Saturday, October 31, 2009

29-Oct-2009 (Thu) - Cancer & Painful Wrist

Today, my wife (TammyM) discovered that a dear friend of ours (Denise's) mother (Evelyn) got some bad news from the doctor, telling her she had cancer in her lower abdomen. Evelyn had battled this same cancer a few years ago and won. Evelyn is a very strong believer in Jesus and so is Denise and her family. Denise ask my wife if we would go over and pray with her. We, of course, agreed. Also, we learned Denise's daughter (Chelsi) was running a fever (about 102.5°F) and also had injured her shoulder. [Above is a picture of Denise, Chelsi & Evelyn]. I wanted to get some expectations up so my wife called Denise and got Chelsi on the phone. I had Denise & her husband (Chuck) to lay hands on Chelsi while I prayed over speakerphone. First the fever, and Chesli said she went from chilling to getting warm. Then we prayed for the chest congestion with no noticeable effect. Then we prayed for her shoulder, and she said it did feel better. But Chuck told me her shoulder blade bone is pressing outward more on one side than the other. We need to lay hands on Chelsi directly soon to get her some relief for this, I believe. Anyway, this seemed to boost everyone's faith a little.

Then my wife and I took a trip over to Evelyn's house. Chuck met us there. Evelyn confessed she believed God would heal her. I told them a few testimonies to encourage all of us, and then we laid hands on her. I commanded cancer to leave and all pain and then asked her if she felt anything. Evelyn began to feel extreme heat in her lower abdomen and all down her legs. She began to weep, and so did most of us. It was the power of God. I left my hands on her for quite a while as she was still feeling the warmth. While talking with her during the manifestation, she said in passing her knees had always popped. She demonstrated, and indeed, they did pop every time she extended them out. So I laid hands on her knees and commanded them to be healed, then quickly asked her to test it. She extended them out and a wonderful look of surprise swept over her as they did not pop any more. We believe something big happened to Evelyn.

By then, my daughter (Kimberly) and her husband (Grant) had also arrived at Evelyn's house. We all went outside on the patio and talked some more.

Chuck [pic at right] was very interested in how and when all this type of healing power became manifest in my life. I tried to explain how it was easy & simple, and there was no specialness about it, that all the specialness was Jesus. I used the very easily understood analogy of his love for his daughter, Chelsi. I told him a few more testimonies, especially one about a woman's wrist I had prayed for in Alabama (see 29-Aug-2009). He then said, “I'm going to have a selfish moment right now. My wrist hurts when I bend it, and I'm going to have an MRI on it soon...” I explained it was not selfish. He was concerned that it was such a small thing compared to his mother-in-law (Evelyn's) health that he felt selfish. It is understandable, but I explained Jesus already said “Yes!” to all healing needs. So I laid hands on his wrist and commanded it to be healed. He didn't feel anything the first time and tested it and said it was about the same. So I did it again. He said all of a sudden he felt a “rush of something flow into his wrist”, I think it was bloodflow, because he had told me the bloodflow was supposedly restricted. He tested it and said it felt about 40% better. So, we did it again. He said, “Wow, I have to bend it much further than I used to before I feel discomfort.” He wants us all to get together and pray over Denise's back and knees, as she has had trouble with them for years.

I look forward to it!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

28-Oct-2009 (Wed) - Pinched Nerve & Other Pains Relieved

Today, a co-worker of mine (John) [see pic at right] said he'd put up with a pinched nerve pain in his back for a couple of days. He said he was tired of it, and thought he'd come and “wake Greg up” and get me to pray for him. Laid hands on his back and his back got very hot almost instantly. He could feel it inside. The pain greatly diminished. Had another co-worker (Mike) come over and feel the heat off of John's back because it was so dramatic. He could feel it too. Laid hands on the particular spot several times, and John could feel it dissipating. Jesus at work at work. :)

At Bible study, laid hands on my friend (also named Mike) [pic at right] for chest congestion and sinus pressure. We felt warmth, but nothing much happened. He didn't feel much different, if any, at all. I want to press into this.

Laid hands on my mom (Janice) [pic of me & mom to left] for pain in her shoulders again. This is probably the 6th time or so we have done this, and each time we get about 95% or more relief (which is a lot, by her own words). It goes from being really painful, to hardly feeling it at all. And so, again, we got about 95%. I also want to press into this.

Laid hands on my sister (TammyC's) friend (Billie) [pic at right] for the pain she has off-and-on with her jaw & head. We have done this more than a dozen times, and each time she has gotten relief, but still relapses back into pain after some times (usually several days). I merely put my hands on her back this time, and without saying anything, the spinal area between her shoulders got extremely warm. I don't know if this area is the ultimate cause of her infirmity, but the last 2 times I've laid hands on her, this happens. She felt some relief once again.

Laid hands on my sister (TammyC) [see pic left] for stiffness in her neck and shoulders. In a matter of seconds, a warmth flowed over this part of her body and the stiffness left.

After going back home after Bible Study, my middle daughter (Karahann) [see pic at right] was fidgeting with a knotted muscle in her back. Laid my hands on her for quite a while (several minutes) and that muscle, way down deep, got warm in one spot and stayed warm for a long time. The warmth gave her great relief and loosed it up.

Father is so good to us!

27-Oct-2009 (Tue) - Dizziness, Nausea & Chest Congestion

For the past several days, my youngest daughter (Kayla) [see pic right] has been experiencing tightness in her chest and generally feeling weak. My wife (TammyM) took her to the doctor and they gave her some medicine. So far I have prayed about 3 times for her and each time the pressure in her chest has been relieved. Once she got very hot all over. In my limited experience with God's healing power, this seems to be associated with the cleansing of the blood (see the healing of my son-in-law (Grant) on Saturday, 20-Jun-2009). I laid hands on her again today when I got home from work. Again, the pressure was relieved in just a few seconds. I've not had much success with getting her nasal passages cleared. However, I brought home some salsa (which she loves), and this helped clear them out.

When my middle daughter (Karahann) [see pic left] got home from ETSU, she hadn't eaten in several hours. She went upstairs to fix her a sandwich. I went up after her to show her a new mechanical pencil I had gotten for her. She was standing by the kitchen sink with her head on the counter. She was very pale. She said, “Daddy, I feel terribly weak and dizzy.” She had already made her sandwich but didn't feel like eating it. She sat down in the floor against the refrigerator with her head down. I sat down beside her and put my hands on her head. I commanded dizziness and nausea to leave and for her blood pressure to return to normal (this is what usually makes you pale). There was some improvement. I did it about 3 times. By the 3rd time all dizziness & nausea was gone, and her color returned. She smiled and said, “Thanks Daddy!” and stood up and ate her sandwich.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

20-Oct-2009 (Tue): Prayer For Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

I called and talked to my friend Jim today. It is always so good to talk to him; he is such a sweet man. I prayed with him for his heart to be healed of the pain he suffers and also I prayed against the multiple symptomatic things he suffers. He didn't feel anything at all, but we both believe something is truly happening simply because Jesus is at work here. I sent him some links to Curry Blake's ministry (, and a link to some of his free teaching online. They are awesome!

Prayed with another friend of mine (Jim) whose wife (Crystal) [see pic of Crystal & Jim right] has been having problems with dementia. A few months ago, Jim had suffered from an infection in his prostate and I had invited him to come up for prayer. He and Crystal traveled 90 minutes from their home and met me at a local church. I and my pastor friends (Ann & Barry) laid our hands on Jim and he felt heat in the proper area. The Lord completely healed the infection. We also laid our hands on Crystal and saw the Lord just melt her heart. She felt His mighty love wash over her whole body.

Jim has been taking Crystal for hyperbaric chamber treatments and he said she's about 40% better than she was, but the doctors say this will continue to improve. Nevertheless, Jim wants to bring her by next month (around 11-Nov-2009) and let me lay hands on her for her mind to be healed. While I had him on the phone, I asked to pray for him, and prayed for his broken heart (his struggles with trying to figure all this out) and to strengthen him.

08-Oct-2009 (Thu): Getting This To Work

My cousin (John), whose back is getting better and better after each prayer, called to ask me a technical question last night, but we got to talking about how to get healing working in his life. [see pic of his sister Janice & John right]. We further discussed the simplicity of it all and he said he was greatly blessed by the discussion we had yesterday regarding the forgiveness of sins and guilt. He mentioned that he had prayed the prayer of faith for his dad, but his dad still died. I said, "Cuz, if you'd prayed the prayer of faith for your dad, he would still be alive. God doesn't choose for whom the prayer of faith works and for whom it doesn't." I explained this is the way we need and even want it to be, because if God is the problem, who's going to change God? No one. But if the problem is with us, then we can be changed! We must be able to admit to our failures and own up to the solution without getting ourselves into condemnation about it. Our heart cry should be, "Father, change me so that this doesn't happen again!", instead of blaming God for all our failures. Amen! John mentioned that he wants to learn how to do this. I look forward to getting another partner in the Kingdom of God! Yes!

