and many times, for whatever reason, it seems to work.) So when I lifted my hands he immediately lifted his arms cautiously. They went even with his shoulders to where they were before, but this time without pain. He went higher. No pain. All the way up. No pain! Jesus had done it!

He said, "You have other talents besides teaching techs!" LOL... We gave glory to Jesus and he left without pain lifting his arms up and down and shaking his head in amazement. He kept saying, "That's wild."

Jesus really IS wild.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Jesus Moves an Upper Jaw Instantly

A neighbor of ours had suffered from obstructive sleep apnea. When she would lay on her back, her lower jaw would open too much and obstruct blood flow to her brain. It was getting dangerous for her because at times she would wake up with one side of her face drooping and numb because of lack of oxygen to that part of her brain! So after many appointments with the doctor it was decided for her to have jaw surgery to have her upper jaw and lower jaw moved to properly align her teeth and therefore open up her airway.

My wife and I were chatting with her and her husband about this one evening while relaxing on our back porch and we told her about Jesus' love for her and willingness to heal her. They both believed in miracles and they are very real Christians, just haven't found a church they enjoy, so they don't attend one. But they are believers nonetheless. I learned they often go on Harley bike rides raising money for various charities. Such sweet and genuine people! They are the best neighbors we've ever had.

Anyways, we asked if we could lay hands on her. I told her, "It doesn't take Jesus long to do a miracle and we expect something to happen right now." She wholeheartedly agreed. Her husband was also excited because he had a great burden on him from worrying about her health and the upcoming 5-hour surgery and consequent 10-week wiring of her mouth shut! So we all joined hands and prayed. I commanded her jaw to be adjusted and asked Jesus to ease her husband's burden. Then I asked her, "Do you feel anything happening?"

She replied, "Yes. My whole face is tingling and it feels really different."

I know from experience that tingling is usually a supernatural miracle occurring. Heat/cold feeling is usually a normal healing happening, but tingling (electrical feeling) is usually indicating the Holy Spirit is creating miraculous stuff.

We loved on each other and called it a night.

A few days later they came back over while we were out in the yard and told us that she had been back to the doctor for a pre-surgery examination and the doctor had come in and asked, "Did you go to the orthodontist since I saw you last?" She said, "No." He asked, "You didn't have the orthodontist move your jaw since then?" She said, "No, why?" He said, "Well your upper jaw has moved a half inch since I last checked it!" He then told her that he wouldn't have to do anything to her upper jaw and only had to fix something much more minor on her lower. He told her surgery time would be 1 or 2 hours and she wouldn't have to have her jaw wired shut at all!

Evidently, Jesus is also a Master Dentist & Orthodontist.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cancerous Growth Disappears

I often go with a friend of mine from church to lay hands on the sick that request prayer. I like to do this at lunch time because the folks are local and it usually doesn't take much time for Jesus to heal the sick through a believer.

This time an elderly man from church whom I have known for many years asked for prayer because he had discovered a growth on his chest just under his skin and had gone to the doctor who had run some tests on it and told him it was cancerous.

We arrived at his house and after some friendly small talk also discovered he had some other various pains in his body. His hips and knees hurt him as well. So we first laid hands on him and watched as the Lord Jesus removed his discomfort from those symptoms. He was very happy but, quite honestly, not all that surprised as he was a believer in Jesus' power over sickness. I encouraged him, "We addressed these other physical things first because I wanted you to see some visible results to encourage you that when we lay hands on that growth, the same thing will happen to it." He agreed.

So we laid hands on the growth and commanded in Jesus' Name for it to get out of his body and dissolve away to nothing. Nothing happened. We commanded several more times. Nothing. We (and he) could still feel the growth under his skin. So we resolved what to do. Oftentimes if you don't see results I recommend trying this. Command the healing, then put your hands on the person for just about 2 seconds, quickly remove your hands and them have the sick person immediately check for results. Me and my friend did this. We were determined not to leave until the growth left and we told it so!

The first time we did this together, the growth got smaller. So again. Smaller. Again. Smaller. We did this several more times until the elderly man could no longer find the growth.

