Thursday, July 29, 2010

29-Jul-2010 (Thu): Praying for the Sick and Injured

Nearly 3 weeks ago, a young man (Jason, 19yrs old) that was in my youngest daughter's (Kayla) wedding, and who is a step brother to Kayla's husband (Cody) suddenly had a stroke. Doctors said it was a AVM (arteriovenous malformation). An AVM is an abnormal connection between the arteries and veins in the brain that usually forms before birth. You can go your whole life and never know you have one, or, under high-blood pressure, these can rupture and bleed on your brain. This is what happened to Jason. He just got through working out with his dad (Alan) when his right side began to get weak and his speech slurred. He was rushed to the hospital. There the doctors performed emergency surgery on him and put him in a chemically induced coma. You can read his story and updates here: CaringBridge\JasonHearl.

Much prayer has been made for Jason by his family and others. I personally have laid hands on him about 3 times with no visible results as of yet. Recently, as you can read in the Journal at the website named above, the family received bad news that the doctors don't have much hope for him; that they've done all they can do. I will have longer faith, and never give up, and if you are reading this, do the same. I hope to see him more times and lay hands on him again and again until something happens. Amen!

Right beside of Jason in ICU was a friend of my family (Anna) who had a terrible car accident in which she was thrown from the vehicle. The first night I visited her she was unconscious. She has a broken hip, broken femur, broken humerus, broken eye orbits, and much bruising and cutting. Last time I saw her was this week and she was awake and whispering. I spoke to her and asked if I could pray for her. She agreed and when I laid my hands on her she said she felt God's power. Praise Him! Waiting on more reports.

Also, today, a friend of mine (John) came down from his office and asked for prayer for his back. Before I even touched him, his back got hot! Very localized in 2 places. I commanded healing to his neck, back, and no more migraines. He returned to his office telling me he felt much better. Yes! Jesus is awesome. He chatted me later and told me his back felt much better and that it is a shame that this kind of power is available to us all the time and yet we don't use it. So true, John! I'll never forget my favorite pastor (Barry) saying people will do everything they can to help a situation and when after all their efforts nothing is working say something like, "Well, looks like we're gonna have to pray," to which Pastor Barry would reply, "Oh my! Has it come to that?!" LOL! Yep, it has come to that, I'm afraid. Sheesh! Seeking God should be the first thing on the list every morning. Amen! If we could only realize just how much He truly loves us.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

25-Jul-2010 (Sun): Healing Presbyterians

This morning, my middle daughter (Karahann) was asked to play a couple of songs at Highpoint Presbyterian Church in Bristol, VA, for their homecoming service with "dinner on the grounds" afterward. The message was given by a friend of ours (Matt) and it was on forgiveness... very timely and good message. Matt quoted his favorite writer who said, "Harboring unforgiveness is like eating rat poison and expecting the rat to die." Great quote! He also recommended that when we apologize, that we do not do like one of his little sons does; a "drive-by apology." Great message, Matt.

Karahann sang Feed My Lambs (one of her originals), and a Nickel Creek song called, The Hand Song. She also wanted me, my wife (TammyM) and her younger sister, Kayla, to sing a Dolly Pardon song with her called, I Am Ready.

During the service, there were some prayer requests from the congregation, and I overheard one lady say she was having a biopsy done on a lump in her throat. I looked back and made note of her.

After the service we went outside and ate. The food was delicious! While eating, my Aunt Sheila brought the very lady that was having the biopsy done, over for prayer. I laid my hands on her and commanded the lump to dry up and get out of her body. She immediately felt the lump get hot. That's a sign the power of God has touched it and started the healing. I told her it would probably disappear in a very short time.

I also laid hands on my Uncle Harry's leg, which sometimes goes numb on him. No way to test this.

Next, my Aunt Sheila wanted prayer for her thumbs and ankles which she thinks has arthritis. Immediately there was no pain in her ankles or thumbs as she tested them!

Yep, Jesus heals Presbyterians!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

21-Jul-2010 (Wed): Pinched Nerve Relief

Today, my sister (TammyC) and I agreed to meet at one of her employee's (Steve's) [see pic right] office this morning early to pray for him. Steve is scheduled to go on a mission trip to eastern Europe and teach the kids there English, baseball & Bible. Many years ago he had a wakeboard accident and he had to have a disc in his lower neck replaced by one from a cadaver. This worked for him pretty good. But a few months ago, he fell while exercising and hurt his neck. When he went to the doctor they told him that his spinal cord was very thin in places and that the holes for it in the vertebrates were too small and the injury he had just basically set it off. So, after that he's been on pain medication and his right arm tingles especially when he positions his head to the right or up too far.

I shared some things about Jesus' healing ministry with him, and he let us lay hands on him. Immediately his spine and shoulder got hot spots. After about 1 hour of laying hands, talking, commanding healing and thanking Father, getting progress the whole time (in baby steps), Steve had gained much of the motion he had lost in his neck and had to turn his head much farther to reach a point where it tingled down his arm. Before prayer, he could hardly move his neck at all.

So, Steve is not 100% yet, but in much better shape for his mission trip. I told him that I'd come back and check on him some more when he returned from Europe and if need be, we'd pray until he gets 100%.

Thank You Jesus!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

18-Jul-2010 (Sun) - No More Pain

Today while visiting the nursing home to see my father-in-law (Bobby), me and my wife (TammyM) and my middle daughter (Karahann) were wheeling Bobby down the hall to go outside, and one of the CNAs (Gina) grabbed me and said, "I have a friend here that really needs your prayers. She is in great pain today. Would you come and pray for her?" Gina is the one whose knee I prayed for got healed (see here).