07-Oct-2009 (Wed): Lower Back & Forgiveness

While walking down the hall to Bible Study, my cousin (John) stopped me from his office and said, "Hey Cuz, I hate to put you on the spot, but could you pray for my back?" His upper back was healed way back a few months ago when this became a consistent experience with me. But now he said his lower back had been really bothering him especially lately, to the point of screaming in pain at night. He no more than had asked this and I agreed, that his back started to heat up. I honestly don't know how I knew that, but just could tell that was the case. So by the time I got over to him and put my hand on him, it was really warm. I prayed anyway then said, "Try it out!" He did, the pain was gone that quick! With tears welling up in his eyes, he bent all around and tested it and said, "I can live with that!" Then we talked about why this was happening in my life. I gave him the only advice I understood myself and that was I had a huge (but very simple) revelation that all my sins were forgiven, not just from the past up to the present time in my life, but for all time. I explained that guilt was not from God, for there is no condemnation in Jesus, ever (Romans 8:1).

06-Oct-2009 (Tue): Witnessing

A high-school friend (Gary) asked me on Facebook about what happened in my life to get divine healing working. I wrote him a few paragraphs explaining about my oldest daughter (Kimberly's) healing as an infant without doctors and then the revelation that Jesus heals all, all the time, and that God doesn't condemn us for our sins... ever! Thus we are righteous in His eyes and can therefore never qualify ourselves by our "good" works, nor disqualify ourselves by our "bad" works... we just come in faith and do the works that He said we could do. Anxious for a response.

05-Oct-2009 (Mon): Searching

At lunch I heard my boss (Bob) give great detail regarding the multi-symptomatic disease he suffers and has found some relief from through alternative medicine. Also, I learned that one of the supervisors (Anna) at VinTech's husband suffers from chronic back pain. I would love to pray with Bob, but I'm not sure how to approach him on this. I sent a chat message to Anna offering to pray for her husband's back. She wants to do this, so I look forward to it.

I didn't make it to my father-in-law (Bobby's) to pray for him before he had surgery today, but he went through surgery great and had 2 hernias closed up. He left the hospital in some pain with one of them, and some meds for it. I would love to go over and lay hands on him for his pain, but I'm also a little concerned that my mother-in-law (Alta) would get jealous if I made a special trip since I haven't made any special trips to lay hands on her for some of the things she suffers.

03-Oct-2009 (Sat): Back & Leg Pain Alleviated

Today, before we played music at Newport, TN, my sister (TammyC) asked me to lay hands on her back because of a knot she had in a muscle. I laid my hands on her back and didn't say a word and the knot got hot and dissipated.

After we were finished playing music, my mother-in-law (Alta) walked back to the van with severe pain in her leg. She was going to take some pain medicine. I asked her where it hurt and she showed me. I laid my hand on it and commanded the pain to leave and it did. She remarked, “This is better than medicine!” Amen!

My father-in-law (Bobby) is supposed to have hernia surgery on 05-Oct-2009 (Mon), so I want to lay hands on him tomorrow, 04-Oct-2009 (Sun).

02-Oct-2009 (Fri): Nausea Gone

During music practice before me & my family played and sang at Newport, TN, my youngest daughter (Kayla) got too hot and was experiencing some nausea. She went to the bathroom and was sitting in the floor with her head in her hands. I sat beside her and just put my hand on her stomach. I just began to thank Jesus for what He'd done for us in taking all pain. In about 30 seconds, all of Kayla's nausea disappeared! Yay God!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

01-Oct-2009 (Thu): New Kidney & Cured Sciatic Nerve

Went to lunch with my older sister (TammyC) & one of her salesmen (Davey), whom I'd prayed with before regarding his kidneys (see Wednesday, 19-Aug-2009 & Thursday, 27-Aug-2009). After lunch at Yong Asian House in Gray, TN, we walked out into the parking lot in the beautiful fall sun. Davey had indicated at lunch that last night he was in one of his tree stands with his 70-lb bow drawn waiting on a deer to move so he would have a clear shot. Seeing that he wasn't going to get a clear shot, he decided to let the pressure off his bow. When he did that it popped back into position but it also contorted his upper body and he felt a sharp pain in his back and tingling shot down both of his lower legs. So, he wanted prayer for his back as well as his kidneys. I decided to do the back first because I believed it would boost his faith toward receiving new kidneys (he only has one kidney and it is not functioning at full potential; doctors say <15%).

His legs were still tingling from the, evidently, pinched sciatic nerve. Commanded pain and discomfort to leave in Jesus' Name. The tingling in his legs immediately stopped! There was, however, he said, a place high on his butt cheek that was painful; like a deep bruise. He pressed on it to show me where. I commanded the pain to leave and immediately said, “Now, press on it real hard.” He did and with a look of surprise and happiness, he said, “Wow! It is totally gone!” Just like that! Yay God!

Next, TammyC and I placed our hands on him and we prayed and commanded kidneys to function and for a brand new kidney to be created. I asked Davey, “What's going on, Davey?” He had his eyes closed and didn't answer for a few long seconds. He then replied, “I feel very good. Almost like, I'm high.” Awesome. He then said, “I feel heat.” I asked, “In the appropriate area (i.e. kidney area)?” He said, “Yes, deep inside.” It was so sunny outside, and his clothing so dark, it was nearly impossible for me to feel any heat radiating from him except the sun's rays. So we turned him around so that his back was in the shade... LOL! Then I did feel some warm spots at his kidney locations.

Davey was so blown away by it all. I said, “Now what do you think of Jesus?” He said, “He's not the way I've been taught he was, that's for sure.” I told him the story of my oldest daughter (Kimberly's) healing when she was an infant and went through the process of how I started seeing Jesus not as the one that makes people sick to “teach them something,” but as the One in the Bible that heals all the time. I told him, “I determined that if God was the one that caused my daughter to be born with the birth defects, that I would hate Him forever, but I would serve Him only because He was bigger than me.” Davey said, “That is exactly how I felt when my son was born...” (Davey has an autistic son), “...and I've been mad at God ever since.”

Needless to say, this encounter with the Living Jesus was changing his mind about God. I asked him, “Don't you want to do this stuff too?” He said, “If I could get this working in my life it is all I would ever want to do!”

Praise You Father! I look forward to some good doctor reports!

30-Sep-2009 (Wed): Nearly 100 Siezures a Day, Sinus Pain & Bible Study

Happy Birthday Sis (TammyC)! 51 today.

On the Christian Healing Forum, I read this prayer request posted by user Holli Thursday (24-Sep-2009):
“Hi, I'm new to the forum. Actually new to a lot of this. My almost two year old son, Austin, was diagnosed with a catastrophic form of epilepsy when he was six months old. Since then, he has had about 100 seizures a day, serious developmental delay, and numerous medication induced side effects that interfere with his cognition and personality.

“I've been struggling for months to understand our situation and come to terms with it. I've been angry and bitter because this has happened and he is only getting worse. My wonderful mother suggested I listen to Dr. Sapp, and I was amazed at how wrong I've been for so very long. I am only starting to grasp this concept of God's will to heal, but I have faith that he will now be healed. I have prayed for so long to find acceptance with his disorder. I thought that must have been God's will because nothing was working. I know now that His will is to heal!

“Any prayers for my sweet boy to gain seizure freedom so that he will progress developmentally would be very much appreciated. A healing without the horrendous side effects of potent medication, but I would be thankful for ANY means. We have tried 8 antiepileptic drugs and even taken him across the country to be evaluated for brain surgery. So far we have found nothing that helps at all.”
I therefore sent a private message to Holli:
“Holli, if you and your husband would like, you both (either) can call me, and I would love to pray with you over the phone. I work a job that it is possible to do this just about any time during the workday (Mon-Fri). I work from about 8am to 5pm Eastern Time (Tennessee). I work for Host Engineering. We are a Christian oriented industrial electronics company. My office phone is:

“423-913-2587 ext.27

“Please feel free to call. Jesus has blessed me with much success at getting people healed over the phone. Little Austin would be no different. Father loves you all so much!”
Holli, called today. I first prayed with her over the phone and she felt the love of Father. I had her lay her hands on her son, Austin, and I commanded his seizures to stop in Jesus' Name. Holli didn't feel anything at all, and the only reaction from Austin was he went from being relaxed to being active. Holli said this may be normal. I talked with Holli some more and found she was afraid her lack of faith may be a hindrance, so I spent some time explaining it is the faith of the minister that Jesus blamed, not the faith of the sick person or the parent. She could see that in the scriptures. I offered to pray with her and/or her husband with Austin again if she wanted in the future. She is also planning to attend a Roger Sapp service near her in Texas. I asked her to let me know any changes in Austin. She left the conversation sounding very encouraged.

I believe Father God did something to Austin and I'm excited to hear the results!

After work, I went home, ordered pizza, and then dropped my wife (TammyM) at my youngest daughter (Kayla's) dance studio while I headed to Pizza Plus to get the pizza. I went in and paid for the pizza then sat down to wait. While sitting there I thought I could eat a salad while waiting since it was going to be a few minutes. So I walked back up to the counter and ordered a salad from the manager (Darrell) who happened to be there. He coughed, sniffed, and then apologized saying it was allergies and “that time of year” for him. I felt sorry for him, but really didn't do anything at that point. I got my plate, made a salad and sat down to eat it while waiting.

The whole time I'm waiting, I couldn't get Darrell off my mind. Kayla goes into this Pizza Plus quite often, and Darrell almost always ends up giving her something for free. I kept thinking of his kindness to others. I decided I should pray for him. But when my pizza was ready, he was waiting on a table. I decided to stall for time because I didn't want to just walk out without praying for him. So I called my wife to see if she needed me to pick up any drinks while I was here. It was sufficient; he walked back behind the counter.

