Sunday, October 11, 2009

06-Aug-2009 (Thursday): More Healing For Cancer Patient

Me & 3 friends of mine (Minton, Barry & Ann) went to visit a man (Dane) in the hospital whom we had prayed for before, but still had terminal liver cancer. He looked really bad. He was in pain. Lots of things were going wrong for him. Many bad reports from doctors. Latest thing was a bowel blockage that was poisoning his system, fluid in his lungs and insufficient amounts of oxygen all over. Infections here and there. Very sad. We laid our hands on him, telling him in God's Kingdom there is no cancer and Jesus was present to heal him. Again, I noticed Dane and his wife (Lois) starting to quote scripture and rebuke the devil. I asked them both to just relax and receive.

We got all kinds of manifestations. Tons of stuff was happening. Suddenly he started getting hot. I asked Lois, “Does he get hot flashes?” She indicated that he never gets them and since being sick with this he has complained about being cold. That's a good sign! He complained to me of getting hot and Lois asked if I could cool the room down by opening the bathroom door. We opened the door and Barry turned the thermostat down. We encouraged Dane & Lois with testimonies and with the manifestations we were getting.

Lois asked if I could lay hands on some red lines running up his arm which she thought might be an infection. I sensed the temperature of his skin to get a bias, then commanded healing; his arm got really warm. Yes! I had Lois and some of my friends feel it. A cyst of sorts was on his right side where they had operated. I tested the temperature of this spot as well; normal. Then I laid my hand on it and commanded it to go. It also immediately heated up. I encouraged Lois and some of the others to feel that too. It got really hot! Minton commanded the bowel blockage to be removed in Jesus' name. In a few minutes, rather suddenly Dane kinda moaned and jerked. I asked him if he was in pain, he said he was, that his stomach was churning. Then he leaned over to me and said very quietly, “I think I'm going to need a nurse”... awesome! Obviously the blockage was being removed! At this point we decided he needed a nurse's care and bid him and his wife goodbye. As we left we all told him we believed what Jesus had started here today He would continue until he was completely well. Got an e-mail from Ann and she said:

“...I am so excited to pass along this news- When we left Dane's room on Thursday, the bowel blockage completely broke up and left. His bowel functions returned to normal. On Friday [07-Aug-2009], they were going to do a needle biopsy on the fluid in his lungs. They found NO FLUID and were unable to do the biopsy. His body had not been getting oxygen. On Friday, his oxygen levels throughout his body returned to normal. I don't know all the medical terminology but many reports are now coming back normal. He is sitting up in bed, smiling. HALLELUJAH!!. Minton [also] went by on Friday morning and he was still 'on fire' even though the room was cool! I am believing for COMPLETE healing!!...”
Awesome! Praise Father! I will keep posting results. Jesus is Amazing.

After leaving this encounter, Ann & Barry asked me what I thought. While I was putting my hands on Dane, I saw myself holding Dane's hand and lifting him to a sitting position and then getting him out of bed and walking him around the room. I had a very strong feeling about this, but I didn't have the guts to do it. I think it is the Holy Spirit telling me what needs to be done to get Dane healed. I will meditate on this and asked Father about it.

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