Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jesus Heals the Mind & Body

There are precious few real people in the world; those that have not given up honesty and sincere love for the praise of others. But such a real person is a dear friend of my family. Her name is Jessica. Being raised in a eccentric eschatology (Pauline Dispensationalism) from childhood, she had been raised to believe against miracles and healing. Fortunately those same parents did teach her God's grace and in a big way. But though she fully believed in the grace of God in Jesus Christ her Savior, she struggled with the thought that God cared for anything else about her life other than her eternal destination. But that was to change in a real encounter with the Healer of Broken Hearts. Me and my whole family love Jess (as we call her) very much and fully think of her as part of our own family. She even refers to my wife as Ma Kiser. We love it when she and her husband come in for a visit.

Of late, she had been experiencing what I guessed to be anxiety attacks where her heart rate would shoot up dangerously high. Her and her husband both are very health-conscious individuals and attend local gyms on a regular basis. While in for a visit over Christimas, she had another attack. She knew we believed in healing and so asked us to pray for her. I'll let her tell you her story in her own words:

"I have not been taking other  medications, nothing.  Off the sleep pills and headache pills.  December  when i had the attacks and my heart rate went crazy it kinda scared me  with my entire lifestyle, and I've decided to try to take better care of  my body.  The anxiety problems I have  are something I'm going to have to learn to deal with and cope.  When I  came in town, I was even feeling it then.  It was extremely stressful, I  can't even explain all the thoughts that went through my head, along  with the way my heart steadily increased.  I was over at the Kiser's  house one evening that it happened, I asked Greg to pray for me, and lay  hands on me.  I didn't believe in healing, I was taught not to, but I  have heard of things that has happened and I wanted him to try it on  me.  I kept saying to myself it won't work because I don't believe.   Well, I sat down and they laid hands on me and started praying, I felt  nothing, nothing for like the first minute... and then all of a sudden  my chest because INSANELY hot like, not just I was getting warm, it felt  like ten huge people were sitting on my chest, I started breaking out  in a sweat... The doubts and anxiety that I was feelings suddenly felt  like that had  been lifted from me.  I felt a comfort, an ease that I hadn't felt  before.  I now honestly do believe in healing.  I see where Jesus in the  ministry told his disciples and follows that THEY could follow him in  doing healing and the healing more greater than his.  Faith, I still am a  'babe' when it comes to the healing issue, but I plan on studying it  into depth and growing in the doctrine more and more.  I have maybe once  or twice ALMOST started to feel the attacks come back since I got back  to Texas, but I have went by myself and started praying and in a few  minutes they have gone away. -Jessica"

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Warts Be Gone

Kayla & Carl
My daughter, Kayla, for some reason has great faith for the removal of warts. In the past she has placed her fingers over friends' warts and they disappear by the next day. Recently, a friend of hers, Carl, has been visiting her and in passing mentioned warts he has unsuccessfully attempted to rid himself of. Kayla's interest piqued, of course, and she said, "I can remove those for you." He laughed. I was sitting nearby, so she said to me, "Dad, tell him." I said, "Carl, buddy, she's not joking. She's done it many times." He said, "I don't believe you." Kayla said, "That's OK, you don't have to. I'll show you." Such boldness! She got him to show her the warts. She put her fingers on them for a few seconds, looked down (I know she was saying something like, "Warts, leave!" but you cannot hear her say it. Then she looked up, smiled, and said, "Either they will be completely gone by tomorrow, or you'll be surprised at how small they've become. But, I promise you, they'll be gone soon!"

Next day. Carl is completely amazed... and a little humbled. His warts were significantly smaller and drier looking. Now he needs an explanation. My daughter explains, "It's Jesus, duh. We have authority to do these things." He said, "I still can't believe it."

That's OK, Carl, you don't have to. Kayla believed for you. A few days later they were completely gone just as she said.

This is the way we are to save the sick who oftentimes are hurting so bad or have been sick for so long that they doubt God will help them. They may even doubt God exists, or believe in a different god. However, their mere submission to your prayer for them is the only faith needed to get them healed and thus bring glory to our Living Loving Father.