Sunday, October 11, 2009

09-Sep-2009 (Wed): Knee, Word of Knowledge & Jesus' Work at Bible Study

An acquaintance (Jim) from the Christian Healing Forum asked if he could call me. I gave him my phone number. He called me at the office during a pretty good thunderstorm. We lost connection, but he called me back on my cell. Jim has multiple things wrong with him and has had many people pray for him with little to no results. After we spoke for a while about each others' backgrounds and experiences, I asked if I could pray for him. I asked Jesus to show Jim how much He loved him. After praying for a few minutes, nothing was really happening. But suddenly I saw a man standing with 2 bad knees, and particularly the focus was on the left knee. This has never happened to me before! I asked Jim, “Do you have something wrong with your knees?” He said he did. I asked, “Is there pain in your left knee?” He said there was. I commanded the pain to leave this knee. He bent and he could tell a big difference! Yes! Couldn't get much else happening, but prayed against bowel problems and an over-reacting immune system. I think Jim was encouraged by his left knee feeling much better (i.e. Jesus touching him). I told him to keep calling me every week and we'll get some more. Amen. I'm wanting him to get the full overhaul!

Also, went to pray for Dane again in ICU. He's the one suffering from various complications from cancer. He's still on a respirator, and he had another bowel blockage keeping him from getting nourishment; his white blood cell count was also higher than it should be; his right lung deflated again, among other things. Me, his wife (Lois) and another believer friend of mine (Becky) talked in the waiting room before going into ICU. I told them that if Jesus were physically here, He would walk Dane out of the hospital right now. I said this because I really felt like I knew what needed to be done, but still really didn't have the guts (boldness) to do it. This is sad, because it will be mostly my fault if Dane dies.

We went into ICU and laid hands on him and prayed for him. We commanded bowels to unblock, white blood cell count to go to normal, right lung to inflate and general health to every cell of his body in Jesus' name. In a few minutes his stomach started churning... which we took to mean the blockage was being removed. I also felt compelled to do something for Lois since she is there all the time and facing this all the time. I had her put her hands out in front of her and I put mine under hers, not touching. I asked Jesus to let Lois feel the power of God in her hands. I felt tingling in mine and she immediately felt tingling and heat in hers, particularly her left hand she said. Pretty amazing! I told her that was God's healing power, and whenever she is with Dane to keep that left hand on him all the time allowing God's healing power to flow through her. This seemed to greatly encourage Lois. We loved on her and left.

Also, Jesus was again very busy at Bible study. The fellow (Steven) I had prayed for with a bad back over the phone on Monday (07-Sep-2009), came with his buddy Mike like he promised. Although he had some relief when we prayed on the phone, he still was in some pain, but now it was real to him. After Bible study, laid hands on him. Two really large areas of his spine immediately got very warm! Left my hands on him some time, then asked him to test it. He said, “Though the heat feels really good, it still hurts.” I asked him to judge how much it was better, he said, “Perhaps less than 10%.” Well, we can't have that! :) This time I thought I would do something that the Lord has been showing me lately, mainly via some teaching from preacher Curry Blake of John G. Lake Ministries and something I'd seen Todd White do. I put my hands on Steven's back and commanded the back to be made well and instead of leaving my hands on his back for an extended period of time, I immediately removed them and immediately said, “Check it out.” As soon as I did that, Steven's back popped! And there was major relief! I said, “How 'bout now? How much?” He said, “About 80-90% better!” Wow. Had everybody at Bible study come and lay hands on him again, and we tried the technique as a team... BAM... a little more! He now said about 90-95%. He was very satisfied with that. He said he was going to have more tests done on him tomorrow (Thursday, 10-Sep-2009). Hoping things are much better for him.

Also laid hands on Mike for lump in throat, soreness in throat and stuffy head and ear. Got lump in throat to completely disappear! But he still had a stopped up ear when he left. But he was greatly encouraged.

Also, my sister (TammyC), wanted prayer for stiffness in her shoulders. This very amazing. Put hands on her and her entire upper back got very warm very fast. She felt like she was going to break out in the sweat, it was so hot! Her muscles relaxed and she had relief. I told her to quit worrying and receiving stress into her life. :)

Also, my mom (Jan), wanted prayer for the same reason. We have done this multiple times before and each time she has gotten total relief, so we did it again, and again, Jesus said “Yes!” to total relief. It amazes me that even when we allow stress to cause our bodies to stiffen up, that He will still remove the pain.

Also, my friend (Billie) who has for over a year suffered from what she thought was trigeminal nerve pressure causing pain all over her head, said after we had prayed last week (Wednesday, 02-Sep-2009), she had a headache the next day, but then suddenly felt better the whole rest of the time. She said she didn't need prayer at all tonight. But I said, “Come here. I feel like you do.” I just put my hands on her spine and didn't say a word. She had a tremendous warmth manifestation in that same spot as last week. More healing! Her back was still warm when we left 15 minutes later!

OK, this next one thrills my heart to no end! I stubbed the big toe on my left foot a couple of days ago. It hurt like the dickens. The next day, it seemed just as bad, maybe worse. I couldn't put any weight on it or use it while I walked. So, Wednesday (09-Sep-2009), after Bible study, I was walking through the house and decided to try something. I looked at my 17 yr-old daughter doing her homework on her laptop. I said, “Hey, Kayla, my toe hurts. Would you pray for me?” She said, “Sure, Dad, put it up here.” She didn't even take the laptop off her lap. She put her pencil in her mouth and put her finger on my toe. She closed her eyes and mumbled something under her breath and then said, “Check it out.” LOL! (She's watched her daddy!) I put my weight on my toe... Wow! Major improvement... like 75%! I said, “Wow, almost gone!” She said, “Put it up here again.” Again, I had to laugh inside, she's mimicking me! I put it up again. She repeated what she did before and once again told me to check it out. Wow again! No pain! “How is it now, Dad?” I said, “No pain!” It was totally true. She then smiled (with the pencil in her mouth) put out her fist for a fist-bump which I, of course, immediately obliged. She casually went back to doing her homework. I just walked away, still testing my toe, totally amazed. LOL! I'm thrilled!

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