Tuesday, October 20, 2009

03-Oct-2009 (Sat): Back & Leg Pain Alleviated

Today, before we played music at Newport, TN, my sister (TammyC) asked me to lay hands on her back because of a knot she had in a muscle. I laid my hands on her back and didn't say a word and the knot got hot and dissipated.

After we were finished playing music, my mother-in-law (Alta) walked back to the van with severe pain in her leg. She was going to take some pain medicine. I asked her where it hurt and she showed me. I laid my hand on it and commanded the pain to leave and it did. She remarked, “This is better than medicine!” Amen!

My father-in-law (Bobby) is supposed to have hernia surgery on 05-Oct-2009 (Mon), so I want to lay hands on him tomorrow, 04-Oct-2009 (Sun).

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