Monday, April 26, 2010

25-Apr-2010 (Sun) - Jesus Heals in a Baptist Church

Sunday (25-Apr-2010), me and my family sang at a local Baptist church (Greenwood Baptist Church) in Johnson City, TN. It was a fun time had by all and I believe the congregation was genuinely touched by our words of encouragement and praise & worship of Jesus. After the service, a couple of young ladies (teenagers) came up and talked with my middle daughter, Karahann, about music. After they finished talking to her, I was in the foyer waiting on her, and the two young ladies came walking down the isle toward the foyer to go home. I noticed the smaller one was walking with a limp. She was only wearing one flip flop on her left foot. I spoke to them and then inquired about her foot, which was obviously causing her some pain. She said a friend of hers had dropped a 3-liter coke bottle on it and it was painful, so she couldn't put much weight on it... thus, the limp. I offered to pray for her. She agreed. I asked her name and she told me it was "Brooklyn" (very lovely name!). I stooped down and put my hand on her foot and said something along the lines like, "Father, I thank you for Brooklyn and her heart for You. I thank you Jesus that you loved her enough to bear all her pain on the cross. Now, show her how much you love her right now. Pain, I command you in Jesus' name to leave Brooklyn's foot right now." Then I looked up at her and said, "Check it out... put some weight on it and see." She slowly put some of her weight on her foot. Suddenly her mouth dropped open and her eyes widened and she looked over to her friend and said something like, "Oh my gosh! It worked! I can't believe it. It really worked. It doesn't hurt anymore... amazing!" She walked down the steps, not limping any more.

As I was walking out to the parking lot, I saw her and her friend get in a pickup truck with, I assumed, her dad. I waved and motioned questioning about her foot. She smiled really big and shook her head "yes" and gave me a thumbs up.

Jesus didn't care that it said Baptist on the front door... and neither did I. Thank You again Jesus!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

21-Apr-2010 (Wed) - Nurse's unexpected encounter with Jesus

Yesterday as I was leaving from visiting my father-in-law in the assisted living home, I was walking toward the exit door and spoke to a nurse, who had her medicine cart with her, arranging medicines for the various occupants. I just merely said, "Have a nice day and don't work too hard" being polite as I smiled and waved. She responded with something like, "Oh, I'll try, but wow, my back is really hurting today, but it'll just have to get over it. Have a nice day too!" How do you let that go? I already had my hand on the exit door... but I let it go and turned to her and asked, "Can I pray for your back?" Here in TN, it is truly rare if anyone would turn down such an offer; it just wouldn't be socially polite. So she said it would be fine. I warned her I was just going to put my hand lightly on her back. She said that was OK. It was a simple "prayer" and I just commanded her back to be healed and that Jesus took her pain. "Do you feel that?" Her back was immediately hot. She said, "Well, your hand is hot." I said, "It's not my hand, see?" showing her my hands were cool. She got a very puzzled look on her face and said, "Well, I do feel something warm." I said, "That's Father's power loving on you." She clearly did not believe that and tried to argue, "No, that's just the warmth of your hand there before..." I didn't argue, I just said, "Try it out." She moved around. I was already walking away smiling and looking back. As I was leaving, I saw her mouth drop open and she looked at me through the door and said, "I'm not kidding! It really doesn't hurt!" I waved and said, "I know. Have a nice day!"

Awesome Jesus!

Friday, April 9, 2010

09-Apr-2010 (Fri) - More Knee Stuff

I came home late and my daughter, Kayla [see pic right], was sitting on the den couch with her boyfriend, but she had a knee wrap on her knee. As I came in the door and greeted everyone and asked about her knee, she said something like, "Dad! I'm so glad you're home. I woke up with my knee sore again. Please lay hands on me." Her boyfriend (Cody), had provided the wrap because Kayla was hobbling around that evening. I said to Cody, "Cody, you're going to like this; it's going to blow your mind." I removed the wrap carefully from her knee... it was a bit swollen and puffy in places and we both poked it here and there with our fingers and Kayla verified it was very painful. So, I talked about Jesus for a few moments (mainly for Cody's benefit) and told him something was going to happen when we prayed. I could tell he was anxious, but, of course, skeptical.

I laid my hands on Kayla's knee and I have to say it was the most powerful manifestation I've yet seen. My hands "lit up" with the strongest tingling I've ever felt. Kayla's knee began to "move around" under my hand... very weird. I said to Cody, "Check it out... put your hand there and feel that." After a while, he did. I could tell it was messing with him; he felt "stuff" moving around. Then suddenly, her knee "shifted" (for lack of a better term) on the inside. Kayla's eyes widened and we all were surprised. She said it felt good. All pain immediately left, and in a matter of seconds, all swelling went down while it continued to tingle.

She then invited us to poke it anywhere. We did... no pain whatsoever. She stood up, straightened it out, did several knee bends, and even a few clogging steps... no pain, no stiffness, no swelling!

