Tuesday, October 20, 2009

07-Oct-2009 (Wed): Lower Back & Forgiveness

While walking down the hall to Bible Study, my cousin (John) stopped me from his office and said, "Hey Cuz, I hate to put you on the spot, but could you pray for my back?" His upper back was healed way back a few months ago when this became a consistent experience with me. But now he said his lower back had been really bothering him especially lately, to the point of screaming in pain at night. He no more than had asked this and I agreed, that his back started to heat up. I honestly don't know how I knew that, but just could tell that was the case. So by the time I got over to him and put my hand on him, it was really warm. I prayed anyway then said, "Try it out!" He did, the pain was gone that quick! With tears welling up in his eyes, he bent all around and tested it and said, "I can live with that!" Then we talked about why this was happening in my life. I gave him the only advice I understood myself and that was I had a huge (but very simple) revelation that all my sins were forgiven, not just from the past up to the present time in my life, but for all time. I explained that guilt was not from God, for there is no condemnation in Jesus, ever (Romans 8:1).


  1. Greg, How did you know his back heated up?
    It was a word of knowledge. You are moving in it already. As you step out in what you know and see , God is giving you more, beyond what you can know and see in the natural. HE is giving you supernatural knowledge and spiritual insight. He is beginning to open your eyes in the spirit. As you step out you will see this more and more. Begin to activate the word of knowledge and ask God for more. Ask him to reveal sicknesses etc that others around you have , then as you step out and heal those sicknesses in his name, God gets even more glory.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Mystic. For some reason it really escaped me that this was a word of knowledge. I will take your advice and step out more and ask Him for more. I'm excited about the next encounter!