Friday, November 12, 2010

12-Nov-2010 (Thu) - Low Iron

On Thursday, 11-Nov-2010, I took a regular business trip to Georgia. I go about every 2 weeks or so. It is about a 4 1/2 hour drive from my house one direction so it makes for a long day. Normally I'm by myself so I just listen to music, preaching, the Word and stuff. But this time a co-worker (Mike) went with me. It was really good to have someone to talk to for the long drive. We had a good time. While at the business in Georgia, I normally take the support technicians out for lunch and we discuss various technical issues and just generally have fun. But before we went, one of the tech operators (Betty) caught me & Mike and told us that she was having to take chlorophyll as recommended by her doctor to help her with "low iron."

Betty [see pic right] is a Catholic and I had prayed for her once before [see here] and her foot was healed instantly in her office. So, she said, "You need to put some healing hands on me!" She's such a sweetheart! So, since it was time to take the techs to lunch, I told her I wouldn't leave without do that very thing and we would just see what Jesus would do.

After lunch I talked with a lot of the techs about various issues we were seeing and finally got around to visiting Betty's office. I simply asked her about what was wrong and she filled in some details about how her condition made her very tired. I asked if I could lay hands on her and pray and, of course, she agreed. I believe it is very important to get a phrase from the person you are praying for as to what they call the malady and also get their permission. I think knowing what they call it makes a mental connection for them to the actual malady (i.e. they are thinking about it and are cooperating with you when you call it the same thing... we are in agreement). And then also getting their permission is the only requirement Jesus gave... the sick merely came to Him. They did not all have great faith... but merely mustard-seed-sized faith... which, by the way, is enough to move a mountain into the sea!

I very casually took her hands and prayed something like this, "Father, thank you for Betty and her faith in you. Thank you that Jesus said we could do His works. We know what You want for Betty because Jesus demonstrated it all the time that He wanted all the sick healed all the time. Thank You for providing healing for Betty. As a sons of God with the authority you have given us, I command low iron to depart out of Betty's body right now. Whatever is causing this low iron, I command you, in Jesus' Name to be healed, right now."

Again, please remember, the prayer itself has no special power. The words are not all that important; they are more for the person you are praying for, and for yourself to merely help focus on Jesus.

Then I merely waited for a few more seconds thanking Jesus for His faithfulness. All very quietly, all very casually. Then I looked up and I could see Betty was feeling something. So I asked, "What's going on, Betty?"

She sat up, started fanning her face, and replied, "Whew! It is hot in here!" Mike said, "It's not hot in here." I chuckled, "Betty, did you suddenly get hot all over?" She said, "Whew! Yes!" and she began to take off her jacket that she'd been wearing all day. It was very funny because she has heaters in her office too. She's normally cold. She kept fanning her smiling face. I said, "Very cool! That is a good sign the Lord has worked on you. Do you feel any different?" She said, "Yes! I'm burning up all over!" LOL!

We small-talked a bit more and she thanked me and hugged me and said, "Well, I'll let you know what the doctor says." I said, "Please do."

I think this was the first time (outside our office at home) Mike had seen this kind of thing too. He was pretty excited about it... especially after he found out Betty was Catholic. Mike jokingly said to me later, "You mean Jesus heals Catholics?!" Hahaha... I guess so! He'll even use a Protestant to do it! LOL!

Again, I love what Jesus DOESN'T care about... Praise Him!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10-Nov-2010 (Wed) - Leg Grows Out

OK, this is amazing to me. Jesus really hasn't changed at all. He is the same today as He was 2000 years ago when He was walking around in Galilee. I think if we could really get this in our heads as sons of God, we would let Him do every remarkable thing He is capable of through us. Please understand, in and of ourselves we have no power to do any miracle, but we are not by ourselves! He said He was in us. Think of that for just a second. I know it sounds all religious and churchy, but if the Creator of the Universe lives in us then His presence will do what His presence does. What can it not do? It is our minds that hold Him back and "limit the Holy One" (Psalm 78:41).

Went to my mom's for supper Monday, 08-Nov-2010, and had homemade potato soup. Wonderful! My older sister, TammyC, had mentioned some time ago that she believed her friend Billie [see pic left] had a leg shorter than the other. Since Billie came for soup too, I asked her about it. She said all her life one pant leg has always wore out and the other not. So we had her sit back in the chair, and looked at her heals, legs extended, feet together. Sure enough, it certainly appeared her right leg was about 1/4" (maybe less) shorter than her left leg. She stood up and showed us her pants legs too. Where they fell on her shoes seemed to indicate the same.

