Sunday, October 11, 2009

28-Sep-2009 (Mon): Lungs Feeling Better

On Wednesday (23-Sep-2009) I had prayed for a friend (Wayne's) daughter (Bethany) over the phone for symptoms of pneumonia and got some results. Today, Wayne sent me the following message on Facebook:
“...Bethany was home for the weekend and is feeling better. She visited her doctor and Saturday and has made an appointment for her with a specialist. He tested her for TB but only as a precaution and without much concern that she has it. He's just crossing things off his list.
The appointment is more precautionary than anything else and he feels that her chronic allergies are the main cause. I guess the rainy summer has increased more mold than we're accustomed to having. I just wanted you to know that she sounds so much better. Thanks again for your concern and for taking time to talk and pray with her...”
Since it sounds like she feels better, but the doctor is attributing it to allergies now, then, I sent Wayne a message and offered to pray with her again if they want.

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