I asked him what his name was because at that point I couldn't remember. Then I told him how much I appreciated his kindness to others and to my daughter Kayla. He smiled and said something like, “Well, I do what I can. As you noticed I'm not very shy.” It was true. I said, “Well, you said a while ago that your sinuses were bothering you, and I'd like to pray for you if you don't mind.” He agreed, so I asked for his hand and I commanded sinus pain to leave and for them to clear out in Jesus' Name. He thanked me as is usual for most people, probably thinking I was a sweet guy. But, as usual, I expected something to happen right then and there! I said, “Try it out... take a deep breath.” He was surprised at the statement, but tried it. He smiled a little and said, “Yeah, I believe that is better.” I told him it had to leave and prayed again, then asked him to take another deep breath. He did and said, “Yep, that is definitely better. Thank you so much.” He must've thanked me 3 times. Praise the Lord!

After Bible study, my older sister (TammyC) had the usual stiffness in her shoulders which she said she is learning not to allow to happen with work stress. I placed my hands on her shoulders and they immediately loosened up and got a little warm. In the meantime, my middle daughter (Karahann) had laid hands on my mom (Janice) for her shoulder again. All the pain left!

TammyC also wanted prayer for her neck. I laid hands on that as well, and it also loosened up. She wanted Karahann to pray for her too, so she sat beside her and Karahann put her hands on her and prayed. They both suddenly felt electricity flow into TammyC's shoulders... awesome!

I love that this is becoming “normal” for Karahann!

29-Sep-2009 (Tue): More Lungs Clearing & Broken Fingers (Karahann Exploits)

Went to my mom (Janice's) for supper. She'd fixed potato soup... oh yeah! My younger sister (Jennifer), and her oldest daughter (Hannah) were there as well. After supper, Mom wanted me to put the new RAM in her PC that she'd ordered. As I was working on that I heard that Hannah was about to leave. I didn't want her to leave before praying for her because she'd been really sick with walking pneumonia. I laid my hands on her and commanded her lungs to clear and then told her to immediately take a deep breath. She could do it! This time she didn't cough. She felt heat, she said, coming from my hands.

Also, I knew that Hannah's little sister (Amelia) was suffering from the same thing, but worse. I wanted to try something for them. I asked Jennifer to hold Hannah's hand and for them both to hold their free hands out, palms up. I put my hands under theirs and asked Father to let them feel His power in their hands. In a few moments they both felt heat and tingling in their hands. Cool! So I told them to go home, hold hands, and place those hands that they felt God's power in, on Amelia, and command her sickness to leave.

Another honorable mention... my middle daughter (Karahann), prayed for a fellow student with 3 broken fingers in a cast. She said they both felt tingling and afterward he could move his 3 fingers! He's thinking about taking his cast off tomorrow! Karahann is so excited!

28-Sep-2009 (Mon): Lungs Feeling Better

On Wednesday (23-Sep-2009) I had prayed for a friend (Wayne's) daughter (Bethany) over the phone for symptoms of pneumonia and got some results. Today, Wayne sent me the following message on Facebook:
“...Bethany was home for the weekend and is feeling better. She visited her doctor and Saturday and has made an appointment for her with a specialist. He tested her for TB but only as a precaution and without much concern that she has it. He's just crossing things off his list.
The appointment is more precautionary than anything else and he feels that her chronic allergies are the main cause. I guess the rainy summer has increased more mold than we're accustomed to having. I just wanted you to know that she sounds so much better. Thanks again for your concern and for taking time to talk and pray with her...”
Since it sounds like she feels better, but the doctor is attributing it to allergies now, then, I sent Wayne a message and offered to pray with her again if they want.

27-Sep-2009 (Sun): Knee Pain Alleviated (Karahann Exploits)

My daughter (Karahann) went with her friend (Travis) to a church, where Travis' band played. Karahann noticed an elderly gentleman leaving that was limping. She spoke to him and expressed her concern for his limping and offered to pray for him! He allowed her to. Karahann laid hands on his knee and commanded pain to leave. She told him, “You are probably feeling heat in it right now.” He did! She asked him to test it. He walked around on it better. He was pleasantly surprised and left feeling much better!

This means so much to me! My children submitting to Jesus' works! Wow!

26-Sep-2009 (Sat): Wrists & Feet Healed

Me and my middle daughter (Karahann) went to see Todd White in Nicholson, GA at the River of Life Church at a 24/7 Athens sponsored event. It was about a 4½-hour drive that took 5 hours because it poured the rain all the way! The meeting was wonderful; there were about 50 people there.

After Todd finished teaching, we prayed for the sick. Karahann and I (and 3 other people) gathered around a young girl (about 16 yrs old) who had braces on her wrists. We laid hands on her and everybody prayed. I could tell right away that everyone else praying was new at this, as no one really knew what to do. I, obviously was the oldest one praying, the rest were young people. So I spoke to the young girl and asked her to remove her braces on her wrists and check them out. She did and she moved them around and burst into tears thanking the Lord! They were healed! No pain at all! No stiffness or anything!

Next, she said she had knots in her legs and what she termed as “nerve damage” in them and they constantly hurt her. She also couldn't move her toes in an upward direction. Prayed for her legs, and she checked them, but nothing apparently happened. Can't have that! So I had her stand on them, prayed again, and then asked her to try them... progress! Repeated this several times, having her sit and stand after each prayer. They were getting better, and I could feel the heat in her legs. She was getting discouraged at the slow progress, I could tell. And so were the others. So I wanted to change it up for her. I said, “Listen, honey, if you want Todd to pray for you, please do so.” This brightened her eyes, and I walked her up to Todd.

We waited for Todd to finish with some others, and the young girl told Todd what had happened. Todd put his hands on her feet and commanded them to be whole. She couldn't tell any difference. Again, no difference. A 3rd time, no difference. But she started talking and said something like, “...and it hurts when I walk...” Todd stopped her, “Wait, what? OK, walk!” So she did... bam! Big difference! We did it again and he had her walk again. Each time she did it, things got better and better until she was completely well! Awesome!

Todd spoke with me and Karahann and prophesied over us both. He knew I worked with computers! He told me that God was going to give me an idea that would cause me to step out and would work to my profit. He knew Karahann loved kids, danced, and was an artist! I don't know all that he told her because the music was so loud. But, before he left us, he hugged us both and prayed that the anointing that was on him would be on us, and that God would open up opportunities for us to love on others in His power. It was wonderful!

Thanks Todd for being who you are in Jesus. He gave me his e-mail address too.

25-Sep-2009 (Fri): Bad News & Then a Confirmation! No heart blockage!

I learned today, that the man (Dane) whom we had prayed for several times (see 09-Sep, 02-Sep, 06-Aug & 25-Jun) in ICU that had cancer, died. Somehow I knew this was going to happen because none of us had the boldness to get him out of that bed. In scripture, there is only one passage that shows the reason for failure to get someone healed, and Jesus did not blame it on the lack of faith of the sick person (i.e. Dane), but the unbelief of those ministering healing (i.e. me & my friends). Here is the passage:
Matthew 17
14 ¶ At the foot of the mountain, a large crowd was waiting for them. A man came and knelt before Jesus and said,
15 “Lord, have mercy on my son. He has seizures and suffers terribly. He often falls into the fire or into the water.
16 So I brought him to your disciples, but they couldn’t heal him.”
17 Jesus replied, “You faithless and corrupt people! How long must I be with you? How long must I put up with you? Bring the boy to me.”
18 Then Jesus rebuked the demon in the boy, and it left him. From that moment the boy was well.
19 Afterward the disciples asked Jesus privately, “Why couldn’t we cast out that demon?”
20 “You don't have enough faith,” Jesus told them. “I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,' and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.”
Thus, God gave us only this example of failure, and He attributed it to lack of faith on the part of the ministers, not the sick. After hearing this bad news, I heard a message by Curry Blake where he said, “When I pray for someone with cancer, I don't treat it any different than any other disease. As soon as I pray, I take them by the hand and get them out of bed and start walking them around.” This blew my mind, because that is what we had failed to do. We had treated cancer with respect, and were afraid to boldly get Dane out of bed and walk him around. God help me to never fail to do this ever again!

On such a day of receiving the above bad news, I was greatly pleased and encouraged because my co-worker (Phil) that I prayed with Friday (04-Sep-2009) and then again Tuesday (22-Sep-2009) was out Thursday (24-Sep-2009) getting his heart cath done. I got back into work and read my e-mail, and pleasantly found this in my Inbox:
“Hey Host Family!

“Good news – thanks to Father and your prayers!! – Moe [Phil] came through the heart cath procedure just fine. Doc said, 'everything looked clean... No blockages. Not stents. No angioplasty.' – Glory to God!

“Afterward the cardiologist – who two weeks ago told Moe his test results indicated he was 'high risk' – came with a puzzled look on his face and said, 'I guess he's just one of the 15% who get a false positive on the nuclear stress test.'

“One of the first things Moe said when he came back was, 'Tell Greg he can post another one [testimony] on his website!'

“Thank YOU ALL for your prayers & many words of encouragement! We love U muchly! (oD

“In Jesus' Joy! We are so grateful...!
Amen! Praise Jesus! I would like to make a note about the doctor's statement on “a false positive.” This is his grasping for an explanation. The reason being, Phil had all the symptoms of being at high risk. He had shortness of breath before we prayed, and had been having numbness in his left arm and even his face. He also had had several chest pains. Of course, now, he's not having any of those symptoms!

