Sunday, October 11, 2009

25-Jun-2009 (Thursday): Cancer, Wrist, Jaw, Ear & Flu

Went to pray for an elder friend of mine (Dane) who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I went with a couple of my pastor friends (Barry & Ann). Before laying hands on him in Jesus' name, my hands began to burn and Ann's hands began to tingle. Dane felt nothing except his abdominal pain. I took his phone number & planned on paying him another visit. Something that concerned me was that as soon as we began to pray, both Dane and his wife (Lois) began to rebuke cancer, pain, and say over and over “by His stripes I am healed.” Why is this a concern? Because I could tell Dane & Lois were saying these things out of fear and desperation. This has been my concern over the standard “Word of Faith” movement (otherwise known as the “Charismatic Movement”) for years now. It seems that the teaching of this movement is easily misunderstood by its adherents, and they end up using scripture like it is an incantation. While I was involved in this movement I saw many Christians die saying, “by His stripes I am healed.” I now realize Dane is going to have to get healed on our faith alone, because he and Lois have battled this thing so long, their faith for healing is in shambles.

My youngest daughter (Kayla) sprained her wrist catching a child jumping off a diving board at the pool where she is lifeguard. it hurt to put pressure on it or to flex it backward. I rebuked the pain a few times in Jesus' name and it was instantly healed. Her boyfriend (Jacob) at the time (who was the son of a Baptist preacher around here), was amazed.

My friend Ann also prayed with my older sister (TammyC's) friend (Billie's) jaw pain. No change in her pain but she was very much encouraged. I met with them separately as well. I called a friend of mine (GregC) on the phone and we prayed with her in the parking lot for about 1 hour. The pain greatly diminished and moved back to where it just felt like “itchy teeth.” She was going on vacation, and turns out, during vacation, she had no bad pain the whole time. But it was still not 100%.

Prayed for my youngest niece (Amelia's) hurting ear. No change. However, my oldest sister (TammyC) laid hands on her and she was instantly healed!

My youngest daughter (Kayla) got sick (high fever & achy joints) and missed the Casting Crowns concert we were all going to. My wife stayed home with her. When I got home I laid hands on her while she was in the bed. Immediately her fever reduced to a comfortable level and all her joint pain disappeared! Jesus is so faithful!

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