Sunday, October 11, 2009

19-Jul-2009 (Sunday): Jesus On Our Vacation

While on vacation last week in Destin, FL, my brother-in-law (Jimmy), woke up with a very bad blood pressure headache. He hadn't taken his blood pressure medicine for a few days. I asked him if I could pray for him. He stood up and said, “Sure.” I put my hands on his neck and simply said, “Blood pressure come down to normal. Pain leave. Right now.” Immediately took my hand off (didn't wait for any feeling of heat or tingling or anything), and asked, “How's that?” He moved his head around felt of his neck, looked at me and smiled, “Wow. It's totally gone. Instantly.” Amen!

Also while on vacation, my sister (Jennifer) wanted me to pray for her daughter (Hannah's) back. She is only 15 yrs old and has scoliosis. She doesn't have any pain. I also checked her legs, they were the same length. When she bends over, you can see the curvature in her spine. I laid hands on her and commanded the spine to straighten in Jesus' name. She kinda shrieked a bit, and at the exact same time I felt movement under my hand! I lifted my hand to look... it had moved a little! Very weird! I had everybody come over and put their hands on her, and we all repeated a command for it to straighten. Her dad (Jimmy) felt movement again under his hand! We looked again. It moved a little more! Again, pretty weird! Her entire lower back got warm (not hot) and stayed warm for several minutes. We checked it again after about 15 minutes... we could all see that it was still slightly curved, but not nearly as much as before. Since we were leaving, we decided to put it off until another time... to get the 100%. But that was completely wild and new to me! To feel something physically move under your hand like that! Wow... Jesus is wild.

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