Jesus is truly amazing. Don't give up. It is what He wants to do. He wants the healing more than the minister and the sick put together.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Jesus Heals Car Salesmen Too

Notoriously, car salesmen have a bad reputation. Kind of like lawyers. Most people have nothing but complaints and insults for folks holding those professions. Not that this is unwarranted, but it is certainly improper to judge someone in a profession by the profession itself instead of facing each person on an individual basis. For instance, my experience with car salesmen has been very positive the majority of time. In fact I have one particular man that has become MY car salesman. He works untiringly and has always given me the best deal that I have ever received from anyone in my area.

So, the last weekend when my middle daughter, Karahann decided she wanted rid of her "old" car for a newer one, this car salesman's name immediately came to mind. She asked me to go with her, since he knows me pretty well. So I did.

As usual, he was Johnny-on-the-spot. Another salesman had already quoted us a price, but when MY salesman heard that he said, "No, no, no. I will sell it to you at [this] price." A price MUCH lower than the one already quoted. As he went to work on the sale (he can also do the financial side of things too; in fact he is the main manager) we had times we could just chat. He and my daughter hit it off pretty good and I really didn't get much of a break to interject my opinion about mundane conversational things. However, when I heard him say, "Yeah, my back is killing me. I don't know what I did to it today, but I haven't been able to take a deep breath all day and I've been popping pain pills to keep it under control till I get off work."... my interest was suddenly piqued. My daughter, Karahann, knew it as well because she immediately looked over at me. She knows her old man pretty good.

So at one of the interludes where he was waiting on either the computer or one of the other salesmen to bring him something needed for the transaction; I said, "So, is your back still hurting you, like, right now?" Of course he replied it was. "Do you mind if I pray for you? Father God sometimes uses me to heal folks and get them out of pain." He was actually not taken aback by this. Why? Because a few years ago when he had a broken heart from a breakup with his girlfriend, he had asked me to have lunch with him and I had prayed for him for Jesus to heal his broken heart (see here, the 3rd bullet -->, and Jesus had touched him with His power like nothing he'd ever felt before (his words). So because of that experience he'd remembered he said, "You're not going to make me cry again are you?" LOL! I said, "Jesus had your number back then, friend, and He's got it again now. I believe He wants to relieve you of some physical pain this time." He wholeheartedly agreed... that mustard-seed-sized faith.

I got up from in front of his desk and walked behind him and laid my hand on his shoulder and prayed, "Father thank You for loving us. Thank You for your Son Jesus and what He did for us on the cross, bearing all our sins and pain. I speak to this pain and command it to leave in Jesus Name." That's it! He immediately said, "Wow, I'm burning up inside." I could feel the heat coming from his shoulder. He said, "Thanks so much." I said, "Do you feel any relief from pain?" As usual the person being prayed for is not really expecting results on the spot. He looked puzzled so I said, "Take a deep breath." He said, "Seriously?" I said, "Sure. Do it." So he did. His face widened with a grin and his face turned red. "No pain. Oh wow." He took several deep breaths. "I haven't been able to do that all day until just when you prayed!"

So you might be prejudiced against car salesmen, but Jesus ain't. Needless to say the car deal was made with all parties involved very satisfied... including Jesus.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Backstage Healing

Harrison-Jones Memorial Hall at Virginia Intermont College
Every year about this time, my youngest daughter, Kayla, puts on a dance recital for her dance studio. It always has a theme and features all the little dancers that attend her studio and puts their talents on display, whether it be clogging, hip hop, lyrical, ballet and even belly dancing. It is a big deal since all the families of the students get to come and (sometimes) see the dancers displaying their talent for the first time.

As is normal, my whole family usually jumps in and helps as well as many of the mommies and daddies of the dancers. The amount of work it takes to put on such a recital is amazing and, like most things that are worthwhile, takes a lot of planning and scheduling and money. But the rewards far exceed the invested effort. Watching those little ladies (some of which are just 4 or 5 years old) perform on stage in front of a big audience is one of the most heartwarming, inspiring and often humorous things in human experience!

