Saturday, October 10, 2009

18-Jun-2009 (Thursday): New Tendons, Compassion, Back & CNS

From time to time I take a trip to Cumming, GA to a company there that sells our products. A friend that works there (Dean) told me his wife was scheduled to have knee surgery the next week. He said she had no cartilage, her tendons were paper thin and her leg muscles were unattached and atrophied. I asked Jesus for an idea as to how to get her some help. This idea popped into my head. I asked Dean to hold out his hand and I asked Jesus to let him feel His power. Dean felt tingling & heat in his hand. I told him to take that hand and lay it on his wife's knee and command the healing. I told him to blame all the weirdness on me. :) The next day I asked him about it. He did it, but he nor his wife felt anything. But on my next trip to Cumming, I asked how his wife was doing. He explained the doctor was shocked when he opened up her knee. The doctor found her tendon was 1/2" thick! Also her muscles were no longer atrophied! Instead he said they looked like she'd been exercising (but they were unattached!). The doctor did not have to graft tendon material. He said the tendon was so strong that he could stretch it out 9"! The only explanation the doc could offer was that “the drugs must've done something weird to her body.” Yeah, right; drugs that create tendons and exercise muscles... hahaha! She is recovering nicely.

I traveled once to Cumming with my boss (Bob). We talked much about physical healing offered by Jesus because he wanted to get this “thing” working in his walk with the Lord. When we spoke of Jesus' compassion he was a bit worried he would not be compassionate enough. But that night when he was at a restaurant with his wife, suddenly he was overcome with Jesus' compassion and wept at the restaurant, but he was simultaneously laughing too!

In our break room at work, I laid hands on Bob's back that sometimes comes out of place and cause him several days of pain. His wife was also present. We all felt heat localized exactly at the vertebrates he has trouble with!

I wrote an e-mail giving testimony of Tyler getting his knee healed in my living room and sent it to interested parties at work. One of the owners of our company (June) read this testimony and as she read it, her neck started tingling & the left side of her head & then down her spine! She said this is where she had had central nervous system issues causing constant pain. She felt much relief.

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