Sunday, October 11, 2009

29-Aug-2009 (Sat): Carpal Tunnel Healed in Restaurant

This weekend, me and my family were 7 hours away from my home in Tennessee in the state of Alabama. While checking out of a small-town restaurant, the cashier was complaining to the lady behind me of her wrist hurting with “carpal tunnel”... I couldn't stand it, so I interrupted and asked if I could pray for her. She didn't even hesitate but offered me her wrist. I said, “I command all pain and stiffness to depart and healing to come to this wrist in Jesus Name... right now.” She began thanking me profusely and then asked, “Are you a preacher?” I laughed (probably shouldn't have), but said, “No, I'm just a believer in Jesus.” She was still thanking me, and I had to interrupt her again... “Do you feel anything?”... She said, “What?” I said, “Do you feel anything in your wrist? When I pray for people, they always feel something happening because Jesus is healing them right then and there.”... She said, “Really?”... I said, “Yep. Check it.” She moved it a little, “Oh my,” she said, “It is getting warm!” I said, “See? Check it.” The lady and man behind me were amazed. She looked at them and moved her wrist a little... “It really is different!” I smiled and said, “I know, that's the power of Jesus healing your wrist right now.” She said she was a believer and told me how she once saw her brother healed instantly at church. She then said, “I just believe that this will continue to get better and better until it is 100%.” I said, “Well, let's get the whole thing now. Let's pray again.” She said, “Well, no, that's OK, I just believe it will get better and better from right now.” I couldn't convince her to get the whole thing right then and there. But it certainly was started. The people behind me were all looking on in a little shock, I could tell.

Wow... that was fun... and a little weird for me. Weird because she DIDN'T want the whole thing right then and there... I supposed she was a little embarrassed or something... so I dropped it. She was very sweet to me, however, and I, her. I think the people behind me got a blessing out of it too.

It reminded me of when Moses asked Pharaoh when he wanted the plague removed, and Pharaoh replied, “Pray tomorrow”... huh? You'd thought he would've said, “Now, of course.” (See Exodus 8:8-10).

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