Sunday, October 11, 2009

23-Jul-2009 (Thursday): Unexpected Touch by Jesus

One of the owners of the business I work for (June), brought some visitors to my office. What a sweet elderly couple! The husband had just had back surgery and had a brace on, and was carrying a cane. June wanted me to share with them a little about Roger Sapp and his meetings he is about to have this coming Fri-Sun in Johnson City, TN. So, I did. She also wanted me to share a testimony. So, I did. The husband is a retired engineer that worked with observation satellites! (Cool). He and his wife are now very interested in coming to Roger's meetings! Yay! But, I couldn't let him go before praying for him... I mean, c'mon! He was seated in my guest chair in my office. I reached out to pray for him, but I felt healing power flow to him before I touched him! I went ahead and prayed anyway... but Jesus was beating me to the punch again. I asked, “Do you feel that?” He was quite surprised, but smiled and gently said, “Actually, yes I do. It is very warm in my back.” The section of his lower back that surgery was performed on was about 7-inches long, he said. I could feel the warmth in his back under his brace. His wife wanted to feel it too. She first felt my hands to see if they were warm... of course they weren't... hahahaha... I love it. Then she felt of his lower back. “Wow, yes it is very warm!” I asked him if his back felt any different. He said, “Just a minute and I'll tell you when I try to stand up.” He tried to stand up. He chuckled a little and said, “Yes, if feels very different.” June (a very sweet lady and believer herself) felt the heat as well. She also tested my hands.... hahahahaha! No heat there... see? It's Jesus, not me! They were in such a hurry, I didn't have time to try to coax him to take his brace off and test it. But he and his wife were both very visibly moved. They will be coming to Roger's meetings! Yay again! He qualifies for Roger's demonstration if he is not already completely healed by then. Father is so awesome... I was totally unprepared for the visit of one of my bosses and 2 strangers to my office. So the whole time I was very nervous. Just goes to show, even though we are not ready, Jesus is. Praise Him!

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