Now, I know that her legs were probably not of unequal length. Lots of things can cause this measurement. For instance, her hips could be slightly shifted in one direction, or her spine could be slightly curved one way. But something causes it. So, I simply said, "Let's just see what Jesus will do" and I casually commanded the right leg, "Right leg, I command you to come out in Jesus' name." Without any hesitation whatsoever, Billie's right leg adjusted in about 3 seconds.

We were all amazed. I asked her, "Wow, did you feel anything?" She said, "No, but I saw it!" All 3 of us saw it happen. Then we measured it every way we could and things seemed even. Something definitely happened.

Next we prayed for my mom's cataracts. [See my daughter Kimberly and my mom in pic right] She is scheduled to have eye surgery sometime next week or so. We laid hands on her eye (her right one is really bad, and left one very slight) and commanded cloudiness to leave and for the lens to clear. She opened her eyes and said there was about a 10% improvement to her estimate. We did this again. There was more. We did this about 6 times and then nothing more seemed to happen. It was time to leave by that time, so we left it at that and confessed Jesus would continue to heal. If need be I will go back and lay hands on her some more.

I also must tell this. I can't accurately give the details, but at a bowling tournament this weekend, my sister, TammyC, laid hands on 3 ladies for various issues. Two of them were completely taken out of back pain, and the 3rd one felt heat in her spine, but not much else. I thank God someone else is jumping on the bandwagon with me and believing what Jesus has so plainly told us: ANYONE who believes can do His works... anyone. That means you. There is no special "anointing" or "gift" or anything like that. It is NOT about you. Jesus didn't appear to me nor my sister and tell us we were supposed to be doing this stuff, and Jesus doesn't tell us when we are supposed to pray or not. He said to "heal the sick." Which sick are we supposed to heal? "The." That's right, if they are sick, they need healing. There is no feeling accompanying these things, nor do you have to "set the atmosphere" by praise and worship or "getting serious." Nope. Jesus heals in all atmospheres and with all attitudes. ONLY BELIEVE! That is the only requirement.

Won't you believe and do His works today?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

02-Nov-2010 (Tue) - High Blood Pressure Symptoms

My cousin (John) has had a run of very severe headaches that stem from high blood pressure. He contacted me on Facebook chat the other day and told me about it. He said he had had a bad headache now for 3 days and felt terrible. He asked for prayer. I know this sounds crazy, but we've actually done this before with other things. To chat a prayer seems really odd, but apparently Jesus does not care the medium through which we give His Word. So, together, John and I agreed his symptoms would disappear after a good night's rest. We prayed and I merely chatted a "prayer" thanking Father for His work in Jesus Christ for John's healing. Then as sons of God we rebuked John's symptoms and commanded his blood pressure to regulate properly in Jesus' Name.

The next day he contacted me and said he awoke with a diminished headache and felt pretty good. Then as the day went on he said he felt better and better until finally all symptoms were gone and he felt great.

Praise Jesus! He is so amazing. Even though I totally expect something to happen each time, it still amazes me at what He does. I am so thankful for His deliverance from all manner of things. I think the "problem" with the good news about Jesus is that it is "too good to be true." In other words, He is so good that our finite minds have trouble wrapping themselves around it. But, He really is! He is the ultimate of goodness. The best way for your mind to begin to grasp this is to quit imagining Him as something other than what Jesus presents Him to be. Then listen to Jesus' direct and divinely inspired instruction:
Matthew 7
9 “You parents—if your children ask for a loaf of bread, do you give them a stone instead?
10 Or if they ask for a fish, do you give them a snake? Of course not!
11 So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him.
Can we really directly compare our love for our children to Father God's love for us? Yes we can! Jesus said we could! Do you see what this means? Think of it! If you can not imagine giving your child cancer or any kind of sickness for ANY REASON, guess what?! Neither can God. That's right. Would you give your child cancer to teach him patience? No! Neither would God. Would you make your child wait for "your timing" for a cure of what they were suffering? No! Neither would God. Would you punish your child by giving him a disease? No! That's child abuse! Neither would God. Would you wait until your child obeyed you perfectly before you took him to the doctor for medicine? No! Neither would God.

Remember, it is God's idea for you to call Him "Father," not yours. Would any father treat their children the way you are told in "sermons" that God treats His children? The way the Father treats His children, according to most sermons you hear, would be considered child abuse. Father does not abuse His children.

Look at Jesus, the Jesus of the Bible, not the one you may have heard preached on Sunday. Does He abuse people? Did He ever refuse to heal the sick? No. Neither does Father, because to look at Jesus is to look at Father.