Monday, November 2, 2009

02-Nov-2009 (Mon): Pain & Cancer

My older sister (TammyC) chatted me today on AOL while I was at work and said that an old high-school friend (Syvella) [see pic of Syvella & TammyC right] called her and was in town visiting her aunt (Judy) who had just gotten word that she had cancer. There was a tumor and the doctors feared it may have metastasized to other organs from some point, which they don't know yet. Syvella said they were still in the emergency room waiting for an admission room. TammyC had got to catch up with Syvella a few weeks ago and ended up talking to her about Jesus. So, Syvella wanted us to come and pray for her aunt Judy.

My girls were all busy: my youngest (Kayla) was teaching clogging and my wife (TammyM) and 2 other older daughters (Karahann, Kimberly) had driven to Knoxville, TN to shop for Kimberly's birthday (which was yesterday). So it was a good opportunity to go right after work.

I met TammyC at the emergency room and Syvella took us to Judy's temporary room. In the room with her was her husband (Jimmy), son (Jimbo) and her sister (Helen). What wonderful people! They were all in high spirits. Judy had been given some medicine for pain some time ago which she confessed help lift her spirits. Before I saw an opportunity to break in and get things started, a minister from Helen's church came in. He began to encourage Judy about what doctors can do these days, and that Judy had an advantage because she believed in Jesus. Then he had us all hold hands in a circle and said, "If anyone wants to start out, I'll close." So, Judy's husband, Jimmy, began to pray. You could hear the sincerity, love and desperation. But he quoted a scripture saying, "By His stripes we are healed." Interesting. Then the minister prayed. As is not uncommon, he prayed something useless like, "Lord, if it be Thy will, we humbly ask Thee to heal Judy's body..." and then asked that God guide the hands of the surgeon and that the operation be carried out tomorrow. Then he said "Amen" and broke out in a chorus of Amazing Grace. We all joined in. Judy's singing voice was beautiful. He left without saying goodbye to anyone.

This was a good opportunity. I confessed I didn't pray like that because I know what God's will for Judy is. I sat next to Judy and told her Jesus was here to heal her. I told them all that the Jesus of the Bible healed all in a multitude 100% of the time; He never made anyone keep their sickness. I told them that cancer and disease is never from God; that it is demonic. I also gave the testimony of my daughter (Kimberly's) healing as an infant and how I had discovered Jesus as the Healer. I then emphasized that when we pray for Judy something good is going to happen and she is going to feel something. I asked Judy if she was hurting anywhere and she said she was, that the pain medicine was wearing off and she was feeling pain in her abdomen again. We all put our hands on her and I thanked God for her and then rebuked cancer and pain. I asked her, "Do you feel anything?" She said, "Yes! All the pain is gone!" Just like that. Thank You, Lord for your sweet care for Judy. Judy could feel His presence, and so could the others. There were a few tears and sobs.

Afterward, Jimmy, Jimbo, Helen, Judy & Syvella all hugged me many times and thanked the Lord for sending me. I encouraged them and then offered to come back if they wanted me to. When I left there was a man & woman on staff who came in to take some blood.

Looking forward to some good reports!

After I got home and all my girls were there, Kayla asked for me to pray for a fever blister on her upper lip. I did. I asked, "Do you feel it tingling?" She said, "Yes, it is now numb! I'm not kidding!" We didn't notice any physical change, but numbness was a relief.

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