Gina walked me down the hall to the lady's room (Marvina). I asked her to go in first and make sure it was OK if a stranger came in to pray for her. I didn't want to scare her. Gina went in and then in a few seconds motioned me to come on.

I went in and Marvina was laying on her bed. You could tell by her face she was in a lot of pain. She reached out her hand and shook mine as Gina introduced us. I asked her if it was OK for me to pray and lay hands on her and she said it was and that she believed in the laying on of hands. Wonderful! I told her that Jesus healed Gina's knee and that's why Gina came and got me. I told Marvina that I was going to pray, but it may not be like any prayer she's ever heard. She said, "I doubt it." I asked, "Really? Why?" She said, "I'm pentecostal-holiness. I believe in speaking in tongues and the laying on of hands. I've even spoken in tongues once." Nice! I said, "OK, I stand corrected! Then I will pray like you've probably heard many times before." I asked her where her pain was from 1-10 and she said it was an 8. Gina and I put our hands on her and I commanded pain to leave. I then asked if anything changed and she said "No." So I said, "All right, hang on, you're gonna feel it this time." Then I relaxed remembering it was not me that is doing the healing or bearing the pain... it is Jesus. Then I rebuked pain and touched her abdomen only briefly. "How about now?" Big ole tears welled up in her eyes and she lifted her hands and began to praise Jesus. She finally said, the pain dropped suddenly to about 2, mild discomfort, her words. I commanded pain to leave 100%! She said it totally eased off!

Thank You Jesus for bearing our pains!

I told Marvina I would come back and check on her often because I came to visit my father-in-law about 5-7 times a week. She said that would be fine, and continued to weep and praise Jesus. Gina was moved to tears too, and hugged my neck and thanked me for praying for her.

Gina's faith and Marvina's faith drew the great power of God to themselves. My faith was hardly involved.

18-Jul-2010 (Sun) - Sons of God Heal the Sick

Thursday, July 15, 2010

14-Jul-2010 (Wed) - Broken/Stubbed Toe Healed

My gorgeous and sweet wife (TammyM) [see pic left] stubbed her toe and thought she'd broken it. It swelled up and turned red and was very painful for her to walk on. She told me about it while I was at work, and I told we'd just have to doctor that when I got home. When I got home, she had to leave immediately. I stopped her at the top of the stairs. I said, "Hang on a second. Let me see your toe." She said, "Well, I don't have time; I have to go." I asked, "You don't have time for a healing?" She smiled and got my smart alek remark the way it was intended. "OK, go ahead." I put my hand on her toe and commanded pain to leave and bones to mend and for it to be healed. I said, "Check it." She wiggled it a little, "Nope, it still hurts." Then she started to leave again. "Hang on a sec, I'm not done." I then commanded pain to leave again and bones to mend and instead of leaving my hand on there, I just touched it for about 2 seconds after saying what I did, and immediately said, "Check it." She moved it a lot! She said, "That's much better!" Amen! Today we were talking on the phone and she told me, "Oh, by the way, my toe is all better!" Very cool.

Jesus heals all the time; even when we think we don't have time for it. I think this is because, like I used to think, we have to do something to get God to move, and we think in our minds that this may take some time to muster up. Or we think we may have to spend some time in praise, or make a long prayer, or whatever. But Jesus doesn't work that way. He loves unconditionally no matter what we feel like or what is going on in our lives. His healing works at all times and in every situation.

He so loves us!

08-Jul-2010 (Thu) - No More Knee Brace

On a regular basis I still go see my father-in-law (Bobby) at the nursing home and either sit with him a while, or sit with him and pray for his healing for a while. Of late, his mind seems to be changing for the better. We've all noticed a better attitude that just has not been there since his massive stroke on 13-Dec-2009. He seems more like his old self. Thank You, Father, for what we've been able to receive of what You've provided for us in Jesus already!

A few days ago, I walked into the nursing home and one of the young women (Gina) who has worked with Bobby so well, and has even taken special interest in him, was sweeping the floor of the dining room. I noticed she had a knee brace on. So I asked her about her knee. She said she'd been going to the doctor and was scared she would have to have surgery. The doctor told her that there was an abnormal bone growth on her knee and that the pain was caused by that and that he'd probably have to do surgery and remove it. So, I asked if I could pray for her knee. She said I could.

I had her sit down in a chair and asked, "Is it OK if I put my hands on your knee?" (I didn't want to embarrass her. She said it was OK. I told her, "When I pray for you, you'll probably feel something happening. Usually tingling or heat or movement, so don't be scared. Are you ready?" She said she was. I laid hands on her knee and commanded the bone growth to be removed and for her knee to be totally restored. She immediately started squirming in her chair a little. "What's going on?", I asked. "I feel heat and tingling. And stuff is moving around in there!" I asked her if it hurt her anymore. She moved it some, and then said it hurt just a little, but not like it did. So I laid hands on it again and commanded pain to leave, then immediately asked her to see if it hurt now. She moved her knee, then got up and walked around and started shaking her head. "What?", I asked. She just smiled and said, "It really doesn't hurt anymore." I hugged her neck and thanked her for all that she has done for my father-in-law.

The next day I saw her from a distance and noticed she didn't have her brace on! Then, a couple days after that, she saw me and walked up and said, "Look! I don't have to use my brace!" She then held her leg up and demonstrated free movement and then stood on it and bounced. I could see tears welling up, and she hugged me and simply said, "Thank you so much for praying for me."

I love Jesus!