Tuesday, October 20, 2009

05-Oct-2009 (Mon): Searching

At lunch I heard my boss (Bob) give great detail regarding the multi-symptomatic disease he suffers and has found some relief from through alternative medicine. Also, I learned that one of the supervisors (Anna) at VinTech's husband suffers from chronic back pain. I would love to pray with Bob, but I'm not sure how to approach him on this. I sent a chat message to Anna offering to pray for her husband's back. She wants to do this, so I look forward to it.

I didn't make it to my father-in-law (Bobby's) to pray for him before he had surgery today, but he went through surgery great and had 2 hernias closed up. He left the hospital in some pain with one of them, and some meds for it. I would love to go over and lay hands on him for his pain, but I'm also a little concerned that my mother-in-law (Alta) would get jealous if I made a special trip since I haven't made any special trips to lay hands on her for some of the things she suffers.

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