Wednesday, October 28, 2009

28-Oct-2009 (Wed) - Pinched Nerve & Other Pains Relieved

Today, a co-worker of mine (John) [see pic at right] said he'd put up with a pinched nerve pain in his back for a couple of days. He said he was tired of it, and thought he'd come and “wake Greg up” and get me to pray for him. Laid hands on his back and his back got very hot almost instantly. He could feel it inside. The pain greatly diminished. Had another co-worker (Mike) come over and feel the heat off of John's back because it was so dramatic. He could feel it too. Laid hands on the particular spot several times, and John could feel it dissipating. Jesus at work at work. :)

At Bible study, laid hands on my friend (also named Mike) [pic at right] for chest congestion and sinus pressure. We felt warmth, but nothing much happened. He didn't feel much different, if any, at all. I want to press into this.

Laid hands on my mom (Janice) [pic of me & mom to left] for pain in her shoulders again. This is probably the 6th time or so we have done this, and each time we get about 95% or more relief (which is a lot, by her own words). It goes from being really painful, to hardly feeling it at all. And so, again, we got about 95%. I also want to press into this.

Laid hands on my sister (TammyC's) friend (Billie) [pic at right] for the pain she has off-and-on with her jaw & head. We have done this more than a dozen times, and each time she has gotten relief, but still relapses back into pain after some times (usually several days). I merely put my hands on her back this time, and without saying anything, the spinal area between her shoulders got extremely warm. I don't know if this area is the ultimate cause of her infirmity, but the last 2 times I've laid hands on her, this happens. She felt some relief once again.

Laid hands on my sister (TammyC) [see pic left] for stiffness in her neck and shoulders. In a matter of seconds, a warmth flowed over this part of her body and the stiffness left.

After going back home after Bible Study, my middle daughter (Karahann) [see pic at right] was fidgeting with a knotted muscle in her back. Laid my hands on her for quite a while (several minutes) and that muscle, way down deep, got warm in one spot and stayed warm for a long time. The warmth gave her great relief and loosed it up.

Father is so good to us!

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