Tuesday, October 20, 2009

20-Oct-2009 (Tue): Prayer For Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

I called and talked to my friend Jim today. It is always so good to talk to him; he is such a sweet man. I prayed with him for his heart to be healed of the pain he suffers and also I prayed against the multiple symptomatic things he suffers. He didn't feel anything at all, but we both believe something is truly happening simply because Jesus is at work here. I sent him some links to Curry Blake's ministry (http://jglm.org), and a link to some of his free teaching online. They are awesome!

Prayed with another friend of mine (Jim) whose wife (Crystal) [see pic of Crystal & Jim right] has been having problems with dementia. A few months ago, Jim had suffered from an infection in his prostate and I had invited him to come up for prayer. He and Crystal traveled 90 minutes from their home and met me at a local church. I and my pastor friends (Ann & Barry) laid our hands on Jim and he felt heat in the proper area. The Lord completely healed the infection. We also laid our hands on Crystal and saw the Lord just melt her heart. She felt His mighty love wash over her whole body.

Jim has been taking Crystal for hyperbaric chamber treatments and he said she's about 40% better than she was, but the doctors say this will continue to improve. Nevertheless, Jim wants to bring her by next month (around 11-Nov-2009) and let me lay hands on her for her mind to be healed. While I had him on the phone, I asked to pray for him, and prayed for his broken heart (his struggles with trying to figure all this out) and to strengthen him.

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