Thursday, July 14, 2016

Jesus Moves an Upper Jaw Instantly

A neighbor of ours had suffered from obstructive sleep apnea. When she would lay on her back, her lower jaw would open too much and obstruct blood flow to her brain. It was getting dangerous for her because at times she would wake up with one side of her face drooping and numb because of lack of oxygen to that part of her brain! So after many appointments with the doctor it was decided for her to have jaw surgery to have her upper jaw and lower jaw moved to properly align her teeth and therefore open up her airway.

My wife and I were chatting with her and her husband about this one evening while relaxing on our back porch and we told her about Jesus' love for her and willingness to heal her. They both believed in miracles and they are very real Christians, just haven't found a church they enjoy, so they don't attend one. But they are believers nonetheless. I learned they often go on Harley bike rides raising money for various charities. Such sweet and genuine people! They are the best neighbors we've ever had.

Anyways, we asked if we could lay hands on her. I told her, "It doesn't take Jesus long to do a miracle and we expect something to happen right now." She wholeheartedly agreed. Her husband was also excited because he had a great burden on him from worrying about her health and the upcoming 5-hour surgery and consequent 10-week wiring of her mouth shut! So we all joined hands and prayed. I commanded her jaw to be adjusted and asked Jesus to ease her husband's burden. Then I asked her, "Do you feel anything happening?"

She replied, "Yes. My whole face is tingling and it feels really different."

I know from experience that tingling is usually a supernatural miracle occurring. Heat/cold feeling is usually a normal healing happening, but tingling (electrical feeling) is usually indicating the Holy Spirit is creating miraculous stuff.

We loved on each other and called it a night.

A few days later they came back over while we were out in the yard and told us that she had been back to the doctor for a pre-surgery examination and the doctor had come in and asked, "Did you go to the orthodontist since I saw you last?" She said, "No." He asked, "You didn't have the orthodontist move your jaw since then?" She said, "No, why?" He said, "Well your upper jaw has moved a half inch since I last checked it!" He then told her that he wouldn't have to do anything to her upper jaw and only had to fix something much more minor on her lower. He told her surgery time would be 1 or 2 hours and she wouldn't have to have her jaw wired shut at all!

Evidently, Jesus is also a Master Dentist & Orthodontist.