23-Sep-2009 (Wed): Pulled Calf Muscle, Gum Pain, Pneumonia

This morning, a co-worker (Tim) came into my office and said he'd pulled his calf muscle playing kickball and he couldn't push off his foot to walk properly without pain. He asked me to lay hands on him. I did and several times nothing appeared to be happening as he would test it and it didn't feel any different. He wanted to resign himself to simply believing it would get better over time, but I didn't want him to leave with that. I kept laying hands on his calf and commanding it to heal and pain to leave. Finally after trying the newest thing God had shown me (to lay hands on it, command it, then remove hands and test it immediately), it started working! By the time he left my office, he could push off with 50% of the pain gone, he said. We'll take it! I'll check on him again today and perhaps push on that mountain again to get the rest for him. But he was convinced he did get some of it! I love You, Jesus.

My daughter (Kayla) texted me an asked, “Did you really pray for my gum last night? Cuz I didn't pray I was just saying in my head 'I'm not suppose to be hurting.” I texted back, “I merely thought it in my head. I never said anything! This was a first. I'm therefore thinking it must all be YOUR faith that did it.” She replied, “But I didn't put much thought in it either... It was just a thought and then I started thinking about something else... it almost completely better.” I then decided to try something new. I wanted to see if I could affect her pain via text message. So I replied, “It should be that simple. Pain should be gone right now, as you read this. Check it. :)” She replied, “Thank you :] I can't feel it anymore.” Amazing! I replied, “Lol! Seriously? I was just giving that a try! Wow.” She replied, “Yep! Its not even swollen.”

Pain removal through text messaging? Wow.

A friend of mine on Facebook (Bethany) who is about my youngest daughter (Kayla's) age, posted a status that said, “has a bad feeling that doctor K will admit me to the hospital on saturday. antibiotic #7 did nothing except cost me $70 dollars AGAIN. :(“ She has been sick with pneumonia all summer long. Her dad, my friend (Wayne) from high school days also happen to just write me a note regarding something I posted on Facebook. This prompted me to ask him if he thought it would be OK if I called his daughter and prayed with her over the phone. He liked the idea and gave me her phone number. I sent her a message on Facebook and asked if it would be OK with her, and if so, what time. She agreed and told me to call her after classes were over. So, I did. We small-talked for a little while, and then I prayed with her. “What's going on, Bethany?” I asked. She replied “Well, nothing, really.” So, once again, I decided to apply what I learned. I had her put her hand on her chest, then I commanded healing to her lungs, had her remove her hand immediately, and then take a deep breath. She said, “Wow, I didn't cough!” This was different for her. She was excited. I had her take several deep breaths, and she didn't cough at all. She said, “Something changed.” Amen... something was happening to her.

22-Sep-2009 (Tue): Heart Blockage & Painful Lower Back

A co-worker (Phil) that I prayed with Friday (04-Sep-2009) regarding his heart came by today. He's been feeling good since we prayed, but his tests, the doctor said, still indicates a probable double blockage. He is going for a heart catheterization to see what is up. He didn't ask for it, but I couldn't stand not to lay hands on him. So I did. I felt a little warmth in 2 spots; one right in the center of his chest, and the other on his left side. He was short of breath before I laid hands on him, but afterward he said he could now take a deeper breath. The spot on his left side that got warm was where it hurt when he took a deep breath. I encouraged him to come back and we'd do it again tomorrow before he goes to the doctor.

My friend (Jim) from the Christian Healing Forum called yesterday and left a voicemail. I didn't get a chance to call him back until today. I called him and discovered that he's a realist kind of guy and is a bit turned off by all the religious ideas that seem to come out on the Forum especially regarding methods and things he's supposed to do. I assured him of the simplicity of Jesus' love for him and gave him some of my testimony of how I'm a results oriented person, and had been way turned off by the charismatic methodology at getting people healed by preaching faith into them, and getting them to say the “right” words and scriptures. I've seen people die doing this... literally. But they still don't change their ideas because that is all they have to hold onto. I believe this was a great comfort to him; especially when I revealed to him that I didn't go to church! Anyway, I prayed for Jesus to love on him and he felt nothing. I wanted to get something real happening for him so I asked him if there was anything specific hurting him right now. He said his lower back had a sharp pain in it for a long time when he bent over. I had him test it right then, and it hurt him. So, I had him put his hand on his own back, and then I commanded it to be made well, then I had him remove his hand immediately and test it. It was gone! Awesome! Something real happened to Jim and he now knew it! Yes!

I told him to call me if he wants to do this again. I assured him Jesus will get him all the way healed and his life will return to normal even if we have to do this many times. Amen!

This evening me and my family (TammyM, Karahann & Kayla) went to some friends of ours (Becky & Jonathan's) house and ate supper; their 2 boys were there too (David & Chris). Afterwards, we were all sitting at the table and Kayla wanted me to look at her gums in the back of her mouth because she said it felt painful like her wisdom tooth was coming in again. She wanted me to pray for it. Since we were all at the table I really didn't do anything at all but think about it. But a few seconds later she said, “Daddy, did you pray?” I didn't know what to say because I really hadn't out loud, but I did think about the prayer in my mind, so kind of nodded “yes”... She said, “Thought so, because it doesn't hurt hardly at all anymore!” What!? Oh my, another first! Jesus' grace and mercy are amazing!

21-Sep-2009 (Mon): Back Pain Relieved

A lady (Sharon) from the Christian Healing Forum called me today at lunch time. She had sent me the following private message on the forum:
“I was so encouraged by your testimony of the really quick laying on hands for Steven's back. An example of less is more. I think that is just what I need! Most of the time my experience of people laying on hands on me has been I feel SO much, and with the extreme hypersensitive state of my body, it is just way too much input. Afterwards I get worse. So I know that is the enemy, and I have been asking God how to deal with it...that testimony really struck me. Can I call you for prayer and we could try it over the phone? You can pray and I'll lay hands on myself and then immediately remove. Let me know, also if you have any other thoughts or suggestions.”
In mercy, I just gave her my office number and apologized for not getting back to her sooner. She replied:
“Great to hear from you! And no, I did not think you were terrible or anything of the sort. I thought I was probably being too forward, or that maybe you wanted to wait for the conference call. Thanks so much for your offer to call at work! I'll call sometime this next week.”
So she called. Much to my surprise, she said she had some things to pray for me about. She said that God told her He wants my eyes perfect. So she had me remove my glasses and anoint them with water. I did. She prayed, but I didn't see any difference. She then asked me to remove my glasses and read something while simultaneously praying in the Spirit. She said this is the way in which Andrew Wommack got his eyesight back. I will practice this.

She also said God told her to pray the Ephesians prayer for me, that God was going to increase the revelation of Christ in me so that the faith I have is greatly increased. This is a confirmation to me! Reason-being, this very morning I had asked God for this very thing! Wow. Here is the Ephesians prayer she prayed:
“Asking God, the glorious Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, to give [Greg] spiritual wisdom and insight so that [he] might grow in [his] knowledge of God. I pray that [his] heart will be flooded with light so that [he] can understand the confident hope [God] has given to those He called—His holy people who are His rich and glorious inheritance. I also pray that [Greg] will understand the incredible greatness of God’s power for us who believe Him. This is the same mighty power that raised Christ from the dead and seated Him in the place of honor at God’s right hand in the heavenly realms. Now He is far above any ruler or authority or power or leader or anything else—not only in this world but also in the world to come. God has put all things under the authority of Christ and has made Him head over all things for the benefit of the church. And the church is His body; it is made full and complete by Christ, who fills all things everywhere with himself.” (Ephesians 1:17-23).
I receive that.

Then I asked what she was suffering with and she explained she has many chemical sensitivities, but it all seemed to start when she injured her lower back many years ago. I told her God has given me great faith for backs. So I prayed for both her lower and upper back (which she also told me was painful). Jesus touched her lower back and it popped and got warm and tingly! Her upper back also got very warm! She was excited and felt much relief, but she said the real test would be if she could sit for a long period of time.

She was very kind, and I offered to pray for her again at lunch at the office if she needed to.

19-Sep-2009 (Sat): Sore Muscles

My family and I all went to Rhythm & Roots celebration in Bristol, TN. While eating pizza at the Mellow Mushroom tent, my niece (Hannah) sat on my lap and asked me to rub her back because she'd played volleyball so hard her muscles were sore. I put my hands on her back to rub it, and there were two places on her back that got very warm! I went ahead and commanded the soreness to leave anyway, even though Jesus was already at work. In just a few seconds there was no soreness at all.

18-Sep-2009 (Fri): Sore Back Muscles Relieved

My wife (TammyM) was walking through the kitchen this evening, and complained of the small of her back hurting because she'd been on her feet all day taking pictures. I just simply gave her a playful hug feeling sorry for her, and the small of her back heated up! She felt it relieve the pressure... Jesus is so awesome; I love Him and my beautiful little wife so much.

17-Sep-2009 (Thu): Backs Touched

My family (Jennifer & family, TammyC) got together at my house to practice 4 songs for the up-and-coming show we are doing at a local church this weekend. My wife (TammyM) had worked all day and was complaining her back was hurting. I just simply gave her a hug, placing my hand on her lower back. I asked her, “Do you feel that warmth?” She did. I didn't ask further, but I knew Jesus was touching her, giving her some relief.

