Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cancerous Growth Disappears

I often go with a friend of mine from church to lay hands on the sick that request prayer. I like to do this at lunch time because the folks are local and it usually doesn't take much time for Jesus to heal the sick through a believer.

This time an elderly man from church whom I have known for many years asked for prayer because he had discovered a growth on his chest just under his skin and had gone to the doctor who had run some tests on it and told him it was cancerous.

We arrived at his house and after some friendly small talk also discovered he had some other various pains in his body. His hips and knees hurt him as well. So we first laid hands on him and watched as the Lord Jesus removed his discomfort from those symptoms. He was very happy but, quite honestly, not all that surprised as he was a believer in Jesus' power over sickness. I encouraged him, "We addressed these other physical things first because I wanted you to see some visible results to encourage you that when we lay hands on that growth, the same thing will happen to it." He agreed.

So we laid hands on the growth and commanded in Jesus' Name for it to get out of his body and dissolve away to nothing. Nothing happened. We commanded several more times. Nothing. We (and he) could still feel the growth under his skin. So we resolved what to do. Oftentimes if you don't see results I recommend trying this. Command the healing, then put your hands on the person for just about 2 seconds, quickly remove your hands and them have the sick person immediately check for results. Me and my friend did this. We were determined not to leave until the growth left and we told it so!

The first time we did this together, the growth got smaller. So again. Smaller. Again. Smaller. We did this several more times until the elderly man could no longer find the growth.

Jesus is truly amazing. Don't give up. It is what He wants to do. He wants the healing more than the minister and the sick put together.