Sunday, October 11, 2009

22-Aug-2009 (Sat): Jesus & NASCAR

I was parking cars in my yard for today's NASCAR race. A friend of ours, who parks in our yard every race (2 times a year) had a elastic wrap on her knee. I noticed it earlier today but didn't really have a chance to say anything about it; I was so busy. But after we had finished parking cars and they were getting ready to walk to the track, we got to talk a little. I inquired about her knee. She said it had just started hurting her for no reason in the past 2 weeks. She said it was “old age.” I asked if I could pray for it. She said I could. She reached out her hands for me to take them and pray. I said, “Well, I like to put my hands on the place that hurts. Is that OK?” She said, “Why sure. We're pentecostal, I perfectly understand that!” LOL... I loved that statement! So I did. She was about to thank me for praying, and I interrupted her, “Do you feel that?” Eyes widened, “I really do feel something!” I said, “Try it.” She did. No pain! She kept testing it; no pain! She left the wrap on, but she was so happy! Her and her dad walked on over to the track to enjoy the race. Saweet! Jesus shows up at NASCAR races too! :D

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