Also, I walked upstairs at one point after we were basically finished practicing, and my sister (TammyC) had my middle daughter (Karahann) laying on the couch and had her hand on Karahann's back. TammyC hollered at me to see if I felt anything. I did; Karahann's back was warm in 2 spots; 2 spots that were giving her some pain and stiffness. She felt some relief (not 100%), but she felt about 80% better she said.

16-Sep-2009 (Wed): Back, Chest, Face & Leg

Me and my family all traveled in multiple cars to Knoxville to watch my youngest daughter (Kayla) and my niece (Hannah) compete in the Knoxville Fair in the Regional Youth Talent Contest. Kayla actually ended up winning 1st Place ($1000) with her choreographed clogging solo! Awesome! So proud of her. Hannah didn't place, but she did a fantastic job singing. Anyway, before we left, me, my brother-in-law (Jimmy), my oldest daughter (Kimberly) and my sister (TammyC) were about to get into Kimberly's new Volvo to travel down to Knoxville (about 100 miles away). We were sitting in the parking lot of my late dad (Leon's) business (Kiser Supply, Inc.). My 1st cousin (John) saw us there and came out to wish the girls well and say “hi.” I knew he'd recently hurt his back again somehow and was in some pain. So I got out of the car, greeted him, and asked how he was doing. He told me a little bit about his back, and I just put my hand on his back without saying a word. I immediately noticed a certain area between his shoulder blades that heated up! I said, “Do you feel that?” He said, “Oh yeah. Man I just love Jesus. He is so unbelievable.” Amen to that. Didn't have much time to stay with him since we were kind of in a hurry, but he did get some pain relief immediately. Awesome!

We arrived at the fair and before the competition started, Kimberly came up to me and said, “Daddy, for some reason, the past few days, I haven't been able to take a deep breath; like I have a chest cold coming on. Will you pray for me?” Yes! I had her lay her hand on her chest and I put my hand on her shoulder. I pointed to her chest with the other hand and commanded it to clear and her breathing to be freed in Jesus' Name. I took my hand off immediately (putting into practice what Father has been showing me of not waiting on a manifestation of heat or tingling) and said, “Take a deep breath now.” Instantly healed! Wow! I love Him so much.

After Kayla won, we all decided to pile into our several cars and go eat since staying at the fair wasn't much fun due to it drizzling rain. The young ones couldn't ride much. While loading into our cars, my sister (TammyC) wanted me to pray for her friend (Billie), because her face was hurting again. I laid hands on her while everyone waited, and it felt different to her, but didn't fully dissipate. But, oddly, again, her spine heated up in that common place between her shoulder blades.

We all stopped at a Cracker Barrel on the way home. We had just sat down and ordered drinks (hadn't ordered food yet), and a man limped by my table and then the table where my 3 daughters (Kimberly, Karahann & Kayla) were all sitting with Kayla's boyfriend (Chris). My daughters all turned to look at him since he was obviously in pain. He stopped and looked at them and in a rather jovial manner smiled real big and said, “I forgot my pain medicine and my cane too!” He chuckled and walked out of the restaurant section into the store section to pay his bill. His wife followed after. Immediately all of my girls looked at me and said, “Daddy, did you see that? Did you hear what he said?” I had. Kayla said, “Daddy, please go pray for him. He's pitiful and in such pain.” All of my girls began to urge me. How can I resist that?

The thought occurred to me; if we don't do this stuff, it doesn't get done no matter what God wants! Wow, that is such awesome responsibility and it will sober you up pretty quick. But there is no condemnation from God if we don't follow up on these things, instead He just keeps patiently urging us on and teaching us His heart.

So, being urged by my girls, I got up and walked into the store part and noticed he was paying his bill. I decided to approach his wife first since she wasn't busy. I said, “Excuse me, ma'm, is that your husband?” She had a suspicious look on her face and answered, “Yes. Why?” I told her about what had happened with my daughters. I asked, “Do you think your husband would mind if I prayed for him?” I could tell by her reaction to my question that he might indeed mind. She said, “I don't know.” About that time he limped up. I asked him, “Can I pray for you?” He said, “What for? I'm OK, just in a little pain that's all.” So I told him about my girls and that he had spoken to them and they were worried about him. That really softened his heart. He said, “How sweet. I guess it'd be OK if you prayed for me.” So I asked about his pain. He said he'd just had surgery on his left leg below the knee to fix an old injury he'd had years ago. He said it hurt real bad and he didn't have his pain pills with him nor his cane. I asked for his hands. He gave them to me and bowed his head reverently. I prayed something like, “Father, thank You for him. Show him how much You love him, right now. Leg, I command you to be made well, right now, in Jesus' Name. Pain, I command you to leave this man's body.” He thanked me, but I said, “Try it.” He was surprised at the request. I love it! He leaned over on it and then looked at his wife with eyes a little wider and said to her, “Why, that's a little different for sure!” I asked, “Is the pain all gone?” He said, “Not entirely, but it is really different!” Different is good! So I asked to pray again. He promptly gave me his hand and bowed his head again. I commanded healing again. “Try it. This time walk around on it.” He said, “OK, I will.” And he began to walk around the display. By the time he got completely around the display he was not limping and had a very nice smile on his face. He said, “It is not hurting at all.” To show me, he stood on that one leg! Awesome Jesus!

He thanked me profusely and shook my hand hard. His wife was touched and I could tell a couple of things: (1) they were not church-goers, and, (2) he was nearly moved to tears. He said, “You go back in there and tell your girls 'thank you' for caring for me so much.”

I did. They were so excited and moved.

God is so good to us!

14-Sep-2009 (Mon): Stess Removed

A friend of mine (Jim) from the Christian Healing Forum called me again. He suffers much from many different things, but mainly chemical sensitivities. I talked to him a lot about the simplicity of faith in Jesus. He's been schooled in much technical stuff about it and taught that he had to deal with all the fear in his life before he was going to get healed. This kind of teaching is nothing but garbage. I showed Jim the Jesus of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John (MMLJ) and pointed out that that Jesus doesn't act that way. We just need to come to Him in our poverty and let Him fix us inside and out. It is Love (i.e. God) that casts out fear. Besides, if I'm supposedly the cause of my own problem and my thinking is influenced by my own problem, then how can I free myself from it? When a man has lung cancer will quitting smoking get him cured? No! James 5:14-15 shows us that God will heal us first and then forgive us. This is the way the Jesus of MMLJ acted and that is how we need to act. Heal first, forgiveness second; they are one and the same to God.

I could tell this conversation was a breath of fresh air to Jim. We prayed and I commanded stress to leave and his muscles to relax. He felt some relief! We'll take it!

I look forward to getting to know Jim more and watch Jesus get him completely well.

13-Sep-2009 (Sun): Shoulder Pain Relieved

We were all at my mom (Jan's) house practicing a few songs for an up-and-coming performance at a church. Before leaving, I was discussing Jesus' goodness to us all in that He has already said, “Yes!” to all humanity's physical healing needs and therefore we should never not come to Him no matter if we cause our own problems. When my mom heard that, she came right up to me and said, “OK, pray for my left shoulder again.” She had been embarrassed to come so much for this since she believed she was causing it by worrying and letting daily stress get to her. My older sister (TammyC) laid hands on her shoulder and one spot immediately got warm. But I wanted her to have the instant release and decided to experiment again with what God has been showing me to do when praying for the sick. So, I laid a hand on her shoulder, pointed to it with the other hand and said, “Shoulder, I command you to function properly with no pain, right now.” Immediately I removed my hand and asked her to check it. All pain gone immediately! Wow! Jesus is so amazing.

10-Sep-2009 (Thu): Head & Chest Cold Defeated

While at lunch with my co-workers, I got a text message from my friend (Mike) that he was feeling pretty bad and wanted prayer. I told him I'd call him back when I could. So, on the way home from work I gave him a call. I had laid hands on him Wednesday (09-Sep-2009) at Bible study and his sore throat went away so I asked him how that was. He said his throat was fine but his head was stopped up. After praying with him, I began to ask him about his friend (Steven), who he said was still doing really good. We small-talked about 5 minutes and then I asked him, “What's going on?” He said he just noticed that his head was completely unstopped! His ear didn't feel any pressure at all now and he could breathe clearly through his nose!

Go Jesus!

09-Sep-2009 (Wed): Knee, Word of Knowledge & Jesus' Work at Bible Study

An acquaintance (Jim) from the Christian Healing Forum asked if he could call me. I gave him my phone number. He called me at the office during a pretty good thunderstorm. We lost connection, but he called me back on my cell. Jim has multiple things wrong with him and has had many people pray for him with little to no results. After we spoke for a while about each others' backgrounds and experiences, I asked if I could pray for him. I asked Jesus to show Jim how much He loved him. After praying for a few minutes, nothing was really happening. But suddenly I saw a man standing with 2 bad knees, and particularly the focus was on the left knee. This has never happened to me before! I asked Jim, “Do you have something wrong with your knees?” He said he did. I asked, “Is there pain in your left knee?” He said there was. I commanded the pain to leave this knee. He bent and he could tell a big difference! Yes! Couldn't get much else happening, but prayed against bowel problems and an over-reacting immune system. I think Jim was encouraged by his left knee feeling much better (i.e. Jesus touching him). I told him to keep calling me every week and we'll get some more. Amen. I'm wanting him to get the full overhaul!

