Monday, March 24, 2014

Backstage Healing

Harrison-Jones Memorial Hall at Virginia Intermont College
Every year about this time, my youngest daughter, Kayla, puts on a dance recital for her dance studio. It always has a theme and features all the little dancers that attend her studio and puts their talents on display, whether it be clogging, hip hop, lyrical, ballet and even belly dancing. It is a big deal since all the families of the students get to come and (sometimes) see the dancers displaying their talent for the first time.

As is normal, my whole family usually jumps in and helps as well as many of the mommies and daddies of the dancers. The amount of work it takes to put on such a recital is amazing and, like most things that are worthwhile, takes a lot of planning and scheduling and money. But the rewards far exceed the invested effort. Watching those little ladies (some of which are just 4 or 5 years old) perform on stage in front of a big audience is one of the most heartwarming, inspiring and often humorous things in human experience!

My middle daughter, Karahann, meant to come but was feeling a bit under the weather and my wife wanted me to run down to her apartment and check on her to see if she needed anything. Well, she ended up feeling much better and coming back with me to the recital. But this is not about that! Instead, before I left to check on Karahann, I was backstage and gathering up my stuff to leave. The young lady who was in charge of the auditorium at the college where we were, was backstage as well, checking on us to see if everything was running smooth. But she spoke to my wife and said, "Something is wrong with me. I can't move my right hand hardly at all and both arms feel funny and are aching." She was visibly scared. My wife said, "That sounds like you pinched a nerve..." and she started rubbing her spine to see if there was a sensitive spot. My wife then said, "I'll go get a nurse. Honey, why don't you pray for her?" So, I asked the young lady's permission, and she agreed.

I had no sooner put my hand on her back than I felt a very hot spot on her spine. I said, "Wow, do you feel that?!" She said, "Yes, it is very hot!" I commanded pain to leave and for feeling and motion to be restored in both arms and her hand. We let it burn for about 3 solid minutes, then I asked her to see if anything changed. She said, "Well, I can move my hand now without pain. My arms feel much better now. Wow, thanks." I said, "Let's do it again." So I commanded pain to leave again... "Now?" She said, "They still feel a little funny, but the pain is gone and I have full mobility in my hand now!"

She was very excited and thankful. By then my wife had returned with a dance mommy that was also a nurse. It was time for me to leave, smiling at what Jesus had done backstage, so I told her, "I believe Jesus will continue to work on your spine until you are completely well." She thanked me again and her and the nurse started talking.

Later that night when the recital was over, I didn't get a chance to ask her if all was 100%, but I did notice that she helped clean up and didn't seem to be suffering any longer. Yay! Even if it was a partial healing, she was most certainly helped by Jesus that night and I'm sure the suddenness of that help blessed her heart because most people are not prepared for immediate results! Unfortunately we are too often surprised by God helping us immediately, but it was the normal mode for Jesus Himself when He walked the earth.

So, Jesus was at the recital. I'm not sure where He was sitting during the rest of the time, but He was backstage for a little while... LOL. He loves doing these things for us, if only we all knew how to let Him. Amen!