Sunday, October 11, 2009

20-Jun-2009 (Saturday): Flu Instantly Cured, Knee Swelling Gone

While my wife and 2 daughters were gone, my oldest daughter (Kimberly) called me and asked me to come and pray for her husband (Grant), who had a high fever, his joints were achy, had chest congestion & a headache. When we laid hands on him, he suddenly got hot all over! He said he felt like he was dipped in a warm pool of water! He immediately broke out in sweat and his fever dropped from about 103°F to about 100°F! He was no longer achy and his sinuses started draining and his headache went away! The next day his temperature continued to drop until by evening it was normal.

While I was there Kimberly asked me to pray for her swollen and achy knee. The swelling diminished in front of our eyes and the tightness & soreness greatly diminished. Go Jesus!

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