Also, went to pray for Dane again in ICU. He's the one suffering from various complications from cancer. He's still on a respirator, and he had another bowel blockage keeping him from getting nourishment; his white blood cell count was also higher than it should be; his right lung deflated again, among other things. Me, his wife (Lois) and another believer friend of mine (Becky) talked in the waiting room before going into ICU. I told them that if Jesus were physically here, He would walk Dane out of the hospital right now. I said this because I really felt like I knew what needed to be done, but still really didn't have the guts (boldness) to do it. This is sad, because it will be mostly my fault if Dane dies.

We went into ICU and laid hands on him and prayed for him. We commanded bowels to unblock, white blood cell count to go to normal, right lung to inflate and general health to every cell of his body in Jesus' name. In a few minutes his stomach started churning... which we took to mean the blockage was being removed. I also felt compelled to do something for Lois since she is there all the time and facing this all the time. I had her put her hands out in front of her and I put mine under hers, not touching. I asked Jesus to let Lois feel the power of God in her hands. I felt tingling in mine and she immediately felt tingling and heat in hers, particularly her left hand she said. Pretty amazing! I told her that was God's healing power, and whenever she is with Dane to keep that left hand on him all the time allowing God's healing power to flow through her. This seemed to greatly encourage Lois. We loved on her and left.

Also, Jesus was again very busy at Bible study. The fellow (Steven) I had prayed for with a bad back over the phone on Monday (07-Sep-2009), came with his buddy Mike like he promised. Although he had some relief when we prayed on the phone, he still was in some pain, but now it was real to him. After Bible study, laid hands on him. Two really large areas of his spine immediately got very warm! Left my hands on him some time, then asked him to test it. He said, “Though the heat feels really good, it still hurts.” I asked him to judge how much it was better, he said, “Perhaps less than 10%.” Well, we can't have that! :) This time I thought I would do something that the Lord has been showing me lately, mainly via some teaching from preacher Curry Blake of John G. Lake Ministries and something I'd seen Todd White do. I put my hands on Steven's back and commanded the back to be made well and instead of leaving my hands on his back for an extended period of time, I immediately removed them and immediately said, “Check it out.” As soon as I did that, Steven's back popped! And there was major relief! I said, “How 'bout now? How much?” He said, “About 80-90% better!” Wow. Had everybody at Bible study come and lay hands on him again, and we tried the technique as a team... BAM... a little more! He now said about 90-95%. He was very satisfied with that. He said he was going to have more tests done on him tomorrow (Thursday, 10-Sep-2009). Hoping things are much better for him.

Also laid hands on Mike for lump in throat, soreness in throat and stuffy head and ear. Got lump in throat to completely disappear! But he still had a stopped up ear when he left. But he was greatly encouraged.

Also, my sister (TammyC), wanted prayer for stiffness in her shoulders. This very amazing. Put hands on her and her entire upper back got very warm very fast. She felt like she was going to break out in the sweat, it was so hot! Her muscles relaxed and she had relief. I told her to quit worrying and receiving stress into her life. :)

Also, my mom (Jan), wanted prayer for the same reason. We have done this multiple times before and each time she has gotten total relief, so we did it again, and again, Jesus said “Yes!” to total relief. It amazes me that even when we allow stress to cause our bodies to stiffen up, that He will still remove the pain.

Also, my friend (Billie) who has for over a year suffered from what she thought was trigeminal nerve pressure causing pain all over her head, said after we had prayed last week (Wednesday, 02-Sep-2009), she had a headache the next day, but then suddenly felt better the whole rest of the time. She said she didn't need prayer at all tonight. But I said, “Come here. I feel like you do.” I just put my hands on her spine and didn't say a word. She had a tremendous warmth manifestation in that same spot as last week. More healing! Her back was still warm when we left 15 minutes later!

OK, this next one thrills my heart to no end! I stubbed the big toe on my left foot a couple of days ago. It hurt like the dickens. The next day, it seemed just as bad, maybe worse. I couldn't put any weight on it or use it while I walked. So, Wednesday (09-Sep-2009), after Bible study, I was walking through the house and decided to try something. I looked at my 17 yr-old daughter doing her homework on her laptop. I said, “Hey, Kayla, my toe hurts. Would you pray for me?” She said, “Sure, Dad, put it up here.” She didn't even take the laptop off her lap. She put her pencil in her mouth and put her finger on my toe. She closed her eyes and mumbled something under her breath and then said, “Check it out.” LOL! (She's watched her daddy!) I put my weight on my toe... Wow! Major improvement... like 75%! I said, “Wow, almost gone!” She said, “Put it up here again.” Again, I had to laugh inside, she's mimicking me! I put it up again. She repeated what she did before and once again told me to check it out. Wow again! No pain! “How is it now, Dad?” I said, “No pain!” It was totally true. She then smiled (with the pencil in her mouth) put out her fist for a fist-bump which I, of course, immediately obliged. She casually went back to doing her homework. I just walked away, still testing my toe, totally amazed. LOL! I'm thrilled!

07-Sep-2009 (Mon): Healer of Broken Hearts & Jesus' Labor On Labor Day

For Labor Day we gathered at my mom (Jan's) for a cookout. After eating and cleaning up, a few of us decided to take a walk down the subdivision hill and back. While walking back, I got a call on my cell. Caller ID said it was a friend (Mike), but it wasn't. Instead Mike's friend (Steven) used Mike's cell to call me. He identified himself as a longtime best friend of Mike's and said he was calling me unbeknown to Mike because Mike's heart was broken and he was severely depressed. Steven wanted me to call Mike back and talk to him because he figured I could do him some good. My wife (TammyM) is much better at this kind of thing than I am, and I tried to coax her into calling him back. She would've done it, but I knew she'd been a little uncomfortable. So I waited about 30 minutes and I called Mike back. We small-talked, and then he openly admitted he was really depressed over a breakup with a girlfriend. I told him I'm really terrible at counseling, but that the Bible tells us specifically that God is the healer of broken hearts (Psalm 147:3; Isaiah 61:1; Luke 4:18). I asked if I could pray with him over the phone. He eagerly agreed. I asked Jesus to touch his heart and heal it, and let Mike feel His power in his body. In just a few seconds Mike said, “That feels so good!” He said he felt the presence of God really strong! His depression totally left, and he even started laughing!

With himself good to go, he mentioned his friend Steven having severe back problems. I asked if Steven would mind if we prayed for him over the phone. Steven agreed; they put me on speaker. Steven has had many tests done trying to determine what is wrong with his back. So far, nothing, but he was in severe pain at times. It wasn't currently hurting him much, but he could not bend without sharp pain. I asked Mike to put his hand on Steven's back; he did. I prayed for Steven's healing. I said in faith, “Steven, your back should be getting warm right now.” He said, “It's tingling up and down my spine!” Mike was laughing. We praised Jesus for the manifestation. I asked him if he could do anything he couldn't do before. He tried bending over... no pain! He was still tingling all over his body when I got off the phone with them. I told Mike to take care of him. Steven was excited and said, “I'm coming to your Bible Study Wednesday; I want to meet you.” Mike answered, “You've already met Jesus!” Steven said, “Yes! And I like Him a lot!” It was very exciting. Jesus is so good to us.

After that, my sister (TammyC) wanted prayer for tightness in her shoulders again, and stress. Warmth in her shoulders happened after laying hands on her. Also, she wanted prayer for her back that had started hurting. The middle of her back got hot before I could say anything! Jesus is like that! She felt relief.

My mom (Jan) also wanted prayer for her shoulders again; they had started hurting again since last Wednesday night's relief. I laid hands on her about 3 different times, and finally her shoulder joints heated up and she felt relief again. My sister counseled her (from experience) on not letting stress do that to her.

While leaving mom's, a woman was there to pick up her daughter from the picnic/party. Her teenage daughter is friends with my niece (Hannah). She told me she wanted me to pray for her son who has a bone marrow disease. She said she would call me later this week. I told her nothing is too difficult for Jesus. I look forward to Jesus helping this family out.

05-Sep-2009 (Sat): Rejection

Nearly every year on Labor Day weekend, we visit much of my wife (TammyM's) family while they are all camping in Pigeon Forge, TN. We usually have a big picnic together with all the fixins. Many of her family have various things wrong with them, but in particular my heart went out to my wife's young 2nd cousin (Taylor) who had a knee brace on from a pulled ACL tendon in her knee. She was particularly in pain that day. I asked her dad (Scott) if I could pray for her. At the time she was sitting in the backseat of the family car with her boyfriend. I asked her if I could pray for her. I could tell she was extremely embarrassed by the question and had a bad attitude about it. I laid my hand on her knee anyway and commanded healing. She laughed at me. I said, “Anything different?” She said, “No, of course not.” I said, “Are you sure? Try it.” She replied in a snide way, “I believe it is still going to hurt,” and snickered again, making fun of me. I couldn't talk her into trying it, and I felt like a complete fool. I was unprepared for this kind of rejection. I shouldn't have been, but I was. I let it go and backed my way out of the situation, expressing my concern for her pain. I decided to talk to Father about it later.

