Monday, June 28, 2010

25-Jun-2010 (Fri) - Healing at Stateline

This Friday (25-Jun-2010), my middle daughter (Karahann) played music at Stateline Bar & Grill in Bristol, TN [see Karahann at Stateline in pic at left]. My older sister (TammyC) backed her up. It was a great show and the food was really good too. Lot's of friends and family came in support.

After it was all over a friend (Charles) [see pic at right] I hadn't seen in years approached me. He had a cast on his forearm encasing even his elbow. He had fallen on a hike and thought he sprained it, but x-rays showed it was fractured in 2 places. He actually wanted to ask about getting some people in his family healed; he planned on praying and laying hands on them himself. After we discussed some things, we walked out of the bar and I asked to pray for his wrist. He said I could, so we stopped on the sidewalk and I laid hands on his cast and commanded his wrist bones to mend. Charles suddenly felt tingling and heat at his wrist. His cast even heated up. Then after some time, he told me it was getting really cold. Afterward, he could move his wrist and fingers without pain. Jesus is awesome! He's excited about his up-and-coming x-ray; so am I!

Turns out, I accidentally left my cell phone in the bar and drove all the way home thinking my wife (TammyM) had it. She didn't, so she called the bar and they said they found it. I immediately drove back. By then it was about 11pm at night and the bar now had a cover charge at the door, and plenty of people were going in and out. I had to wait for the waiter who had my phone to get free... this took about 45 minutes. In the meantime, I saw my sister (TammyC) and her friend (Billie) sitting with a friend outside on the sidewalk having a beer. When I walked up they were talking about Jesus and my sister was telling her friend (Cindy) [see pic at left] about how my daughter (Kimberly) had been healed when she was an infant (see here). After the conversation, I asked Cindy if she had anything wrong with her. She said "No." But TammyC said, "Aw, c'mon, everybody our age has something! Anything at all?" Cindy then admitted she was supposed to have physical therapy on her neck this week. She couldn't lift her shoulders without pain, and her arms were tingling all the time. She also demonstrated she couldn't look back to her left without pain. I laid my hands on her neck, and it immediately got hot! She was in tears. Turns out she's a believer, but didn't fully understand Jesus moved in this way. After a few minutes, she could move her shoulders up and down, and could look back to the left all with no pain! And the tingling in her arms disappeared!

I'll say it again, Jesus is so awesome!

22-Jun-2010 (Tue) - Baptist Preacher Healed

I visited my father-in-law (Bobby) at the nursing home on a regular basis. There is a Baptist preacher that has an office there; he regularly loves on the inhabitants and does Bible Studies with them. He is a sweet man (Harold) and pastors a local Baptist church. In fact we sang there (see here for testimony).

I was outside of Bobby's room, when Harold saw me in the hall and came up and we started talking. In the conversation, he mentioned he was seeing a doctor about his foot and ankle. He was wearing a doctor-prescribed ankle brace. I asked him if I could pray for his ankle and he agreed and we went into his office. I laid hands on his ankle brace and his ankle got so hot it heated up his boot and the brace! He took off the brace and could move his ankle freely without pain and stiffness. He said, "I haven't been able to do that in over a year! I think I can ride my motorcycle now."

The next day I ran into him again at the nursing home. I inquired about his ankle, and he said he had some pain left on the sides. So we went into this office and I laid hands on it again. Again, it got very warm and he was able to lift his entire weight up with his calf muscles. With a huge grin on his face he said, "I couldn't do that before!"

Yep, Jesus heals Baptists... LOL!

Friday, June 25, 2010

19-Jun-2010 (Sat) - Jesus & the Rasnake Family Reunion

Saturday, 19-Jun-2010, my mom's side of the family had their annual family reunion at her sister (my Aunt Martha's) home. They live up on a hilltop in the southwest Virginia mountains; very beautiful. My wife (TammyM) and I and 2 of our daughters (Kayla & Karahann) and Kayla's fiancé (Cody) were able to go.

