Tuesday, September 7, 2010

07-Sep-2010 (Tue): Back Pain Gone In a Moment!

Yesterday (Mon, 06-Sep-2010), my wife & I were visiting my father-in-law in the nursing home, and the preacher there was about to hold a singing service. He had his piano player with him. They gathered the residents together in a room. He told me & my wife we were going to help him sing... so we did. Of course, we were not prepared, but, hey, he asked. We sang many traditional songs, some of which I despise because they really are nothing but unbelief put to music... arrrrrrgggggghhhhh!!! However, I had noticed the piano player (an older lady) had a back brace on. Uh oh... So, afterward, I asked if I could pray for her. Like most people around here, she immediately accepted the offer and put out her hands. I grabbed them and prayed a prayer mostly for her, preaching the gospel of healing in my words, then I commanded her back to be healed and pain to leave. She immediately started crying. "Do you feel that?" I asked. She said, "My back is getting hot!" Praise Jesus! I told her it was God's power; that we were connected to Him and He was healing her. She cried harder and lifted her hands and praised Him. She then said to me, "You have a special connection with Him, don't you?" I said, "Yes! But so do you! What He does for one, He'll do for any."

This is always so hard to convince believers around here of that. They think if they feel the power of God, that it is a special (and very unusual) gift He has given the person doing the praying. And I have found that hardly no amount of arguing will convince them otherwise. Arrrrggghhhh again! I hate that! But, I told her this was not a special gift I possessed, but that healing was something for all God's children.

I'm sure I'll see her again, as her and the preacher are there quite often.

Nevertheless, she did give all the glory to Jesus for touching her. She was afraid to take the brace off, but all the pain was gone! Yay Jesus! She just couldn't find the pain any more at all. It was awesome.