04-Sep-2009 (Fri): Co-worker's Heart Worked On

Today, a co-worker of mine (Phil) came by and told me he'd been having his left arm and the side of his face go numb on occasion, and that he would occasionally feel weak & tired and could feel his heart flutter. He went and got a checkup, and the doc said he had some blockage and that his left ventricle was not functioning properly. So, he came by and asked if I had my “healing hands on.” I said “Sure! When?” He wanted me to pray for him. So I laid hands on his chest and commanded healing to his heart. Wow! His heart stopped fluttering immediately! He felt strength come into him! And his chest got really warm for about 5 minutes! He was so excited with this manifestation. He said it took away all the fear because now he knew we were connected to Father and He was working on his heart. Awesome! I can't wait for the report from his next doctor's appointment... Jesus is amazing!

03-Sep-2009 (Thu): Foot Healed at Work

I took a regular business trip. While at the office where I normally visit, one of the tech operators (Betty) told me she had fallen a day or so ago and hurt her left foot. The arch was bruised and she couldn't walk on it at all because of pain. I asked if I could pray for her. She thought it was a very sweet gesture. This is always funny to me, but people down south rarely say “no” to such a question, but most of the time they really do not expect anything out of the ordinary to happen... hahaha! I laid hands on her foot and didn't wait for any manifestation of heat like I normally do. I asked, “Does it feel any different?” She said, “What do you mean?” I said, “Try it.” She stood up and slowly began to put weight on her foot. A look of great surprise came across her face! There was no pain and she could put all her weight on it... yes! Go Jesus!

02-Sep-2009 (Wed): Lung Inflates & Jesus' Work at Bible Study

A pastor friend (Ann) and I went to pray for the cancer patient (Dane) we have been praying for several times. He's been in ICU since his lung collapsed about a week ago. Doctors had been unable to get it inflated and he has had a severe lack of oxygen. He was on a ventilator and unconscious. His wife (Lois) was present. Ann & I laid hands on him. I felt a surge of electricity come out of my hand into Dane's hand; it was very weird because in the past I've never felt anything like that. It was very brief and I thought I actually had been electrically shocked by something. We commanded the lung to inflate, blood to be healed, cancer to leave, etc. Ann felt power in her hands. Lois felt the peace and anointing of Father. Dane acted a little different, though unconscious; he squeezed Ann and Lois' hand a few times and he had beforehand been unresponsive. The next day (Thursday, 03-Sep-2009), I got a call from the church telling me that Dane's lung inflated and the doctor, though very puzzled, was pleased. A scan on Dane's brain also revealed there was no bleeding or anything like that in his head as they supposed. I will return to lay hands on him again. Really want to see him out of this mess, but I can't stop thinking about the mini-vision, or thought in my head that I need to take him by the hand and lift him out of bed to get him healed.

Also, at Bible study, we all laid hands on my mom (Jan) for pain and tightness in her shoulders. In just a few minutes, no pain and no stiffness! Also, my oldest daughter (Kimberly's) hands got really warm while doing this (i.e. God's healing power was flowing from her!).

Also, laid hands on my oldest sister (TammyC) for stiffness in her shoulders & neck... wow! All of it got very warm and soft... she felt it, big time... all stress left.

Also, laid hands on my friend (Billie) for a headache she had. Some very weird manifestations happened. The pain moved from her head to her sinuses. Laid hands on that; pain moved to her jaw. Laid hands on that; pain moved to top of her head. Weird! Rebuked a spirit of infirmity... still moved, but this time her spine just below her neck and just above her shoulder blades got hot! We're thinking it could've been a spinal thing all along. It stayed warm even after we dismissed. Pain was greatly diminished, but not totally gone by then.

Also, laid hands on my middle daughter (Karahann) for head & chest congestion. She said she could suddenly breath deeply, whereas she couldn't for several days. Also, she's suffered from some back stiffness and pain for some time, her spine heated up between her shoulder blades and she felt much relief there.

Jesus was busy at Bible Study!

29-Aug-2009 (Sat): Carpal Tunnel Healed in Restaurant

This weekend, me and my family were 7 hours away from my home in Tennessee in the state of Alabama. While checking out of a small-town restaurant, the cashier was complaining to the lady behind me of her wrist hurting with “carpal tunnel”... I couldn't stand it, so I interrupted and asked if I could pray for her. She didn't even hesitate but offered me her wrist. I said, “I command all pain and stiffness to depart and healing to come to this wrist in Jesus Name... right now.” She began thanking me profusely and then asked, “Are you a preacher?” I laughed (probably shouldn't have), but said, “No, I'm just a believer in Jesus.” She was still thanking me, and I had to interrupt her again... “Do you feel anything?”... She said, “What?” I said, “Do you feel anything in your wrist? When I pray for people, they always feel something happening because Jesus is healing them right then and there.”... She said, “Really?”... I said, “Yep. Check it.” She moved it a little, “Oh my,” she said, “It is getting warm!” I said, “See? Check it.” The lady and man behind me were amazed. She looked at them and moved her wrist a little... “It really is different!” I smiled and said, “I know, that's the power of Jesus healing your wrist right now.” She said she was a believer and told me how she once saw her brother healed instantly at church. She then said, “I just believe that this will continue to get better and better until it is 100%.” I said, “Well, let's get the whole thing now. Let's pray again.” She said, “Well, no, that's OK, I just believe it will get better and better from right now.” I couldn't convince her to get the whole thing right then and there. But it certainly was started. The people behind me were all looking on in a little shock, I could tell.

Wow... that was fun... and a little weird for me. Weird because she DIDN'T want the whole thing right then and there... I supposed she was a little embarrassed or something... so I dropped it. She was very sweet to me, however, and I, her. I think the people behind me got a blessing out of it too.

It reminded me of when Moses asked Pharaoh when he wanted the plague removed, and Pharaoh replied, “Pray tomorrow”... huh? You'd thought he would've said, “Now, of course.” (See Exodus 8:8-10).

27-Aug-2009 (Thu): Kidney & Back Problems

Last Wednesday (19-Aug-2009), laid hands on a friend of the family (Davey) at the request of my sister (TammyC). Davey told me he only has one kidney, and that it is down to 15% functionality. When we prayed, his left side (kidney location) got really hot and his right side only got moderately warm. He had blood tests ran on Monday (24-Aug-2009), but got a call from his doctor last night (Wednesday, 26-Aug-2009) telling him his potassium levels were way too high. So he went to the hospital. However, he doesn't have the normal symptoms associated with this (which is very odd). So, today, me and my sister when to the hospital and laid hands on him again. His mom, wife and brother were present. This time his entire body suddenly got hot and he began to sweat. Enjoyed talking to his family very much; they are very happy people. So, two times, there were manifestations. Waiting on tests.

Also, while we were there, prayed for Davey's brother, who, just 2 weeks ago, was in the hospital with back problems (herniated discs). He wasn't feeling any pain, but laid hands on him anyway. His spine got really warm (he felt it). His mom came over and felt it too.

22-Aug-2009 (Sat): Jesus & NASCAR

I was parking cars in my yard for today's NASCAR race. A friend of ours, who parks in our yard every race (2 times a year) had a elastic wrap on her knee. I noticed it earlier today but didn't really have a chance to say anything about it; I was so busy. But after we had finished parking cars and they were getting ready to walk to the track, we got to talk a little. I inquired about her knee. She said it had just started hurting her for no reason in the past 2 weeks. She said it was “old age.” I asked if I could pray for it. She said I could. She reached out her hands for me to take them and pray. I said, “Well, I like to put my hands on the place that hurts. Is that OK?” She said, “Why sure. We're pentecostal, I perfectly understand that!” LOL... I loved that statement! So I did. She was about to thank me for praying, and I interrupted her, “Do you feel that?” Eyes widened, “I really do feel something!” I said, “Try it.” She did. No pain! She kept testing it; no pain! She left the wrap on, but she was so happy! Her and her dad walked on over to the track to enjoy the race. Saweet! Jesus shows up at NASCAR races too! :D

14-Aug-2009 (Fri): Crohn's Disease Cured Over the Phone

I inadvertently found out a friend of mine (Elizabeth) whom I haven't talked to in 30 years has suffered from Crohn's disease for several years with no relief. Things had gotten considerably worse in the last few weeks. Also, her daughter suddenly began to suffer from pain in her abdomen. I asked if I could pray with her over the phone. I told her Jesus would heal her of her Crohn's disease right then and there. She finally called. She was an emotional wreck over her daughter's pain. She told me she was losing her faith in God, as she had prayed and prayed begging God to heal her daughter. She's a Christian and has raised her kids in the Lord's admonition but she was new to Jesus as Healer. I had to interrupt her crying to pray for her. I said, “Put you hand on your stomach.” She did. I commanded Crohn's to depart out of her body and for the pain to leave in Jesus' name. She said, “Oh wow, it just thundered here when you prayed!” Cool! LOL! Then she said, “Oh my gosh, my stomach just stopped churning right now!” I said, “Yes, that is Jesus healing you right now. What else is going on?” I felt something else was happening too. She said, “All the pain is gone!” Amen! Praise Jesus. Then an incredible peace engulfed her whole being. Jesus touched her mind and body. She said, “I should be screaming with all the stress, but instead I'm laughing.” Turns out a co-worker had watched her entire conversation and saw the change in her and God's presence touched her too. She started weeping when she saw what was happening to Elizabeth. Awesome!