After enjoying the fantastic home-cooked food and visiting a while I was sitting with my cousin (Trevor) [see Trevor at far right in pic at left] and overheard him tell his dad (my Uncle Neil) his back hurt him. I really couldn't let that go. So I offered to pray for him. He approved. My cousin (John) was sitting near him, and I had prayed with John before and we had seen Jesus completely heal John's back [see here] , so I asked John to share that with Trevor. He did. This always changes the atmosphere to one of hopefulness & anticipation. Then I laid hands on Trevor's back and commanded it to be healed. It got very warm and Trevor said it felt "better than a heating pad." I couldn't get him to test it out, but he admitted it felt better.

I had also heard my Uncle Neil [see Uncle Neil in pic at right] say his left leg was giving him a lot of trouble particularly in the evenings after he'd been using it all day. So I asked to lay hands on him; he agreed. I commanded his lower left leg to be healed. Then there were 2 spots on his leg that got extremely warm. I showed them to him. He replied, "Well now, those are exactly the 2 spots that hurt!" After they were warm for a long time, he admitted things were different, but he'd not be able to tell unless he spent a lot of time on his feet. I encouraged him to do so.

I walked over to my Aunt Martha [in pic at left are my aunts Martha, Kay, Judy, Brenda and my mom] who was sitting near my mom, and inquired how she was doing because I had heard that she was unable to do her housework lately due to pain and was having to enlist the help of one of her sisters to get things done. She said her hip hurt and was hurting now. I had her lay her hands on her hip and I placed my hand on her hand and commanded the pain to leave and her hip to be healed. She felt heat build up in her hip joint then got out of the chair with a big smile on her face and said it wasn't all the way better but it felt great!

As I walked past Trevor [see Trevor in first pic above] again he asked, "How are you on rotator cuffs?" I laughed and said, "I can't heal a gnat, but Jesus is really good at rotator cuffs." He explained he had injured it lifting something heavy a few days ago, and it had hurt ever since. He showed me he could not lift his arm higher than his shoulder without severe pain. I put my hands on his shoulder and commanded pain to leave and his shoulder to be healed. He tried it and said it wasn't much different. So I did it again; again, not much different. I decided to try it a different way. I didn't touch him, and just said, "I command joints, bones, cartilage, ligaments, muscles, nerves, blood vessels to all come into proper alignment as Father God created them to be, in Jesus Name, right NOW!" And when I said "now" I put my hand on him for just a few seconds, and then asked him to try it again. Much to his surprise he lifted his arm all the way above his head without any pain! He was amazed, and I could see that Jesus was working on his heart, as I could tell emotion was building up in him.

My Aunt Judy [see her in pic above] then asked me to pray for her arm; it had been tingling and was going numb. She'd been to the chiropractor several times without any success. I prayed for her arm, and it immediately quit tingling! Then I noticed a spot between her shoulder blades that got extremely warm. She felt the heat. Most likely the tingling was caused by a spinal issue of sorts... Jesus knew that and though I prayed for her arm, He was fixing her spine! Awesome!

Then my Aunt Brenda [see her in pic above] asked me to pray for her. She said she believed she had a kidney stone and didn't know if she'd passed it yet or not. I prayed for her and the left side of her lower back heated up and she felt something moving around inside! I left her in tears telling her Jesus loved her.

It was past time for us to leave because we had an appointment, but my Aunt Martha asked if I would pray for her granddaughter Julie who has suffered horrible and crippling pain for years in her jaw (TMJ, I believe is what they called it). I put my hands on Julie's face and her jaw got so hot so quick that she pulled back and exclaimed, "Wow! My jaw! My jaw!" I said, "Did I hurt you?" She said that I hadn't, but that something happened. She had a dull ache before, and now she said it didn't hurt at all. Wow.

Next my Aunt Judy wanted me to pray for her daughter, Jessica [see Jessica on far right in pic at right] who also had some problems with jaw pain. I prayed for her, but she nor I felt anything at all, but she wasn't in pain at the time anyway. So I'll have to check back on her to see how she's doing.

My cousin John also wanted some prayer for a knot on the back of his leg he said that was bothering him. We prayed for that and it got a little warm, but didn't see it decrease in size. John said it felt a little different, and that he believed it would be fine afterward.

Having to leave (I should've started this earlier!), I got my older sister, TammyC, to follow-up on everybody. TammyC has great success at getting others healed too. She told me later she ended up praying for a couple more people and getting results!

Jesus loves my family and showed up at the reunion! :)