Sunday, October 11, 2009

02-Sep-2009 (Wed): Lung Inflates & Jesus' Work at Bible Study

A pastor friend (Ann) and I went to pray for the cancer patient (Dane) we have been praying for several times. He's been in ICU since his lung collapsed about a week ago. Doctors had been unable to get it inflated and he has had a severe lack of oxygen. He was on a ventilator and unconscious. His wife (Lois) was present. Ann & I laid hands on him. I felt a surge of electricity come out of my hand into Dane's hand; it was very weird because in the past I've never felt anything like that. It was very brief and I thought I actually had been electrically shocked by something. We commanded the lung to inflate, blood to be healed, cancer to leave, etc. Ann felt power in her hands. Lois felt the peace and anointing of Father. Dane acted a little different, though unconscious; he squeezed Ann and Lois' hand a few times and he had beforehand been unresponsive. The next day (Thursday, 03-Sep-2009), I got a call from the church telling me that Dane's lung inflated and the doctor, though very puzzled, was pleased. A scan on Dane's brain also revealed there was no bleeding or anything like that in his head as they supposed. I will return to lay hands on him again. Really want to see him out of this mess, but I can't stop thinking about the mini-vision, or thought in my head that I need to take him by the hand and lift him out of bed to get him healed.

Also, at Bible study, we all laid hands on my mom (Jan) for pain and tightness in her shoulders. In just a few minutes, no pain and no stiffness! Also, my oldest daughter (Kimberly's) hands got really warm while doing this (i.e. God's healing power was flowing from her!).

Also, laid hands on my oldest sister (TammyC) for stiffness in her shoulders & neck... wow! All of it got very warm and soft... she felt it, big time... all stress left.

Also, laid hands on my friend (Billie) for a headache she had. Some very weird manifestations happened. The pain moved from her head to her sinuses. Laid hands on that; pain moved to her jaw. Laid hands on that; pain moved to top of her head. Weird! Rebuked a spirit of infirmity... still moved, but this time her spine just below her neck and just above her shoulder blades got hot! We're thinking it could've been a spinal thing all along. It stayed warm even after we dismissed. Pain was greatly diminished, but not totally gone by then.

Also, laid hands on my middle daughter (Karahann) for head & chest congestion. She said she could suddenly breath deeply, whereas she couldn't for several days. Also, she's suffered from some back stiffness and pain for some time, her spine heated up between her shoulder blades and she felt much relief there.

Jesus was busy at Bible Study!

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