I honestly have to say it was the most amazing 100% healing I've ever witnessed... the best part... I didn't feel any more spiritual... in fact, I was dead tired.

Cody was blown away. He said something like, "I've never seen anything like that before. I KNOW it was painful before. That is why I went and got the wrap for her!" Kayla, on the other hand, indicated it wasn't all that unusual. Amen, because of Jesus in us.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

07-April-2010 (Wed) - Medical Confirmation, Knee & Cramps

Received the following e-mail from Delores regarding her healing (see here):
Well I went to the doc at the pain clinic today. I didn't get the shot. My pain level is about 1.5! He poked around on my leg then really poked pain. He said Are you the same woman that I saw 8 weeks ago? LOL He never asked questions and I didn't offer any explanation, but he was a bit surprised. I would love to have the mri done again to see if there is a difference in my back! I hope to get with you all again and finish what we have started.
Love you both
Wonderful Jesus!

Also, last night, 06-Apr-2010 (Tue), my daughter Kayla came home after a long night of dancing with a swollen and painful knee. As is quite normal for her, she came immediately to me for me to lay hands on it. I did, and commanded it to be made whole. In just a few minutes, it got warm, the swelling went down, and then something unusual happened... it popped and cracked several times under my hand. Kayla felt it. She was soon walking without pain.

Also, last night, my daughter Karahann had come home early from work sick with stomach pains and achy joints. I laid hands on her several times and we finally started getting things happening after a long while. Much of her joint pain began to diminish and her cramps began to settle down... down to a point that she could finally go to sleep.

I love Jesus. He is so incredibly faithful that He is almost like a Divine Machine. I believe He is so faithful to heal that we could actually write mathematical formulas to describe Him, if such a mathematical language existed.

Monday, April 5, 2010

05-Apr-2010 (Mon) - No Cane & No Pain

Friday (02-Apr-2010), my sister TammyC called and wanted me to lay hands on a coworker of hers, Deena [see pic left] for her knee pain. She'd hurt her knee and tore something (the doctor thinks) and is scheduled for an MRI tomorrow (Tuesday, 06-Apr-2010). Deena has been walking on a cane for several days. Friday, her pain was very severe and "hot" as she described it to me. Since I was meeting my wife & girls at a restaurant about 7:30pm, I asked if TammyC & Deena could meet me in the parking lot about 7pm. They did. Deena hobbled up on her cane. I've actually known her since high school, so she knows me pretty well. She's also been involved with my dad's company for many years. She's a very happy individual and always smiling. I related to her the fact that she knows I'm nothing special and no one special. I told her all believers could do what I was about to do (John 14:12); Jesus said so. I basically talked to her about Jesus and gave her a couple of testimonies of healings I'd been involved with and then I summed up with something like, "...that's why, when I lay my hands on you in just a few seconds, you're going to feel something happen to your knee. It's going to be really good as Jesus shows you His love for you!" She admitted later that through all this she was completely skeptical the whole time, but listened politely. I asked permission to lay hands on her knee (it is not advisable to just touch a person of the opposite sex without considering decency and order). She gave me permission. I thanked Father for her and what He did for us, and then commanded her knee to be made well in Jesus' Name, "right now!" To make a long story a bit shorter, a few seconds later, her eyes got big, and she smiled really big, and she said something like, "My knee is getting very cold. It really is! It is getting cold right down to the bone!" She said it felt really good because of her "hot" pain she'd had all that day. She had not been able to straighten out her leg nor put much weight on it for days. After about 5-10 minutes she could not only straighten out her leg, but put ALL her weight on it! She held her cane up in the air and said, "I guess I don't need this thing anymore." She was in tears of joy. Praise You Jesus. I checked on her yesterday (Sunday, 04-Apr-2010) and she was still walking without pain and without cane.

Very late that same day (about midnight), my cousin, John [see pic of John & his mom, right] called me and said he had all the classic symptoms of kidney stones. Severe abdominal pain running from his kidney on his side, & he couldn't urinate, etc. He was thinking of going to the ER, but wanted me to pray for him first. I offered to go to his house and lay hands on him, but he said, "No, that's OK, I know it's late. I believe if you pray over the phone, Jesus will heal me." Wow, cool, John. That's the kind of person you want to pray for. We talked just a few seconds about Jesus healing all in a multitude, but didn't talk too long as he was in great pain. Then I commanded the kidney stones to be dissolved, and for pain to immediately leave his body because Jesus bore all his pain. Nothing happened immediately but he wasn't discouraged at all. He said he believed it would work just like the time I prayed for his back and it was healed. Awesome, again. I checked on him the next day and he said that after we got off the phone he got really sleepy, laid down and went to sleep immediately and woke up with no symptoms at all. Wonderful Jesus!

So, even though, still yet, I've been having trouble getting my father-in-law's healing to manifest, others are still getting healed... it makes me even more determined to get healing to my father-in-law.