Sunday, October 11, 2009

30-Sep-2009 (Wed): Nearly 100 Siezures a Day, Sinus Pain & Bible Study

Happy Birthday Sis (TammyC)! 51 today.

On the Christian Healing Forum, I read this prayer request posted by user Holli Thursday (24-Sep-2009):
“Hi, I'm new to the forum. Actually new to a lot of this. My almost two year old son, Austin, was diagnosed with a catastrophic form of epilepsy when he was six months old. Since then, he has had about 100 seizures a day, serious developmental delay, and numerous medication induced side effects that interfere with his cognition and personality.

“I've been struggling for months to understand our situation and come to terms with it. I've been angry and bitter because this has happened and he is only getting worse. My wonderful mother suggested I listen to Dr. Sapp, and I was amazed at how wrong I've been for so very long. I am only starting to grasp this concept of God's will to heal, but I have faith that he will now be healed. I have prayed for so long to find acceptance with his disorder. I thought that must have been God's will because nothing was working. I know now that His will is to heal!

“Any prayers for my sweet boy to gain seizure freedom so that he will progress developmentally would be very much appreciated. A healing without the horrendous side effects of potent medication, but I would be thankful for ANY means. We have tried 8 antiepileptic drugs and even taken him across the country to be evaluated for brain surgery. So far we have found nothing that helps at all.”
I therefore sent a private message to Holli:
“Holli, if you and your husband would like, you both (either) can call me, and I would love to pray with you over the phone. I work a job that it is possible to do this just about any time during the workday (Mon-Fri). I work from about 8am to 5pm Eastern Time (Tennessee). I work for Host Engineering. We are a Christian oriented industrial electronics company. My office phone is:

“423-913-2587 ext.27

“Please feel free to call. Jesus has blessed me with much success at getting people healed over the phone. Little Austin would be no different. Father loves you all so much!”
Holli, called today. I first prayed with her over the phone and she felt the love of Father. I had her lay her hands on her son, Austin, and I commanded his seizures to stop in Jesus' Name. Holli didn't feel anything at all, and the only reaction from Austin was he went from being relaxed to being active. Holli said this may be normal. I talked with Holli some more and found she was afraid her lack of faith may be a hindrance, so I spent some time explaining it is the faith of the minister that Jesus blamed, not the faith of the sick person or the parent. She could see that in the scriptures. I offered to pray with her and/or her husband with Austin again if she wanted in the future. She is also planning to attend a Roger Sapp service near her in Texas. I asked her to let me know any changes in Austin. She left the conversation sounding very encouraged.

I believe Father God did something to Austin and I'm excited to hear the results!

After work, I went home, ordered pizza, and then dropped my wife (TammyM) at my youngest daughter (Kayla's) dance studio while I headed to Pizza Plus to get the pizza. I went in and paid for the pizza then sat down to wait. While sitting there I thought I could eat a salad while waiting since it was going to be a few minutes. So I walked back up to the counter and ordered a salad from the manager (Darrell) who happened to be there. He coughed, sniffed, and then apologized saying it was allergies and “that time of year” for him. I felt sorry for him, but really didn't do anything at that point. I got my plate, made a salad and sat down to eat it while waiting.

The whole time I'm waiting, I couldn't get Darrell off my mind. Kayla goes into this Pizza Plus quite often, and Darrell almost always ends up giving her something for free. I kept thinking of his kindness to others. I decided I should pray for him. But when my pizza was ready, he was waiting on a table. I decided to stall for time because I didn't want to just walk out without praying for him. So I called my wife to see if she needed me to pick up any drinks while I was here. It was sufficient; he walked back behind the counter.

I asked him what his name was because at that point I couldn't remember. Then I told him how much I appreciated his kindness to others and to my daughter Kayla. He smiled and said something like, “Well, I do what I can. As you noticed I'm not very shy.” It was true. I said, “Well, you said a while ago that your sinuses were bothering you, and I'd like to pray for you if you don't mind.” He agreed, so I asked for his hand and I commanded sinus pain to leave and for them to clear out in Jesus' Name. He thanked me as is usual for most people, probably thinking I was a sweet guy. But, as usual, I expected something to happen right then and there! I said, “Try it out... take a deep breath.” He was surprised at the statement, but tried it. He smiled a little and said, “Yeah, I believe that is better.” I told him it had to leave and prayed again, then asked him to take another deep breath. He did and said, “Yep, that is definitely better. Thank you so much.” He must've thanked me 3 times. Praise the Lord!

After Bible study, my older sister (TammyC) had the usual stiffness in her shoulders which she said she is learning not to allow to happen with work stress. I placed my hands on her shoulders and they immediately loosened up and got a little warm. In the meantime, my middle daughter (Karahann) had laid hands on my mom (Janice) for her shoulder again. All the pain left!

TammyC also wanted prayer for her neck. I laid hands on that as well, and it also loosened up. She wanted Karahann to pray for her too, so she sat beside her and Karahann put her hands on her and prayed. They both suddenly felt electricity flow into TammyC's shoulders... awesome!

I love that this is becoming “normal” for Karahann!

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