Sunday, October 11, 2009

13-Sep-2009 (Sun): Shoulder Pain Relieved

We were all at my mom (Jan's) house practicing a few songs for an up-and-coming performance at a church. Before leaving, I was discussing Jesus' goodness to us all in that He has already said, “Yes!” to all humanity's physical healing needs and therefore we should never not come to Him no matter if we cause our own problems. When my mom heard that, she came right up to me and said, “OK, pray for my left shoulder again.” She had been embarrassed to come so much for this since she believed she was causing it by worrying and letting daily stress get to her. My older sister (TammyC) laid hands on her shoulder and one spot immediately got warm. But I wanted her to have the instant release and decided to experiment again with what God has been showing me to do when praying for the sick. So, I laid a hand on her shoulder, pointed to it with the other hand and said, “Shoulder, I command you to function properly with no pain, right now.” Immediately I removed my hand and asked her to check it. All pain gone immediately! Wow! Jesus is so amazing.

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