Sunday, October 11, 2009

07-Sep-2009 (Mon): Healer of Broken Hearts & Jesus' Labor On Labor Day

For Labor Day we gathered at my mom (Jan's) for a cookout. After eating and cleaning up, a few of us decided to take a walk down the subdivision hill and back. While walking back, I got a call on my cell. Caller ID said it was a friend (Mike), but it wasn't. Instead Mike's friend (Steven) used Mike's cell to call me. He identified himself as a longtime best friend of Mike's and said he was calling me unbeknown to Mike because Mike's heart was broken and he was severely depressed. Steven wanted me to call Mike back and talk to him because he figured I could do him some good. My wife (TammyM) is much better at this kind of thing than I am, and I tried to coax her into calling him back. She would've done it, but I knew she'd been a little uncomfortable. So I waited about 30 minutes and I called Mike back. We small-talked, and then he openly admitted he was really depressed over a breakup with a girlfriend. I told him I'm really terrible at counseling, but that the Bible tells us specifically that God is the healer of broken hearts (Psalm 147:3; Isaiah 61:1; Luke 4:18). I asked if I could pray with him over the phone. He eagerly agreed. I asked Jesus to touch his heart and heal it, and let Mike feel His power in his body. In just a few seconds Mike said, “That feels so good!” He said he felt the presence of God really strong! His depression totally left, and he even started laughing!

With himself good to go, he mentioned his friend Steven having severe back problems. I asked if Steven would mind if we prayed for him over the phone. Steven agreed; they put me on speaker. Steven has had many tests done trying to determine what is wrong with his back. So far, nothing, but he was in severe pain at times. It wasn't currently hurting him much, but he could not bend without sharp pain. I asked Mike to put his hand on Steven's back; he did. I prayed for Steven's healing. I said in faith, “Steven, your back should be getting warm right now.” He said, “It's tingling up and down my spine!” Mike was laughing. We praised Jesus for the manifestation. I asked him if he could do anything he couldn't do before. He tried bending over... no pain! He was still tingling all over his body when I got off the phone with them. I told Mike to take care of him. Steven was excited and said, “I'm coming to your Bible Study Wednesday; I want to meet you.” Mike answered, “You've already met Jesus!” Steven said, “Yes! And I like Him a lot!” It was very exciting. Jesus is so good to us.

After that, my sister (TammyC) wanted prayer for tightness in her shoulders again, and stress. Warmth in her shoulders happened after laying hands on her. Also, she wanted prayer for her back that had started hurting. The middle of her back got hot before I could say anything! Jesus is like that! She felt relief.

My mom (Jan) also wanted prayer for her shoulders again; they had started hurting again since last Wednesday night's relief. I laid hands on her about 3 different times, and finally her shoulder joints heated up and she felt relief again. My sister counseled her (from experience) on not letting stress do that to her.

While leaving mom's, a woman was there to pick up her daughter from the picnic/party. Her teenage daughter is friends with my niece (Hannah). She told me she wanted me to pray for her son who has a bone marrow disease. She said she would call me later this week. I told her nothing is too difficult for Jesus. I look forward to Jesus helping this family out.

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