Sunday, October 11, 2009

29-Sep-2009 (Tue): More Lungs Clearing & Broken Fingers (Karahann Exploits)

Went to my mom (Janice's) for supper. She'd fixed potato soup... oh yeah! My younger sister (Jennifer), and her oldest daughter (Hannah) were there as well. After supper, Mom wanted me to put the new RAM in her PC that she'd ordered. As I was working on that I heard that Hannah was about to leave. I didn't want her to leave before praying for her because she'd been really sick with walking pneumonia. I laid my hands on her and commanded her lungs to clear and then told her to immediately take a deep breath. She could do it! This time she didn't cough. She felt heat, she said, coming from my hands.

Also, I knew that Hannah's little sister (Amelia) was suffering from the same thing, but worse. I wanted to try something for them. I asked Jennifer to hold Hannah's hand and for them both to hold their free hands out, palms up. I put my hands under theirs and asked Father to let them feel His power in their hands. In a few moments they both felt heat and tingling in their hands. Cool! So I told them to go home, hold hands, and place those hands that they felt God's power in, on Amelia, and command her sickness to leave.

Another honorable mention... my middle daughter (Karahann), prayed for a fellow student with 3 broken fingers in a cast. She said they both felt tingling and afterward he could move his 3 fingers! He's thinking about taking his cast off tomorrow! Karahann is so excited!

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