Friday, March 30, 2012

Healing On the Job

Yesterday (Thursday, 29-Mar-2012), I took my regular bi-weekly trip to Cumming, GA to the company that sells our products and does front-line technical support for them. It is normal on such a business trip to visit with the techs that answer the phones and take them out to lunch. During this visitation we mainly discuss technical issues with older products and up-coming issues we foresee for yet-to-be-released products.
There is a lady there, one of the lead techs, that I often visit and chat with whose name is Betty. She is such a delightful person to be around and she's one of those persons that I would put in my rather small category of real Christians. She grew up protestant but married a catholic husband and is now a faithful catholic. We usually end up talking about our family or Jesus somehow each time. She's been a great help to me and the other techs on many occasions. She's not afraid of hard work and can work most of the other techs (who are all men) under the table any given day.

Yesterday she told me about not participating in some physical activity because of her back problem. She'd had it for years and never really done anything about it. But lately it had gotten unbearable. She went to a doctor who didn't help her much, so she went to a chiropractor. He just immediately began popping her back without much evaluation. This wasn't helping so she went to a different chiropractor and insisted on an X-ray.

The X-ray revealed the padding in her L5 vertebra was flattened, and bone was basically rubbing bone. I don't know the technical name of this malady, but she said it was very painful or would cause her back to catch where she literally couldn't bend a certain way. Instead she'd have to settle back down, wait for it to pop back, and then she could move.

Of course, I was chomping at the bit the whole time. I could sense the excitement that was about to happen to her; Jesus was pushing me to lay hands on her... it had to be Him. So after waiting rather impatiently for her to finish her story, I said, "Well, let's just pray, can we?" She agreed. Yes!

I sat in the guest chair of her office and just asked for her hand. She gave me her hand and I prayed something like, "Thank You Jesus for your love for Betty. Thank You for the healing that you have provided for us all. Thank You for Your grace for me and her." Then I pointed to her back with my other hand and said, "Now, back, I command you to be healed, right now." It was quiet and calm. We waited. Seconds passed. Her head was still bowed, eyes closed.

Suddenly she inhaled dramatically, pulled her hand out of mine, and said, "Shew! I am burning hot all over!" She's usually cold anyway and has a little space heater under her desk and usually wears a light jacket, which she now immediately pulled off and began to fan her face. I started chuckling. "Don't laugh at me!" she said with a big grin. I said, "What's going on?" She said, "I don't know I just suddenly got hot all over and now my back is on fire!" I asked, "In the appropriate spot?" She said, "Yes!" and then started crying.

I love Jesus and the way He touches us.

I started laughing. It wasn't insult, I just can't help getting tickled when Jesus does this stuff. People are so not expecting anything to happen and when it does the facial expressions are priceless.

I asked her if it felt any better. She said, "It feels wonderful! Are you kidding. Wow. I don't think I'll go back to the doctor." I said, "Well, no worries. There is no test. Keep your appointment. If it is 100% healed, it's healed. If it isn't 100%, it isn't, and we'll just do this again."

Now, mind you, this was in her office at her workplace, and I was on a business trip. Gives meaning to "as you go":
Matthew 10
7 And proclaim as you go, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ 8  Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons. You received without paying; give without pay. 
Amazing, truly amazing. It never gets old.