Sunday, October 11, 2009

22-Sep-2009 (Tue): Heart Blockage & Painful Lower Back

A co-worker (Phil) that I prayed with Friday (04-Sep-2009) regarding his heart came by today. He's been feeling good since we prayed, but his tests, the doctor said, still indicates a probable double blockage. He is going for a heart catheterization to see what is up. He didn't ask for it, but I couldn't stand not to lay hands on him. So I did. I felt a little warmth in 2 spots; one right in the center of his chest, and the other on his left side. He was short of breath before I laid hands on him, but afterward he said he could now take a deeper breath. The spot on his left side that got warm was where it hurt when he took a deep breath. I encouraged him to come back and we'd do it again tomorrow before he goes to the doctor.

My friend (Jim) from the Christian Healing Forum called yesterday and left a voicemail. I didn't get a chance to call him back until today. I called him and discovered that he's a realist kind of guy and is a bit turned off by all the religious ideas that seem to come out on the Forum especially regarding methods and things he's supposed to do. I assured him of the simplicity of Jesus' love for him and gave him some of my testimony of how I'm a results oriented person, and had been way turned off by the charismatic methodology at getting people healed by preaching faith into them, and getting them to say the “right” words and scriptures. I've seen people die doing this... literally. But they still don't change their ideas because that is all they have to hold onto. I believe this was a great comfort to him; especially when I revealed to him that I didn't go to church! Anyway, I prayed for Jesus to love on him and he felt nothing. I wanted to get something real happening for him so I asked him if there was anything specific hurting him right now. He said his lower back had a sharp pain in it for a long time when he bent over. I had him test it right then, and it hurt him. So, I had him put his hand on his own back, and then I commanded it to be made well, then I had him remove his hand immediately and test it. It was gone! Awesome! Something real happened to Jim and he now knew it! Yes!

I told him to call me if he wants to do this again. I assured him Jesus will get him all the way healed and his life will return to normal even if we have to do this many times. Amen!

This evening me and my family (TammyM, Karahann & Kayla) went to some friends of ours (Becky & Jonathan's) house and ate supper; their 2 boys were there too (David & Chris). Afterwards, we were all sitting at the table and Kayla wanted me to look at her gums in the back of her mouth because she said it felt painful like her wisdom tooth was coming in again. She wanted me to pray for it. Since we were all at the table I really didn't do anything at all but think about it. But a few seconds later she said, “Daddy, did you pray?” I didn't know what to say because I really hadn't out loud, but I did think about the prayer in my mind, so kind of nodded “yes”... She said, “Thought so, because it doesn't hurt hardly at all anymore!” What!? Oh my, another first! Jesus' grace and mercy are amazing!

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