Wednesday, October 28, 2009

27-Oct-2009 (Tue) - Dizziness, Nausea & Chest Congestion

For the past several days, my youngest daughter (Kayla) [see pic right] has been experiencing tightness in her chest and generally feeling weak. My wife (TammyM) took her to the doctor and they gave her some medicine. So far I have prayed about 3 times for her and each time the pressure in her chest has been relieved. Once she got very hot all over. In my limited experience with God's healing power, this seems to be associated with the cleansing of the blood (see the healing of my son-in-law (Grant) on Saturday, 20-Jun-2009). I laid hands on her again today when I got home from work. Again, the pressure was relieved in just a few seconds. I've not had much success with getting her nasal passages cleared. However, I brought home some salsa (which she loves), and this helped clear them out.

When my middle daughter (Karahann) [see pic left] got home from ETSU, she hadn't eaten in several hours. She went upstairs to fix her a sandwich. I went up after her to show her a new mechanical pencil I had gotten for her. She was standing by the kitchen sink with her head on the counter. She was very pale. She said, “Daddy, I feel terribly weak and dizzy.” She had already made her sandwich but didn't feel like eating it. She sat down in the floor against the refrigerator with her head down. I sat down beside her and put my hands on her head. I commanded dizziness and nausea to leave and for her blood pressure to return to normal (this is what usually makes you pale). There was some improvement. I did it about 3 times. By the 3rd time all dizziness & nausea was gone, and her color returned. She smiled and said, “Thanks Daddy!” and stood up and ate her sandwich.

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