Sunday, October 11, 2009

27-Aug-2009 (Thu): Kidney & Back Problems

Last Wednesday (19-Aug-2009), laid hands on a friend of the family (Davey) at the request of my sister (TammyC). Davey told me he only has one kidney, and that it is down to 15% functionality. When we prayed, his left side (kidney location) got really hot and his right side only got moderately warm. He had blood tests ran on Monday (24-Aug-2009), but got a call from his doctor last night (Wednesday, 26-Aug-2009) telling him his potassium levels were way too high. So he went to the hospital. However, he doesn't have the normal symptoms associated with this (which is very odd). So, today, me and my sister when to the hospital and laid hands on him again. His mom, wife and brother were present. This time his entire body suddenly got hot and he began to sweat. Enjoyed talking to his family very much; they are very happy people. So, two times, there were manifestations. Waiting on tests.

Also, while we were there, prayed for Davey's brother, who, just 2 weeks ago, was in the hospital with back problems (herniated discs). He wasn't feeling any pain, but laid hands on him anyway. His spine got really warm (he felt it). His mom came over and felt it too.

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