Thursday, July 15, 2010

08-Jul-2010 (Thu) - No More Knee Brace

On a regular basis I still go see my father-in-law (Bobby) at the nursing home and either sit with him a while, or sit with him and pray for his healing for a while. Of late, his mind seems to be changing for the better. We've all noticed a better attitude that just has not been there since his massive stroke on 13-Dec-2009. He seems more like his old self. Thank You, Father, for what we've been able to receive of what You've provided for us in Jesus already!

A few days ago, I walked into the nursing home and one of the young women (Gina) who has worked with Bobby so well, and has even taken special interest in him, was sweeping the floor of the dining room. I noticed she had a knee brace on. So I asked her about her knee. She said she'd been going to the doctor and was scared she would have to have surgery. The doctor told her that there was an abnormal bone growth on her knee and that the pain was caused by that and that he'd probably have to do surgery and remove it. So, I asked if I could pray for her knee. She said I could.

I had her sit down in a chair and asked, "Is it OK if I put my hands on your knee?" (I didn't want to embarrass her. She said it was OK. I told her, "When I pray for you, you'll probably feel something happening. Usually tingling or heat or movement, so don't be scared. Are you ready?" She said she was. I laid hands on her knee and commanded the bone growth to be removed and for her knee to be totally restored. She immediately started squirming in her chair a little. "What's going on?", I asked. "I feel heat and tingling. And stuff is moving around in there!" I asked her if it hurt her anymore. She moved it some, and then said it hurt just a little, but not like it did. So I laid hands on it again and commanded pain to leave, then immediately asked her to see if it hurt now. She moved her knee, then got up and walked around and started shaking her head. "What?", I asked. She just smiled and said, "It really doesn't hurt anymore." I hugged her neck and thanked her for all that she has done for my father-in-law.

The next day I saw her from a distance and noticed she didn't have her brace on! Then, a couple days after that, she saw me and walked up and said, "Look! I don't have to use my brace!" She then held her leg up and demonstrated free movement and then stood on it and bounced. I could see tears welling up, and she hugged me and simply said, "Thank you so much for praying for me."

I love Jesus!

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