My middle daughter, Karahann, meant to come but was feeling a bit under the weather and my wife wanted me to run down to her apartment and check on her to see if she needed anything. Well, she ended up feeling much better and coming back with me to the recital. But this is not about that! Instead, before I left to check on Karahann, I was backstage and gathering up my stuff to leave. The young lady who was in charge of the auditorium at the college where we were, was backstage as well, checking on us to see if everything was running smooth. But she spoke to my wife and said, "Something is wrong with me. I can't move my right hand hardly at all and both arms feel funny and are aching." She was visibly scared. My wife said, "That sounds like you pinched a nerve..." and she started rubbing her spine to see if there was a sensitive spot. My wife then said, "I'll go get a nurse. Honey, why don't you pray for her?" So, I asked the young lady's permission, and she agreed.

I had no sooner put my hand on her back than I felt a very hot spot on her spine. I said, "Wow, do you feel that?!" She said, "Yes, it is very hot!" I commanded pain to leave and for feeling and motion to be restored in both arms and her hand. We let it burn for about 3 solid minutes, then I asked her to see if anything changed. She said, "Well, I can move my hand now without pain. My arms feel much better now. Wow, thanks." I said, "Let's do it again." So I commanded pain to leave again... "Now?" She said, "They still feel a little funny, but the pain is gone and I have full mobility in my hand now!"

She was very excited and thankful. By then my wife had returned with a dance mommy that was also a nurse. It was time for me to leave, smiling at what Jesus had done backstage, so I told her, "I believe Jesus will continue to work on your spine until you are completely well." She thanked me again and her and the nurse started talking.

Later that night when the recital was over, I didn't get a chance to ask her if all was 100%, but I did notice that she helped clean up and didn't seem to be suffering any longer. Yay! Even if it was a partial healing, she was most certainly helped by Jesus that night and I'm sure the suddenness of that help blessed her heart because most people are not prepared for immediate results! Unfortunately we are too often surprised by God helping us immediately, but it was the normal mode for Jesus Himself when He walked the earth.

So, Jesus was at the recital. I'm not sure where He was sitting during the rest of the time, but He was backstage for a little while... LOL. He loves doing these things for us, if only we all knew how to let Him. Amen!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Abdominal Pain & Knee-swelling Gone

For quite some time now, my oldest daughter, Kimberly, has been struggling with pain in her abdomen. She's gone to several doctors and even had a surgery performed to see if there was any scar tissue or cysts or possible endometriosis. She's taken countless medications in hopes of relieving the pain all to no avail. She was to return to work after surgery but was still suffering pain. So I received the text message from her as shown at the right while I was at work. I went over to her house and laid hands on her. At first I felt a hot spot near her right kidney, but not much was happening. So I began to talk about some of the experiences I'd had in hopes of building up our faith together and encouraging ourselves in the Lord like King David did:

"David was now in great danger because all his men were very bitter about losing their sons and daughters, and they began to talk of stoning him. But David found strength in the LORD his God." (1Samuel 30:6).

Next I tried a particularly successful technique I learned from listening to Curry Blake's teaching on getting folks healed. He described the power of God flowing out of us like a river as Jesus said:

"Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, 'Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.'"(John 7:38)

Curry taught that when we touch a person suffering from sickness, we want that river to flow from God through us to them, however, like a river, we don't want it to "bounce back" but rather stay and do its work. Strange description, yes, but I found it to actually work better in some instances when nothing much seems to be apparently going on. So, with my hands not touching Kimberly, I commanded her body to be made well and then touched her back suddenly, held them there for a second or two, and then removed them quickly and immediately asked, "Do you feel anything?". Strangely, I felt that hot spot turn cold immediately. Kimberly said, "Yes, I do this time. It feels like someone put Icy Hot in my body." That sensation continued for several minutes as we talked more about some experiences I had seen with other people.

She felt "different" she said. I had related an experience I had at getting a young guy's knees healed and she said, "While we're at it, how about praying for my knees?" I learned that where she stands on her feet all day doing her job, that the backs of her knees swell and Grant, her husband, usually massages them to make them feel better after work. I used the same technique on her knees and she felt the same "Icy Hot" feeling through her knees. A few minutes later we check the swelling and it was completely gone in her left leg and about 90% gone in her right!

Notice the text message I received this morning. Praise Jesus. He loves my daughter. "No pain this morning"! Jesus is real.

When there are no apparent results, keep pushing. Again, remember, the Holy Spirit is with you and He's done all this before. Every person that has ever been healed, He was there doing it. So, persist. If nothing is apparently happening, keep pushing, asking, believing... all while quietly relaxing that Jesus is the Healer and wants us all well every time.