Sunday, October 11, 2009

14-Sep-2009 (Mon): Stess Removed

A friend of mine (Jim) from the Christian Healing Forum called me again. He suffers much from many different things, but mainly chemical sensitivities. I talked to him a lot about the simplicity of faith in Jesus. He's been schooled in much technical stuff about it and taught that he had to deal with all the fear in his life before he was going to get healed. This kind of teaching is nothing but garbage. I showed Jim the Jesus of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John (MMLJ) and pointed out that that Jesus doesn't act that way. We just need to come to Him in our poverty and let Him fix us inside and out. It is Love (i.e. God) that casts out fear. Besides, if I'm supposedly the cause of my own problem and my thinking is influenced by my own problem, then how can I free myself from it? When a man has lung cancer will quitting smoking get him cured? No! James 5:14-15 shows us that God will heal us first and then forgive us. This is the way the Jesus of MMLJ acted and that is how we need to act. Heal first, forgiveness second; they are one and the same to God.

I could tell this conversation was a breath of fresh air to Jim. We prayed and I commanded stress to leave and his muscles to relax. He felt some relief! We'll take it!

I look forward to getting to know Jim more and watch Jesus get him completely well.

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