Sunday, October 11, 2009

17-Sep-2009 (Thu): Backs Touched

My family (Jennifer & family, TammyC) got together at my house to practice 4 songs for the up-and-coming show we are doing at a local church this weekend. My wife (TammyM) had worked all day and was complaining her back was hurting. I just simply gave her a hug, placing my hand on her lower back. I asked her, “Do you feel that warmth?” She did. I didn't ask further, but I knew Jesus was touching her, giving her some relief.

Also, I walked upstairs at one point after we were basically finished practicing, and my sister (TammyC) had my middle daughter (Karahann) laying on the couch and had her hand on Karahann's back. TammyC hollered at me to see if I felt anything. I did; Karahann's back was warm in 2 spots; 2 spots that were giving her some pain and stiffness. She felt some relief (not 100%), but she felt about 80% better she said.

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