Tuesday, October 20, 2009

08-Oct-2009 (Thu): Getting This To Work

My cousin (John), whose back is getting better and better after each prayer, called to ask me a technical question last night, but we got to talking about how to get healing working in his life. [see pic of his sister Janice & John right]. We further discussed the simplicity of it all and he said he was greatly blessed by the discussion we had yesterday regarding the forgiveness of sins and guilt. He mentioned that he had prayed the prayer of faith for his dad, but his dad still died. I said, "Cuz, if you'd prayed the prayer of faith for your dad, he would still be alive. God doesn't choose for whom the prayer of faith works and for whom it doesn't." I explained this is the way we need and even want it to be, because if God is the problem, who's going to change God? No one. But if the problem is with us, then we can be changed! We must be able to admit to our failures and own up to the solution without getting ourselves into condemnation about it. Our heart cry should be, "Father, change me so that this doesn't happen again!", instead of blaming God for all our failures. Amen! John mentioned that he wants to learn how to do this. I look forward to getting another partner in the Kingdom of God! Yes!

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