Sunday, October 11, 2009

23-Sep-2009 (Wed): Pulled Calf Muscle, Gum Pain, Pneumonia

This morning, a co-worker (Tim) came into my office and said he'd pulled his calf muscle playing kickball and he couldn't push off his foot to walk properly without pain. He asked me to lay hands on him. I did and several times nothing appeared to be happening as he would test it and it didn't feel any different. He wanted to resign himself to simply believing it would get better over time, but I didn't want him to leave with that. I kept laying hands on his calf and commanding it to heal and pain to leave. Finally after trying the newest thing God had shown me (to lay hands on it, command it, then remove hands and test it immediately), it started working! By the time he left my office, he could push off with 50% of the pain gone, he said. We'll take it! I'll check on him again today and perhaps push on that mountain again to get the rest for him. But he was convinced he did get some of it! I love You, Jesus.

My daughter (Kayla) texted me an asked, “Did you really pray for my gum last night? Cuz I didn't pray I was just saying in my head 'I'm not suppose to be hurting.” I texted back, “I merely thought it in my head. I never said anything! This was a first. I'm therefore thinking it must all be YOUR faith that did it.” She replied, “But I didn't put much thought in it either... It was just a thought and then I started thinking about something else... it almost completely better.” I then decided to try something new. I wanted to see if I could affect her pain via text message. So I replied, “It should be that simple. Pain should be gone right now, as you read this. Check it. :)” She replied, “Thank you :] I can't feel it anymore.” Amazing! I replied, “Lol! Seriously? I was just giving that a try! Wow.” She replied, “Yep! Its not even swollen.”

Pain removal through text messaging? Wow.

A friend of mine on Facebook (Bethany) who is about my youngest daughter (Kayla's) age, posted a status that said, “has a bad feeling that doctor K will admit me to the hospital on saturday. antibiotic #7 did nothing except cost me $70 dollars AGAIN. :(“ She has been sick with pneumonia all summer long. Her dad, my friend (Wayne) from high school days also happen to just write me a note regarding something I posted on Facebook. This prompted me to ask him if he thought it would be OK if I called his daughter and prayed with her over the phone. He liked the idea and gave me her phone number. I sent her a message on Facebook and asked if it would be OK with her, and if so, what time. She agreed and told me to call her after classes were over. So, I did. We small-talked for a little while, and then I prayed with her. “What's going on, Bethany?” I asked. She replied “Well, nothing, really.” So, once again, I decided to apply what I learned. I had her put her hand on her chest, then I commanded healing to her lungs, had her remove her hand immediately, and then take a deep breath. She said, “Wow, I didn't cough!” This was different for her. She was excited. I had her take several deep breaths, and she didn't cough at all. She said, “Something changed.” Amen... something was happening to her.

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