Elizabeth said, “What about my daughter? Can I call you and have you pray for her?” I said, “Well, let's try this first. Hold out your hand.” She did. I asked Jesus to let her feel His power in her hand. I asked, “Do you feel it?” She didn't answer. I asked again. She said, “Oh wow, it started in my pinky and is now running up my arm. I have chill bumps all over this one arm but not the other!” Amazing! I told her to take that hand that she felt God's power in and lay it on her daughter where the pain was. I told her, “Now don't beg God to heal your daughter. Don't you do that. You just command that pain to leave her and command her organs to be well.” She agreed to do so. She called me a few days later, while I was parking cars in my yard for the Bristol NASCAR race. She has not had any symptoms of Crohn's since we prayed! Also her daughter had tests at the doctors office and they cannot find anything wrong with her! Her daughter began to feel better. In fact I got an e-mail from her daughter that said she could now even eat food, whereas for several days she hasn't been able to keep anything down! Praise Jesus! He is a faithful healer! His mercy is incredible!

13-Aug-2009 (Thu): Shoulder Healed at Lunch

Ate lunch with a friend of mine (Scott) & his co-worker (Bill). Scott had invited me because he's been interested in some of our healing discussions and wanted Bill to come and get healed of his shoulder that hurts. Bill was a little nervous of me, I think. Had a good lunch and discussed Jesus quite a bit. I shared some grace (Romans 8:1) wanting them to understand that guilt and condemnation was never from God. I could tell this was a little confusing (sometimes I'm not good at explaining things). But rather than argue about it I just point-blank said, “I'd rather show you. Which shoulder is bad?” It was his left. He'd already had his right one operated on. It was “grinding” but it didn't hurt. His left one, however, grinds and pops and is painful for him to move. He said he couldn't do a single push-up without pain. I asked him to move it around so we could get a bias of where his pain was, and what he could and couldn't do before prayer. OK, with that done, I reached across the table and said words I felt like Father had given me while I was driving to the restaurant... I said, “Father, show Bill how much you love him... right now.” I could feel that wonderful familiar heat start to rise in his shoulder. “You feel that?” He didn't. Had Scott feel Bill's shoulders. “Wow, yeah, it is getting warm in there. You don't feel that?” He didn't feel the heat, but he did feel something. He said it felt like his shoulder wanted to lift up all by itself. He started feeling it with his hands, however, and did notice the heat. I said, “Test it and let's see what's going on.” He moved it around as before prayer, then looked at my friend, eyes a little wider, “Hey, it really is different!” He moved it some more, it popped. He said, “Wow, it popped, but it didn't hurt! It hasn't not hurt like that in a long time!” He said, “If I can do a single push-up I'll know something big is happening.” We talked a bit further. But on the way out the door, he got down in the floor in the restaurant foyer and did 3 push-ups! He rose up and said, “Wow, those first 2 I felt nothing at all, but the 3rd one I felt some pressure.” So we prayed again... his shoulder was still warm when we left. I told him, “Give Jesus some time to work on that before you try it out fully.” Hahaha... he was so excited he couldn't help himself about testing it. Scott said, “Wow, this is amazing. I really did expect something to happen when you prayed, but it is entirely different when you see it with your own eyes! This changes everything.” Indeed! It sure did for me! Amen. Jesus is amazing.

06-Aug-2009 (Thursday): More Healing For Cancer Patient

Me & 3 friends of mine (Minton, Barry & Ann) went to visit a man (Dane) in the hospital whom we had prayed for before, but still had terminal liver cancer. He looked really bad. He was in pain. Lots of things were going wrong for him. Many bad reports from doctors. Latest thing was a bowel blockage that was poisoning his system, fluid in his lungs and insufficient amounts of oxygen all over. Infections here and there. Very sad. We laid our hands on him, telling him in God's Kingdom there is no cancer and Jesus was present to heal him. Again, I noticed Dane and his wife (Lois) starting to quote scripture and rebuke the devil. I asked them both to just relax and receive.

We got all kinds of manifestations. Tons of stuff was happening. Suddenly he started getting hot. I asked Lois, “Does he get hot flashes?” She indicated that he never gets them and since being sick with this he has complained about being cold. That's a good sign! He complained to me of getting hot and Lois asked if I could cool the room down by opening the bathroom door. We opened the door and Barry turned the thermostat down. We encouraged Dane & Lois with testimonies and with the manifestations we were getting.

Lois asked if I could lay hands on some red lines running up his arm which she thought might be an infection. I sensed the temperature of his skin to get a bias, then commanded healing; his arm got really warm. Yes! I had Lois and some of my friends feel it. A cyst of sorts was on his right side where they had operated. I tested the temperature of this spot as well; normal. Then I laid my hand on it and commanded it to go. It also immediately heated up. I encouraged Lois and some of the others to feel that too. It got really hot! Minton commanded the bowel blockage to be removed in Jesus' name. In a few minutes, rather suddenly Dane kinda moaned and jerked. I asked him if he was in pain, he said he was, that his stomach was churning. Then he leaned over to me and said very quietly, “I think I'm going to need a nurse”... awesome! Obviously the blockage was being removed! At this point we decided he needed a nurse's care and bid him and his wife goodbye. As we left we all told him we believed what Jesus had started here today He would continue until he was completely well. Got an e-mail from Ann and she said:

“...I am so excited to pass along this news- When we left Dane's room on Thursday, the bowel blockage completely broke up and left. His bowel functions returned to normal. On Friday [07-Aug-2009], they were going to do a needle biopsy on the fluid in his lungs. They found NO FLUID and were unable to do the biopsy. His body had not been getting oxygen. On Friday, his oxygen levels throughout his body returned to normal. I don't know all the medical terminology but many reports are now coming back normal. He is sitting up in bed, smiling. HALLELUJAH!!. Minton [also] went by on Friday morning and he was still 'on fire' even though the room was cool! I am believing for COMPLETE healing!!...”
Awesome! Praise Father! I will keep posting results. Jesus is Amazing.

After leaving this encounter, Ann & Barry asked me what I thought. While I was putting my hands on Dane, I saw myself holding Dane's hand and lifting him to a sitting position and then getting him out of bed and walking him around the room. I had a very strong feeling about this, but I didn't have the guts to do it. I think it is the Holy Spirit telling me what needs to be done to get Dane healed. I will meditate on this and asked Father about it.

02-Aug-2009 (Sunday): Foot Healed at a Picnic

My wife's family was having a cookout for my nephew (Keith's) birthday. He was recently married, and we just wanted to all get together and grill some hamburgers at the weir below the South Holston Dam. Fun family time. My wife's brother (Mike) was there with his family. Earlier that week he had hurt his foot playing basketball. He said something popped, and it hurt right in the arch of his foot. He couldn't put any weight on his heel; too painful. He was going to go have it looked at this week. I said, “Put it up here on the picnic table seat.” He did. I laid my hand on his tennis shoe, casually rebuked the pain and commanded the foot to be healed in Jesus name. I said, “It should be heating up in there now.” He said, “I was about to say. Even before you put your hand on my shoe, it was getting hot.” There goes that Jesus again, answering before we call on Him! I think I'm gonna give up praying. LOL! Anyway, he cautiously began to put weight on his heel. Much to his surprise (and my delight!), he was able to put all his weight on his heel with no pain! “That's crazy!” No, that's Jesus. He was really freaked out by it (and delighted as well). I didn't know how much really until much later. He had spoken to my father-in-law (his dad; Bob) about it. Dad just said, “Well, Greg just believes in the One that counts, that's all.” Not totally sure what he meant by that... :)

23-Jul-2009 (Thursday): Unexpected Touch by Jesus

One of the owners of the business I work for (June), brought some visitors to my office. What a sweet elderly couple! The husband had just had back surgery and had a brace on, and was carrying a cane. June wanted me to share with them a little about Roger Sapp and his meetings he is about to have this coming Fri-Sun in Johnson City, TN. So, I did. She also wanted me to share a testimony. So, I did. The husband is a retired engineer that worked with observation satellites! (Cool). He and his wife are now very interested in coming to Roger's meetings! Yay! But, I couldn't let him go before praying for him... I mean, c'mon! He was seated in my guest chair in my office. I reached out to pray for him, but I felt healing power flow to him before I touched him! I went ahead and prayed anyway... but Jesus was beating me to the punch again. I asked, “Do you feel that?” He was quite surprised, but smiled and gently said, “Actually, yes I do. It is very warm in my back.” The section of his lower back that surgery was performed on was about 7-inches long, he said. I could feel the warmth in his back under his brace. His wife wanted to feel it too. She first felt my hands to see if they were warm... of course they weren't... hahahaha... I love it. Then she felt of his lower back. “Wow, yes it is very warm!” I asked him if his back felt any different. He said, “Just a minute and I'll tell you when I try to stand up.” He tried to stand up. He chuckled a little and said, “Yes, if feels very different.” June (a very sweet lady and believer herself) felt the heat as well. She also tested my hands.... hahahahaha! No heat there... see? It's Jesus, not me! They were in such a hurry, I didn't have time to try to coax him to take his brace off and test it. But he and his wife were both very visibly moved. They will be coming to Roger's meetings! Yay again! He qualifies for Roger's demonstration if he is not already completely healed by then. Father is so awesome... I was totally unprepared for the visit of one of my bosses and 2 strangers to my office. So the whole time I was very nervous. Just goes to show, even though we are not ready, Jesus is. Praise Him!