Sunday, October 11, 2009

03-Sep-2009 (Thu): Foot Healed at Work

I took a regular business trip. While at the office where I normally visit, one of the tech operators (Betty) told me she had fallen a day or so ago and hurt her left foot. The arch was bruised and she couldn't walk on it at all because of pain. I asked if I could pray for her. She thought it was a very sweet gesture. This is always funny to me, but people down south rarely say “no” to such a question, but most of the time they really do not expect anything out of the ordinary to happen... hahaha! I laid hands on her foot and didn't wait for any manifestation of heat like I normally do. I asked, “Does it feel any different?” She said, “What do you mean?” I said, “Try it.” She stood up and slowly began to put weight on her foot. A look of great surprise came across her face! There was no pain and she could put all her weight on it... yes! Go Jesus!

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