Sunday, October 11, 2009

01-Oct-2009 (Thu): New Kidney & Cured Sciatic Nerve

Went to lunch with my older sister (TammyC) & one of her salesmen (Davey), whom I'd prayed with before regarding his kidneys (see Wednesday, 19-Aug-2009 & Thursday, 27-Aug-2009). After lunch at Yong Asian House in Gray, TN, we walked out into the parking lot in the beautiful fall sun. Davey had indicated at lunch that last night he was in one of his tree stands with his 70-lb bow drawn waiting on a deer to move so he would have a clear shot. Seeing that he wasn't going to get a clear shot, he decided to let the pressure off his bow. When he did that it popped back into position but it also contorted his upper body and he felt a sharp pain in his back and tingling shot down both of his lower legs. So, he wanted prayer for his back as well as his kidneys. I decided to do the back first because I believed it would boost his faith toward receiving new kidneys (he only has one kidney and it is not functioning at full potential; doctors say <15%).

His legs were still tingling from the, evidently, pinched sciatic nerve. Commanded pain and discomfort to leave in Jesus' Name. The tingling in his legs immediately stopped! There was, however, he said, a place high on his butt cheek that was painful; like a deep bruise. He pressed on it to show me where. I commanded the pain to leave and immediately said, “Now, press on it real hard.” He did and with a look of surprise and happiness, he said, “Wow! It is totally gone!” Just like that! Yay God!

Next, TammyC and I placed our hands on him and we prayed and commanded kidneys to function and for a brand new kidney to be created. I asked Davey, “What's going on, Davey?” He had his eyes closed and didn't answer for a few long seconds. He then replied, “I feel very good. Almost like, I'm high.” Awesome. He then said, “I feel heat.” I asked, “In the appropriate area (i.e. kidney area)?” He said, “Yes, deep inside.” It was so sunny outside, and his clothing so dark, it was nearly impossible for me to feel any heat radiating from him except the sun's rays. So we turned him around so that his back was in the shade... LOL! Then I did feel some warm spots at his kidney locations.

Davey was so blown away by it all. I said, “Now what do you think of Jesus?” He said, “He's not the way I've been taught he was, that's for sure.” I told him the story of my oldest daughter (Kimberly's) healing when she was an infant and went through the process of how I started seeing Jesus not as the one that makes people sick to “teach them something,” but as the One in the Bible that heals all the time. I told him, “I determined that if God was the one that caused my daughter to be born with the birth defects, that I would hate Him forever, but I would serve Him only because He was bigger than me.” Davey said, “That is exactly how I felt when my son was born...” (Davey has an autistic son), “...and I've been mad at God ever since.”

Needless to say, this encounter with the Living Jesus was changing his mind about God. I asked him, “Don't you want to do this stuff too?” He said, “If I could get this working in my life it is all I would ever want to do!”

Praise You Father! I look forward to some good doctor reports!

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