Sunday, October 11, 2009

04-Sep-2009 (Fri): Co-worker's Heart Worked On

Today, a co-worker of mine (Phil) came by and told me he'd been having his left arm and the side of his face go numb on occasion, and that he would occasionally feel weak & tired and could feel his heart flutter. He went and got a checkup, and the doc said he had some blockage and that his left ventricle was not functioning properly. So, he came by and asked if I had my “healing hands on.” I said “Sure! When?” He wanted me to pray for him. So I laid hands on his chest and commanded healing to his heart. Wow! His heart stopped fluttering immediately! He felt strength come into him! And his chest got really warm for about 5 minutes! He was so excited with this manifestation. He said it took away all the fear because now he knew we were connected to Father and He was working on his heart. Awesome! I can't wait for the report from his next doctor's appointment... Jesus is amazing!

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